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Hey I have constructed my first website for my friend but I needed some help regarding the php and mysql stuff.
I am very familiar with Html Css and Javascript, but my friend asked me to have a 9gag like ability to upload images/videos with some text underneath.

Do I need to have the Domain Name and DNS for that? (before i can actually start coding it?)
And not really sure the "real" differences between the Domain Name and DNS.

Also I like to keep things simple so the whole thing is designed in normal notepad I know i need to download php which is a bit of a pain but oh well..
Anyone with some info,, would greatly appreciate it Thanks.
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A DNS server assigns domain names to numerical IP addresses.
If your IP isn't static you'll need dynamic DNS to frequently update it for you.

There's nothing really that you strictly "need" a domain name for other than not having to type in an IP in the address bar.
If it's a hobbyist project for practice then maybe try http://www.noip.com/ which is free.

I'm assuming you've actually got a HTTP server because if you don't then that would be the first thing you need to set up.

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Thanks gona work on this http server and dns now. (really wanna learn this php and mysql stuff asap).
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