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This had to be done.

It's time to raise the popularity even more! ~ <3

For those who don't know who DragonForce are, Wikipedia wrote:

DragonForce are an English power metal band from London. Formed in 1999, the group is known for its fast guitar solos, fantasy-based lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound.
Few things I must say. If you decide to partake in this project, I would like (you don't have to, but I would prefer) if you followed these:
  • - Full song mapped (all diffs.)
    - Two diffs. minimum (preferably one Normal/+ and Insane) (guest diffs. are okay) (Lesjuh is excepted cause he has his own thing)
    - Four diffs. maximum, preferably three. Any more and it just gets kiinda boring (Normal/+ and Insane and Legend 8-))
    - Taiko diffs. are okay, but don't count towards the minimum/maximum of diffs.

When making a DragonForce map, don't think "oh it's DragonForce, i've got to make it fdsafinsanecrazystreamfdsaf". The most important things is to make it fun. I expect a decent amount of effort put into these maps, so lots of copypasta will be unacceptable. By the way, there are such things as slow DragonForce songs. Seriously.

I'm planning to separate the going-to-be map packs to be separated into albums. It might take a long time, but meh.

If you want to map a song, just post saying so. I'll edit your name into this post, so people know what songs have already been claimed. Of course, you can still map a song someone else has already chosen if you want to. I will also hyperlink songs to online map which is Pending/Approved, as well as a status as well. HOWEVER: You can only claim two songs at max at a time, otherwise that's just cheating :o (adding onto that, if you claim a map, i'm expecting it uploaded (if it isn't already) within... let's say 3 months. Any longer, and it's free to anyone. Of course if no one else wants to map it, you're fine :P)

Finally, ALL songs are going to be for approval, with the acception of Strike of the Ninja, DragonForce's shortest song (3:17min)
I'll add more stuff to this list as I think of them (or as people suggest).
Ordering by Album and Track Number.

Valley of the Damned (2010 Edition)[Remastered]:

Sonic Firestorm (2010 Edition):

Inhuman Rampage (Special Edition):

Ultra Beatdown:

The Power Within:

  • 01. Holding On
    02. Fallen World
    03. Cry Thunder
    04. Give Me the Night
    05. Wings of Liberty
    06. Seasons
    07. Heart of the Storm
    08. Die by the Storm
    09. Last Man Stands
    10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)
    11. Cry Thunder (Live Rehearsal) (Bonus Track)
    12. Heart of the Storm (Alternative Chorus Version) (Bonus Track)
    13. Avant La Tempete (Instrumental)

Few closing words.
Right now, there aren't any previews for the songs. I will work on that!

By the way guys, I bought all their albums on iTunes (except for Twilight Dementia), so if you want good quality audio (already compressed to 192kbps (i think)), just pm or something and i'll puush it for you.

Previews for Heroes of our Time and The Last Journey Home are linked to official music videos, and are therefore shortened.

If you notice any errors for the previews I provided from YouTube (wrong song, broken link, etc.), please tell me, and I'll fix it ASAP.

also, it is mapped ! =D
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Lunah wrote:

also, it is mapped ! =D

YGOkid8 wrote:

- Full song mapped
Flame of Youth, at some point
Fury of the Storm.

Remapping with Lesjuh. Hell yes. 8-)
Why do we need this?

Lilac wrote:

Fury of the Storm.

Remapping with Lesjuh. Hell yes. 8-) FUUU I'm too late , i think? D: (nope , it's not finished but....orz)
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MB (Lilac) hasn't even started yet anyway. maybe you two can join up?

EDIT: decided to give MB another song, so _LRJ_ now has Fury of the Storm

EDIT: MB is now going to map Prepare for War
We can claim two songs , i guess? If yes , i claim Heart of a Dragon <3
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Heart of a Dragon is one of my favourite DF songs. you better do good. :)
Well , it's too hard to map this D:

Can you remove my name from "Heart of a Dragon"? :<

Sorry for inconvenience orz
DragonForce ♥

I haven't listened to this band in a long time.. D:
Still a loyal fan of My Spirit will go on and will forever be ♥

However, I probably won't do it, but maybe someone else will make a great beatmap for me :P (unless i somehow muster the time to do it.)

I also tried mapping fury of the storm a while ago, except i got lazy at like the 5 minute mark lol.

edit: hmm... Spring break is coming close for me tho...
I guess it would be HARDEST PACKAGE lolol<<<
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not necessarily, there ARE some slow DragonForce songs amongst all the albums :)
Reserving OGAP for a year for when I become good at mapping. :P
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OzzyOzrock wrote:

Reserving OGAP for a year for when I become good at mapping. :P
if you seriously mean for a year, then i can't do that :/
and with that, added something to post.
Claiming: Lost Souls in Endless Time
Dawn Over A New World(
only 3/5 has been finished.I don't know when I can finish it :x
but I think it will be WIP...
for heavy schoolwork[stress]

Also I'll try to imitate others' mapping style before I am good at mapping :3
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fanzhen0019 wrote:

Also I'll try to imitate others' mapping style before I am good at mapping :3
why is everyone who is not Gladi or Lesjuh doing this?
I rather like Soldiers of the Wastelands.

It's over 9 and a half minutes though. It's going to be crazy. I'll look into it.
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