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(text extracted from original post and adapted for osu!mania purposes)
Jumpstream of Fighters vol.1 osu!mania version has been released!

Download URL of beatmaps at the image
mirror of beatmaps at my osu!mp profile: http://osump.net/user/Leo137

Songlist preview:



This pack features 25 files of jumpstream nature of varied difficulty. Newcomers at the jumpstream way will find this a good pack for learning the pace, and there's also stuff for veterans that want to push their stamina limits (if the files are not enough for you, please play them in DT (?) )


I have been making simfiles and planning my own pack release for years, considering that i renewed the songlist several times and my older files were submitted to other packs, this was quite the effort for me and i'm pretty happy with the results: the files are polished, they play nice and i have a lot of fun playing those. However, i must say this might not be of taste of the most technical/oldschool players, for those that are into the nb/yolomania series, this will worth the shot (by a lots). Please let me know what you think of it!

Credits and more words:
As you might have noticed, this pack also contains some solo conversions (5 of 25), i'm quite interested of learning 6k and the lack of newer packs in that style lead me to making those. It could be very cool to make a full conversion of it if there's enough interest at those, so maybe i will update this pack in the future.

For the credits, i'm quite grateful to everyone that contributed directly/indirectly in the making of this pack: Urusai(oldCartoon) for being part on the early prototypes and giving me cool advice for files (bombastik and Leone were also involved, so props to them too). Karliz for making me learn how to make easier JS (lol) and supporting. Blaziken, Akuma & Wiosna (in his own free will) for sending simfiles (also thanks at MooMooCowfreak, Buta-San and Nick012 for trying it). Sidek, Alamanar and Nick012 for helping at giving advice and good feedback. Kraezymann for helping me at the TOUGH group banner decision, and the Yolo Chancellors for being the Best Thing that Happened at Stepmania™ in the recent time and letting me send the file to their packs (i learned a lot of it).

So there it is, i hope you enjoi it! ! ! !!!
This pack has some of my favourite jumpstream patterning, would recommend it to people who wanted more jumpstream from NBJS but doesn't like charts that last for more than 5 minutes.
When JSF vol2? :^)
Gotta add this to the post
one of my favorites!
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