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What has anime taught me?

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# - There are no asians in japan
Firo Prochainezo
# - If you come from Europe, you must be an albino
# - people with backpacks are mindcontrolers.
# - when the good guy is in trouble, the bad guy keeps talking until help arrives.

MDuh wrote:

# - Black people actually sound white.

# - Boys turns to girls when splashed with cold water.
# - Some loli's are much scarier than macho dudes.
Firo Prochainezo
# - Vaginas are shiny

Firo Prochainezo wrote:

# - Vaginas are shiny

Firo Prochainezo wrote:

# - Vaginas are shiny
Mo**erf***ing Pervert Fa**ots X2
Firo Prochainezo

Zerobladers wrote:

Mo**erf***ing Pervert Fa**ots X2

You're funny.

those wrote:

# - Black people actually sound white.

51. There will be at least one overly muscular stupid guy.

Laraix wrote:

# - Boys turns to girls when splashed with cold water.
Same is true if you sneeze.
#- Flying only takes a few days to learn
not to laugh at somebody when he's serious

# - Lolis are more showy than teens and grown-ups.... *kissxsis*


Firo Prochainezo wrote:

Zerobladers wrote:

You are a Mot******king Pervert!
I'm ignoring you, and your troll face looks terrible.
Not really when compared to Festerich(my avatar).
You need to get laid.
No thank you. And can you f**k off?
I didn't need a f**king prostitute, whore, or s**t to f**ing get laid. And I am not going to f**king get laid, you no goood motherf**ker.
Man, you need to get f**king neutered.
# - The older your principal is, the more likely he is to wrestle a deer

# - If you are too short, tall, or fat, you exist only for comic relief

# - High school classes exist only for looking out the window, sleeping, and jokes

# - No matter how stupid you are, you'll end up in a good school

# - Bikes can travel at any speed and withstand any fall if you're chasing after someone you like

# - If you turn completely white, your clothes will too

# - Nose bleeds only occur when having perverted fantasies

# - Every wild animal is perverted

# - If you're inside a locker, you'll be able to control the movement of the locker

# - Wounds will only affect you if you're in a drama or action anime

# - You can skip as much school as you like with little-to-no consequences if it involves chasing after a girl

# - Every girl has the kick of a world class soccer player if you do or say something perverted to her.
# - The hero gets a flashback or hears a voice just before he dies and gains x10 strength.
#That the guys on the anime series are hot,and are different with the ones in real life.
#That there is always a weird one.
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