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The year is 2560. Sharp advancement in physics made it possible to extract energy from oscillations of gas, and convert it ultra-efficiently into electricity. This technology has made interplanetary travel possible, albeit with many years of training. A mech suit was invented to harness the sound waves' power and let human beings fly between planets. It lets a Pilot control its parts symbiotically, via a pilot suit. This mech suit is called the “Oscillating Space Unit”, abbreviated “osu!”.

The energy is so massive that a special unit of energy was defined: the picoprana, written as “pp”. 1 prana is the energy required to create a new universe, or destroy our very universe. 1 picoprana is 10⁻¹² times that. 50 picopranas are more than enough to fly from the Earth to Neptune when they are the farthest apart. The prana is so massive that even the top Pilots have not gathered a nanoprana (= 1000 picopranas) from a single song.

You are the newest recruit chosen by the largest Pilot training agency on Planet Earth, called OscilloSCAPE. Now is your time to sharpen your sense of sound, and ride the rhythm through space!

Keyboard Module

The Keyboard Module supports from 1 key to 9 keys.

OscilloSCAPE is based on different shades of blue, and glass-like transparency. No colors are defined, but the whole range from cyan to blue-violet gives OscilloSCAPE its futuristic feeling.
The design principally uses 45° rotated squares, arguably the most sci-fi shape of all time. Even the hit circles can be turned into that shape.
The main fonts used are Digital Desolation and a revised version of Motion Control, with Unsteady Oversteer and Aero Matics used sparingly. Digital Desolation and Motion Control are made by the creator of the skin himself.

OscilloSCAPE is 100% original. Nothing is stolen from another skin (except for my own).

Download OscilloSCAPE V1.0 on Mediafire
Available in both .7z and .osk formats

WARNING: It is forbidden to publish any mix skin containing elements from this skin. No exceptions.

v1.0 (2016-07-25)
Skin released
fking god (it's amazing, i love the prev. video)
Liked the mania and taiko modes. I think I would have a heartattack playing in the std mode, so indeed its a decorative skin. Good story btw.
I like it!!!
But I think you can change those "300,100,50" of the STD, into a little bit more tiny, but the other modes are just, Great :)
Holy shit this skin is awesome! :D
This is now my favorite decorative skin, thanks for creating this!

Now that,ladies and gentlemen,is how you do a futuristic skin.
lol i see muvluv i like
You literally made up a story/lore to go with a skin, that's really cool. I like it :)
I know the skin's old, but it's really nice. Only issue I think I have with it is the approach circles are a bit on the thicc side.

If there's a way to adjust that, that'd be nice.
Суперский скин!
Have a lite of this AMAIZING Skin?? please i wanna download!!!
dude i love it, i will play with this skin owo!
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