Community Mentor Program 2016 (Cycle completed)

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I'll be a mentor

sukiNathan wrote:

I'll be a mentor
holy shit you literally copied my intro almost word for word

oh wait I guess thats pretty good
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Nyquill wrote:

holy shit you literally copied my intro almost word for word
Yes, hope you don't DMCA me, I found it to be really good :(
Great idea, good luck everyone! :3
The idea so good I wish I could join as a mentee. Good luck, everyone!
Time to learn some STD mapping! :D

Good to see this again
Cool to see this back :3
can i be frosting's mentee?
I would like to be a mentor too ^^ Glad to see this back! :)
We will use the next few days to set up everything properly along with formatting around here. As adding more mentors will create more overhead and make things harder to manage we will process the remaining mentor applications now, but will not accept new ones.
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Applications are now open! Make sure to read the thread carefully before applying.
Put up a bit more data on p/5331744, currently formatting all we have about the Mentors into something that is easier to read~

So far it looks as follows:

sukiNathan: 12 applicants
Smoothie World: 12 applicants
Asahina Momoko: 8 applicants

just to give you an idea who will probably be booked soon enough.

Mentors can make a choice when they feel like they found a mentee they will absolutely want to teach before the 15th (we will update the thread with these mentors). If that does not happen consider the application end to be the 15th (example: sukiNathan already knows that he really wants to teach "Applicant_6" so he can just tell everyone that he is not very likely to change his opinion no matter how many people you throw at him. This intends to avoid a ton of people choosing the same mentor to then be disappointed that they weren't the "1 out of 50" while the rest of the mentors available would happily look for people but barely anyone applies)

So basically it's FIFO
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The post that contains the list of the mentors is now sorted according to alphabetical country + alphabetical within countries. Additionally, we have added a spreadsheet to it with even more detailed information about each of them.
Just to clarify: you do not necessarily have to have a map to sign up. You can fill that field with "no maps yet" or anything similar
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Small update. We are changing the deadline to send applications for mentees. They will be closing on August, 7th instead of the 15th.

So hurry up in case you still have not sent your application so far! You still have a couple of days before we are done. Some mentors have already decided for their mentees, by the way. You might want to see who are left!
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Sorry for the double post. Small update.

Applications will close in 24 hours. They will close at 02:00 AM on Monday (UTC+2 - European time zone). Hurry up in case you have not applied yet!

EDIT: Closed. We will come with an update in a couple of hours. The chosen mentees will be announced on the second post.
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Major update: As you may know, mentees have been finally picked. The chosen ones have been announced on the second post.

For those who did not get any chance (you were not messaged) to participate in this program and you are interested in having my personal opinion on your mapping (mostly feedback, what you should focus on, what should you improve, etc.), please send me a private message and I will give you as much input as I could find.

You may not know, but I analyzed every single map of 150+ applicants, so in case you are wondering what are you failing on, feel free to message me and find it out!

We will be starting with activities tomorrow. I will probably be posting updates if we find the need to do so.

Thanks everyone who participated so far, see you in the next cycle!
current current cycle is more or less in progress, expect the end to be 29/10/2016.
Expect another organisation thread by 31/10/2016.
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The first cycle has come to its end and I am more than happy with the results we were able to get.

Most mentees have been able to reach the goals they set at the very beginning of the program, our mentors are very excited after seeing what their mentees were able to achieve. Although, a few mentees got a bit busier with their lives unexpectedly, but the overall picture remains positive: most mentees managed to improve by a significant degree and know what direction and style they want to work towards to.

In total, since the cycle started, four mentees were able to get at least one ranked map; and I am sure than the rest of them will eventually get their maps ranked as well! Right now, they have been working on a big collaboration set to show the community what each of them is capable of in case you have not seen anything from them so far! Click here to see the mapset.

Right now, the Staff of the program is working on to make the second cycle even better than this one. We were able to detect some flaws that were going on within the program and we are trying to fix them before the next cycle, to give everyone involved the best possible experience.

I now want to thank everyone who participated thus far, and who helped us in this project. Big thanks to those who applied for both mentees/mentors. Big thanks to every mentee, for working really hard and always trying to improve by themselves. Big thanks to the mentors, for being so supportive towards their mentees and being patient. Big thanks to the helpers (IamKwaN, J1NX1337, Exa, Feerum, Monstrata, -kevincela-, Starrodkirby86), for trying to make this program the best possible. And, of course, a huge “thank you” to Okorin for being extremely supportive as well as helping me with everything I needed; much appreciated.

That being said, I announced the end of the first cycle of the Community Mentorship Program. Mentees’ applications will be opened starting from tomorrow for the second cycle. We hope to see you there!
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