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Yousei Teikoku - Senketsu no Chikai [Osu|Taiko]

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sallygwizz38 wrote:

do me an insane, I'll do something for you. please accept.and make it hard... features:
600 bpm, plus deathstreams.
a speed up to 7,500 for few sec in the song in the middle then slowing down leaving 600 at the start and end.
the stuff that banned forever had.
extra line going 2,500~9,400 bpm of notes
going down and up notes.
4 minutes in length.
enough for cookiezi to score 1,000,000,000+.
enough for cookiezi to score 75,000,000 in a few sec.
This made my day.
Ok, my mod4mod part.
There is still enough to improve if yo utake a close look on it.


  1. 00:34:259 (1) - make it symmetrical
  2. 00:59:259 (X) - Add a note here ?
  3. 01:14:259 (1,1,2,1,2,3,1,2,3) - to many finishes here imo.
  4. 02:04:259 (X) - somehow i miss a note here...
  5. 02:13:926 (1,2,3,4) - this might be to hard for beginners to play
  6. 02:35:592 (3) - lol just some random stuff i found but i think this red sliderpoint isnt needed...
  7. 03:15:592 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2) - to many finishes here imo. (you should at least make them a bit more quiet)
  8. 03:20:925 (1,2) - if you want this to be symmetrical please make it symmetrical unfortunately this slidershape is spread all over the map, however i noticed it most here
  9. 03:55:592 (1) - you should end kiai time at the end of the slider where the "finish" is. i know its the same on the previous ones however only this one bothered me, maybe because there is no break after it.
  10. 04:00:925 (1,2) - you should fix slider & spacing here
  11. Also most spinners MAY be to short for beginners...


(I'll just set Nazi-mod off here...)

This one seemed a bit hard to me, maybe its just me because i recently suck in playing normal maps however i recommend to set OD on 4

  1. 00:38:259 (1,2) - i think this nc isn't needed...
  2. 00:47:592 (5) - i think you can add a nc here
  3. 00:52:925 (5) - ^
  4. 00:54:259 (7) - hm, i think this is pretty much the limit maybe you should move it a little to the center
  5. 02:02:259 (5) - ^^^
  6. 02:07:592 (5) - ^^^^
  7. 02:11:592 (2) - ^^^
  8. 02:17:592 (1) - this one MIGHT be unrankable as reversearrows must not be covered by anything. Imo. it is readable however im not a BAT...
  9. 02:18:259 (3) - also i don't like the snare on this note, i suggest you delete it here.
  10. 02:51:592 (5) - nc ?
  11. 03:29:259 (5) - nc
  12. 03:29:425 (2) - delete nc
  13. 03:35:925 (6) - im not sure if that short slider really fits here...

Same kiai suggestion as in easy
Here also the kiai sections feel slightly to "overfinished"


Imo. the best diff in this mapset

Actually you can increase HP drain by 1. The parts with less notes won't be that easy to pass then but should be doable.

Well you have pretty much offbeat sliders in this map ill count those which felt really bad for me while playing, not every of those felt bad on every play but i still suggest to change them.

  1. 00:21:092 (1,2,3) - offbeat sliders which doesn't play good :/
  2. 01:01:759 (1) - i admit it was 3 am and i was very tired when i played this but i still suggest to add a nc so it wont be misread. Therefor you can add a nc here 00:59:592 (6) and delete the nc here 01:01:092 (1)
  3. 01:13:425 (8) - offbeat slider that plays bad
  4. 02:28:092 (8) - ^
  5. 02:42:425 (2) - suggesting to add nc here instead of 02:42:259 (1)
  6. 03:12:925 (2) - suggesting to add nc here instead of 03:12:258 (1)
  7. 03:25:425 (4,5) - defenitely a thing that would be fun in coop modus, nc on both notes
  8. 03:32:091 (3) - offbeat slider that plays bad
  9. 03:33:758 (2) - again a offbeat slider that plays bad
  10. 04:06:426 (1,2,3,4) - ^

Also same kiai and finish suggestion than in easy and bla...°-°


  1. 00:39:759 (1) - actually nc isn't needed here
  2. 00:58:426 (1) - ^
  3. 01:03:759 (1) - ^^
  4. 01:06:926 (2) - suggesting to set nc here instead of 01:06:759 (1) -
  5. 01:10:926 (2) - suggesting to set nc here instead of 01:10:759 (1) -
  6. 01:33:592 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - you should use copy&paste like you did here not on such a part, not 2 times...
  7. 01:48:925 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1,2,3,4) - I highly recommend to remap this part, it doesn't plays good and imo. big jumps doesn't fit here AT ALL which is probably the reason that it doesn't plays good ^^
  8. 01:54:259 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - ^
  9. 01:53:592 (1) - this note isnt needed
  10. 01:58:925 (1) - ^
  11. 03:10:259 (1) - this isnt perfect, however it is ok the one on "insanity" is much worse...but you can still make this better if you have the time for it...
  12. 03:31:926 (2,3,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,3) - i stopped counting how often you used this pattern now... :/

same hitsound suggestion bla...i think you got it now lol....tho kiai time seems to be ok on this map


Tbh. i don't know if this diff. is really needed, imo. it doesn't fit to the song, some parts were really fun to play but some weren't cool at all :/
(Btw. i smell much copy&paste here) o_o

Also sorry if i don't give you full mod for this diff but this mapset is pretty big and i can't even pass this diff, also i took a very close look on the other diffs and this mod took me around 3 hours or longer now (lol?) D:

However i'll tell you which stuff i noticed while playing. Which are actually only slider shapes.

  1. 00:32:925 (5) - If you want a "U" shape here please do it like this:
  2. 02:43:592 (1) - Please! make this one better, this looks just...bad :/

So after all i can call this a mapset which is okay. Not an awesome one tho...
Answer on this mod is welcome...

Edit: I modded my own mod °-° but it still might be not perfect sorry so just ask if something is not clear)
Topic Starter
did mostly everything, waiting for the guest diff mappers to reply~~
Remind me later~
Just two little things~


03:51:591 (4,5,6,7,8) - The combo color blends with the sb here, so it's a little hard to read.


03:10:259 (1) - This slider is not a circle lol
I moved 03:09:592 (4) - down one grid after I fixed the slider cuz it looks better as well.


Yousei Teikoku <3
What the hell, great job!
Really like the map! Lots of fun to play.
What happened!! :cry:
Topic Starter

Mafiamaster wrote:

What happened!! :cry:
I was planning on reviving it along with my other Yousei map. But I guess it'll be further delayed :(
:O is this alive again
Why is insanity gone?
Kirino Kousaka


Why is insanity gone?
Most likely, it's unrankable.
Topic Starter
Remapped [Insanity]
I really liked the old Insanity that you made D:
But since you remapped i can't play it anymore ;_; , could you add the old file on this topic for us to play it again ? I really enjoyed playing it, and the new one feels so different, still great but not the same >.<

And i love your map btw :3
Topic Starter
Good thing I had it backed up
Dark Mummy
love this map

Saten-san wrote:

Good thing I had it backed up
thank you :D !!
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