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KTo! 1v1 Tournament 55k-90k CLOSED ! WINNER : Yukki156

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Yo, this is the 2nd Tournament I am hosting!
If you like tournaments and competitive playstyle, you should try this out!
I'm looking for a 12-player-tournament, so first come, first serve!
I have access to the osu! Tourney client so come watch here
Score v2.

Rules are very simple:
- Don't be rude!
- Listen to what any moderator says!
- If a freemod map is picked, you are forced to play with any mod of your choice! ( HD, HR, FL )
- You are not allowed to pick out of the same Modpool twice in a row! (Example : Player 1 : HD Map Player 2 : Nomod Player 1 : HD Map)
- You shall be ranked between 55k-90k
- You should be able to understand english or german. ( If you are able to read this, you're good to go. )
- You should have a sportsmanlike behaviour
Add me on Skype or shoot me a text on the osu! website including :
- Your osu! Username
- aprox. Your Rank
After every player got chosen who to play against, I will announce a timetable.
The tournament should be finished in 1-2 days, so you should have freetime on your hands!
You're going to use the command !roll afterwards to determine who picks the only Warmup map (max 4 min.), who bans the first map and chooses the first map.
You're going to ban 3 maps each and pick 3 maps each. ( Higher roll : 1st ban, 3rd ban, 1st pick, 3rd pick ) ( Lower roll : 2nd ban, 4th ban, 2nd pick, 4th pick)
Every Map will have a number in front of it so you can tell, which map got banned. Type "ban map 1" or any other number.
After 4 maps have been played and the score is 2:2, the tiebreaker will be played.
20 Kawaii Points needed for 1 month of osu! Supporter!
1st Place will receive: 10 Kawaii Points
2nd Place will receive: 6 Kawaii Points
3rd Place will receive: 4 Kawaii Points

Bracket :

Discord : Join the Discord server!

Mappool :

Nr.1 U1 overground - Dopamine(EXTREME)
Nr.2 Miyano Mamoru - Orpheus(Habi's Insane)
Nr.3 Demetori - Shoujo Satori ~ Innumerable Eyes(Insane)
Nr.4 Kohinata Miho (CV: Tsuda Minami) - Naked Romance(Karen's Insane)
Nr.5 FLOWxGRANRODEO - 7 -seven- -TV SIZE -(Insane)
Nr.6 ONE OK ROCK - Clock Strikes(Insane)

HD Maps
Nr.7 Katakiri Rekka & Suzuyu - Girl meets Love(Insane)
Nr.8 dBu music - Higan Kikou ~ Titanic of Stygian (Lunatic)
Nr.9 Station Earth - Cold Green Eyes ft. Roos Denayer(Insane)

HR Maps
Nr.10 Initial D - Running in the 90's(Running in the 90's)
Nr.11 MAN WITH A MISSION - database feat. TAKUMA(10-FEET)(Milan-'s Insane)
Nr.12 StylipS - STUDYxSTUDY (TV Size)(Insane)

DT Maps
Nr.13 Hanazawa Kana ft. Snoop Dogg - Weed Circulation(smoke weed everyday)
Nr.14 Masatoshi Ono - Departure!(Hard)
Nr.15 Draw the Emotional & Foreground Eclipse - Stay by my side(Hard)

Nr.16 Telekinesis - The Monk(Slayed's Insane)
Nr.17 Molly - Beneath The Lights (Darren Styles Remix)(Insane)
Nr.18 TOTTO - Wadatsumi(Konei's Insane)

Tie Breaker
Nr.19 Megpoid GUMI & Kagamine Rin - Invisible(Rin)

(8/8) Registered Players :
RePhantom (very gay & toxic)
Davuka (Rage quitter)

Good Luck and Have fun everyone!
Bin drin

: ()
~50k i hef sweg

M P 4 wrote:

~50k faggot enter me or get banged bitchboi
lol ez tournament win

M P 4 wrote:

lol ez tournament win
ill rek you :^) Kappa
gl guys :D

Jinpe wrote:

gl guys :D
lol jinpe
don't worry I kill everyone with my skills

Not including M P 4 he god
- UpsilonV2
- #81,036

I want to win lol
- Yukki156
- #70,778

I like cheese xdd
Oi, count me in bb.
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Still need 4 players , Sign Up !!!
Woop Woop Im Signed Up
sign up or riot
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