osu! Vintage Map Tourney!

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Welcome to the osu! Vintage Map Tourney!!

Quick Info
  1. This is a 1v1 tournament
  2. This is a osu! standard tourney
  3. It is an international tourney, so any country can register
  4. Miniumum rank is 100k
  5. with the exception of 3 maps, every map is 2009 or older
  6. with the exception of 2 maps every map is ar8 or lower
  7. 64 PERSON MAX

  1. Registrations 14 July - 31st August
  2. 1st Round THURSDAY 1st September - Thursday 8th
  3. 2nd Round Friday 9th September - Thursday 16th
  4. 3rd Round Friday the 16th to monday the 19th
  5. 4th round and Quarter Finals Friday 23rd to Monday 26th
  6. Semi Finals and FinalsSoon™
between Friday 30th and Monday 3rd of october

If you can't make any dates, please LET ME KNOW I might be able to ref a match or get someone to ref it on my behalf on a time that more suits you.

Had to change some of the dates, getting the 1st round organised is a bit of a pain at the moment

Match Info
  1. For every pool, there are 4 freemod picks where any mod can be selected, if BOTH people agree to DT, then that can be enabled too.
  2. The tiebreaker is also freemod and dt can be enabled if both players agree
  3. For every match, there are 2 bans one for each person for the first round, then 1 ban on all others
  4. 1st round matches are Best of 5, then its best of 7
  5. At the start of every match, each player gets 1 warm up
  6. Score v1 will be used for max vintage feel

  1. 3rd place is 6 Months of supporter
  2. 2nd place is 1 Year of supporter
  3. 1st place is 1 Year of supporter and ill get a trophy with your name engraved on it sent to you

  1. Host, organiser, map pool guy, streamer - Mmi-
  2. Commentators, refs - Mmi, Postman Tap, Yazzehh, Alheak, Lefafei

Things are subject to change in the next few days but this is most likely going to be the final product

EDIT 1 - Changed dates because a gamescom
EDIT 2 - Specified score version
EDIT 3 - Added double knockouts for 1st and 2nd rounds
EDIT 4 - Added warm-ups
EDIT 5 - Added more maps and added some dates
EDIT 6 - Added Lefa to refs
Hype! \o/
can't wait to win the AR9 maps and lose to everything else
HELL fucking YEAH
osu! Cancer Map Tourney!
Let's go!

Seraxis wrote:

osu! Cancer Map Tourney!
Old maps are not cancer
oOoOoO vintage memes

Probably won't play but good luck to all participants. :D
I better see 1985 in the pool somewhere
seems cool, i wonder how many entrants you'll get for such cancerous amazing maps

i like older maps so i'll put my name in, but i'll probably get destroyed by any good players who enter~
catgirl sucks

dong wrote:

catgirl sucks
why did i get the feeling i'd see you here
Big Lau
This is really the tournament I waited for! I won't register due to matches being played during the week. I would just end up not showing up to the matches and ruining the opportunity for another player to participate in my place...

I wish great success to organizers and to all participants! Old maps are where it's at!
HAIP! : ()
I'm in bois doomsday be wary pal im comin for u m8
grand finals Doomsday vs Doomsday is Bad please
Really looking forward to it! c:
Ar8 in 2016 LUL. Looking forward to it.
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still a few more places left people
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