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Since my last application (Osu!gMap) was buggy af I created new one (without bugs :p)

Main idea is:

- Look at user's statistics
- Find users
- Save users to easy access
- Search for beatmaps
- Download beatmaps


1. Why does it ask me about my username and password
Well, it's for easier and faster downloading beatmaps.
On the official osu website to download a beatmap you should be logged in

2. Is it safe?
Yes. I don't send your username and password to anybody.
Also, I don't keep it anywhere

3. What permissions do you use?
- Internet permission: Get stats&beatmaps
- Write&Read external storage: Save and unzip beatmaps

4. Where does it save .mp3?
sdcard/osu!fox/Artist - TItle.mp3

1. Widgets for users
2. Built-in mp3 player
3. Nice icon for application

Play market

[i]P.S. If you notice some bugs, please report it here.
P.P.S. I'm always happy to hear any ideas[/i]
Ho'oh nice app
waiting for widget :D
ooh, like it!
Does not even let to login :| (EXPLAIN PLS) (and yes i see this is inactive topic)
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