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What do you look for in a song to map/play?

I look for fast songs (200bpm+)
14.07% 137
I look for songs with varying or interesting rhythm (Breakcore, hi-tech)
40.14% 391
I look for consistent songs (Hardstyle, quaver, etc.)
20.53% 200
I look for songs with good vocals (Yurica is my wife)
25.26% 246
Total votes: 974
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osu! is a game about clicking circles to the music, but what kind of music is most suitable for circle clicking? Some may say that they live purely for the thrill of the speed with songs like Freedom Dive, while others say they enjoy the rhythmic expression of breakcore. Others may say they prefer more relaxed, consistent songs, while there may be those who prefer songs that make your whole body burn from the intensity of the vocalist.

While these concepts may seem rather abstract over what most people consider "mappable", we want to know what you enjoy the most personally out of your favorite beatmaps.

So how about it? What is most important to you when selecting a song to map or play (besides ranking up!)? Let us know in the comments, and select from the options whichever you think applies (you can select multiple options)!

I might add some options retrospectively in the first few hours, so if your vote accidentally gets wiped, please check back tommorow!

Also, we're going to take these results into account for how we handle original music for osu, don't tell anyone shhhhhhhhh
i love anime
I'd prefer songs with various rhythms, so there could be various patterns, which give fun and creativity to mapping.
200 bpm songs Cx
Mostly anything above 200BPM is good. Image Material is very good with it's guitar and so is DragonForce. Basically anything fast with an electric guitar is good. Also fast paced classical is pretty good. Basically anything fast.
For mapping I like varied rhythms so I don't fall asleep trying to make an interesting map.

For playing I really just enjoy stuff that sounds nice, though. Atmospheric stuff usually gets me personally.

I voted D'n'B because it can fall into both of those categories at once.
I normally prefer songs with consistent structures. Sweet vocals are also cool.
Maybe that's why I prefer pops or anime musics haha.
Song with bunch of rhythms is still a little difficult for me :(
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