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when i start osu and open a map there is an error like this;

I get this error b4 too but when reuninstall osu it fixed. But this time it didnt. I can play maps but like it says my score is not submitting and it sucks >.< And yes of course I tried to update my audio/sound card drivers, but it also says all audio/sound card drivers are already up to date. anyone knows what to do?
"It" as in the Windows driver dialog? Check the manufacturer's website, they might have newer drivers.
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yes i did it, twice. but still get the error T.T ANYTHING ELSE?
Check that no "transpose" or "speed change" filters are in effect.
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nop didn't work either T.T in other posts it says the cause is other programs at the background. what kind of programs could be cause this?
Yea i have the same problem to and i updated everything but it still didnt work
Me too D: Where is this f*king Audio/Sound-Card? D:
Sakura Xiao Ying
Cn i knw hw to update Audio/ sound card? sry i am a newbie... TT
I have same problem for almost a year. cant find the solution. please help =\
What sound cards do you guys have? Did you guys try uninstalling the sound card driver altogether, and then installing the drivers over again?
claudio rolna
I got the same problem its says U must update your Audio card driver and I wtf?whre this fcking thing?
I have just been getting this message it has never come up before but now it wont go And I have the most up to date audio drivers A clean install makes the message go away but only for an hour then it comes back again could this be some sort of bug maybe.........Only Peppy will know :roll:
I have the same Problem too. Also when i start Osu! and open a Beatmap this Erro comes and the Sound is fucking #2spooky4me. Everytime then this Error comes it sounds like satan is singing.
I reinstall my Osu 3-4 times and it still doesnt go. But when i play Music etc. on YouTube, vlc, windows media player etc. its all normal and goes. Only Osu! seems to have this Error.
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