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last updated: 7/29/2016

Helloo! Welcome, please read the rules and stuff and everything will be good! I mod standard and taiko, but keep in mind I am pretty new to taiko modding/mapping so because of this I will not do m4m only nm, nonetheless I will try my best to make helpful mods!

I'll only mod 3 maps for M4M and NM 4 for std and 3 for taiko at a time (or maybe even more if I feel like it) Make sure to check "Slots/Check list ✔" box below!

✅ Rules

  1. Follow the format below for what to include. if it's just a request, a link and a thank you, i'll ignore it for not following this rule. I'll mod any map, but this just helps me to look through requests faster.
  2. I don't mod wips.
  3. Don't double post, if I haven't answered you it's because I denied your request.
  4. Don't request after I've closed, I will not mod your map.
  5. Reply to my mods please or consider yourself blacklisted
✅ M4M (standard)

  1. I mod your map first, and then you mod mine! If I haven't modded your map, then your request was most likely denied.
  2. Map for modding > :D
  3. choosing 3 maps for m4m~
✅ NM (standard/taiko)

  1. I'll mod any map
  2. I would prefer maps under 5 minutes
  3. Any genre is cool but I mostly like vocaloid, rock, metal, electric, dubstep, instrumentals...sometimes pop if it's insanely catchy
  4. i'll choose 4 maps for standard, 3 for taiko
✅ Format

Artist + Title:
# of Diffs:
Other stuffs:

  1. I don't care about star priority
  2. It is not first come first serve!
  3. Slots will be available again once I have finished modding all of the requests I chose to mod
  4. And of course m4m will take priority over nm, so keep that in mind if you're looking to have a mod as soon as possible. And remember always check my last post for slots and modding queue status!

Note: if I like your map, made a mistake or if I feel I was not as helpful as I could have been, I'll shoot you a star!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚✧

im lazzzzy╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Slots/Check list ✔
Done: 0/4
To do: 0/4

Done: 0/3
To do: 0/3

Done: 0/3
To do: 0/3

NM availabe (std): 4
NM available (taiko): 3
M4M available: 3
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Let's try then

CHiCO x sana - Tokyo Summer Session
Genre: j-pop
Length: 3:34 (3:33 drain)
BPM: 160
# of diffs: 6 (feel free to skip lower ones, since I know long mapsets like this are a pain)

M4M, but I'll be modding later, since I first have to do a couple of other mods because I get lazy easily
NM req

i hope you like this song

map :

NM req please ^^
Genre : J-pop (anime maybe? :v)
BPM : 187
Length : 1:27 (1:26 drain)
i have 6 diff (you can mod anydiff you like ^^)

Thank you :D
Okay I'mma try xD
NM Request ofc xD
Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Mika Kobayashi - Through My Blood
Genre: English Rock Background Music from an Anime
Length: 1:55 (1:44 drain time)
BPM: 192 with 3/4 metronome/time signature
Number of Difficulties: 5 Diffs ENHIX but low diffs needs more modding i guess xD
Thank you so much and goodluck to your queue <3
Hello there,
NM request plz
toby fox - mus_star
Genre : Instrumental (i guess)
BPM : 63 (yep)
Length : 0:41 (0:41 drain)
3 diff. only so just relax xD

thank you!
NM request


thank you
hi hi got a mod request for ya~

anime/japanese, 1:27 length, 165 bpm, and 7 diffs. hope you can check it out~

NM pls :c
Genre:idk its Justin bieber
Length: 3:07 (2:53 drain)
BPM: 100
# of Diffs: normal and hard
ty (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Time Capsule
NM Request
Artist + Title: Kon Natsumi - Gift
Genre: j-pop (?)
Length: 3:33 (3:23 drain)
BPM: 178
# of Diffs: 7 (full set because of 1st attempt)
NM please
Artist + Title: Brad Breeck - Made Me Realize
Genre: Instrumental
Length: 0:38
BPM: 166
# of Diffs: just BD's Hollow Extra (and any that you like to mod ^^)

thanks <3
NM req yes
Artist + Title: Milky Holmes - Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!! (Happy Euro Mix)
Genre: Anime
Length: 1:28/1:30
BPM: 170
# of Diffs: 5
Ultima Fox

Artist + Title: FELT - Closed Wings
Genre: Rock (ish i dont really know what to call it (its japanese))
Length: 3:25 (3:09 drain)
BPM: 181
# of Diffs: 3

Link if you need:

Thanks!~ :)
NM req
Artist + Title: Kinniku Shoujo Tai - Mazeru na Kiken
Genre: J-rock?
Length: 1:27
BPM: 178
# of Diffs: all except Nerova's diff

Thanks in advance! :)
Topic Starter
NM is closed

So instead of only 2, I've decided to change it to 4 NM slots.

But I still have 2 slots left for M4M if anyone is interested!

M4M request
Music = Teminite - Ascent
Genre = Electro (Glitch Hop)
Length = 4,15 min
BPM = 110
# diffs = 7 (dont feel obliged to mod the 7)

Even if you dont accept, i'll mod your map because ive nothing to do...
M4M req ~

Artist + Title: moumoon - hello, shooting star
Genre: Anime
Length: 1:29
BPM: 80
# of Diffs: 3

thank you ! :3
he! m4m

MY FIRST STORY - Itazura Fiction
2:12 (2:08 drain)

Artist + Title: ClariS - CLICK DnB Remix
Genre: DnB, Japanese, Pop, Alternative
Length: 3:50
BPM: 175
# of Diffs: 6 but mod however many you want, since your map has 5, i expect you to mod 5 :)
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