Am I bad at this game ?

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So yesterday me and some friends play multi together and i lost the entire time. All those song are high star level (5.5* - 6*) and also the first time we play but i can't win a single time even i have the highest rank among my friends. So that make me think, am i really that bad ? Yes i can play better at a song after i try a few times, but when i come to a new song i become a total noob, i lost to #80K rank player. What i need to do now ?
Play more.
Don't judge your skill from your performance at 6*. Judge it based on the stuff that you think is challenging yet in reach.
You were most likely all very bad at those 6* maps and it doesn't really matter who is the least bad when all are bad.
Everyone is bad in this game. Play more.

KupcaH wrote:

Everyone is bad in this game. Play more.
Play moe
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