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Narcissu wrote:

like a people very moe, but he is boy not girl, so i use 1/4 …… should be girl
can we just appreciate this golden quote

congrats !!
這首歌 (ღ˘˘ღ)
恭喜 ^^
Offset is a bit off. Needs +10ms.
Asahina Momoko
oooooooooooooooo congrats!!!! :)
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ktgster wrote:

Offset is a bit off. Needs +10ms.
wait me ask for some


look like offline now

but at least SS all early 1s

Doormat chan play early and fail :?

so i want keep unless more people point out
to iterate on Narcissu's point i also checked it in editor and it seems fine for me; the drums line up with the metronome pretty well.

i only failed because i suck at this game xd

edit: played around with editor a bit after i posted and it wouldn't hurt to change offset by +5 to +10; this could be fixed with web offset thing kite mentioned
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don't mind, i fail too :cry:
Offset needs +12. If you're wondering why SS scores are all early (like basing an offset on that is a good idea), it's because the song is slow. 200 BPM single tap is very slow, especially with density as low as you have it in the map. People tend to click this too fast, especially when it goes with large spacing.

Also, the hitsounding could be improved. First and foremost, you don't follow the basic drumline of the song.
Here's what you have:

Here's what the song actually does:

You may think it's small, but this additional kick bothered the hell out of me every time I looked at this. Please do fix this. I assume that you did this on purpose and you're creating your own rhythm with the hitsounds for the kiai, but I don't think it works. This additional kick simply ruins the whole hitsounding to me, which other than that is decent.

Second big issue: this tick sound is extremely intrusive on (technically) overmapped objects, mostly sliderends. Note that I have absolutely no problem with those objects being sliders, but the fact their end has that strong hitsound is a bother. If you want your map to sound nicer, you'll need to find a quieter sample to substitute to the objects that do not follow directly the piano. Also, you're wasting the whistle sample with the double tick thing, when you could have used it to follow the hi-hat which would have been a nice addition to the hitsounding. If you find a quieter sample, I'm willing to redo your hitsounding for you in the Camellia diff. If I were you, I would keep the tick sound as a whistle and use it for hi-hat, but if you want to use it to highlight the piano, that's fine.

Third issue: the hitsounding's structure is lacking and not following the song's.
02:12:197 (1) - The drumline restarts at a fairly audible level around here. Yours starts here 02:17:597 (3) - which doesn't make any sense. For the sake of structure and how you decided to structure the map, I'd advise to restart the drumline only later, at 02:21:797 (1) - which is the point where your map accelerates again. It would be more consistent with your structure and the acceleration would work better that way.
02:36:197 (1) - Same here. Don't switch the sample this early, it doesn't make sense. It ruins the potential hitsound change effect you could have to emphasize the kiai. Keep the louder samples for the kiai and use the quieter ones there. Also, 02:38:597 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - most of these kicks don't exist in the song. And again, before you say "I want to build up to the kiai", the violin takes care of it, not the drums. This is intrusive.

I would have liked to see the end mapped, if only to have a calm, soothing ending, but that's up to you. There are many things I could point out in the map itself too, but they're purely stylistic choices and I have no big qualms with how you mapped this. If you're curious, I can post them, but I don't consider them critical and certainly not worth DQing over. The rest of what I pointed out, however, I do consider worth a DQ.
Your mapset is amazing. Don't change or believe on posts that try to force you to change based on their opinions. Your hitsounds are amazing, are relieved to play, and what should be done on this music.

The only objective opinions on this is offset should be around +5 ~ +10. Might be disqualified but please fix only this problem if you do.
just slap an online offset onto the map and done cya inb4 unneccessary drama erupts
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but 200 is fast for me and Doormat …… of course its not key for timing, i believe FrostXe use +5 ~ +10


i add extra Hitsound when kiai, make Hitsound rich, as you see 01:04:997 - 01:43:397 - not

and 02:57:797 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1) - have more kick because music more intense, as you know other song will have more kick when 8/16 bar, it follow music format

we can‘t add 24clap when other 180BPM Easy diff, and have to skip 24 clap when Insane diff because Dotted Rhythm, i think you will want not DQ this map even if “bothered the hell out of me”

with sophistry point of view, i follow music not sound, you heard paino and drum, i heard Flower Dance


Drum volume is this

it's really make me agony, i considered use Hitsound 1~ 20, or skip drum, change volume by green line, finally i think start 02:36:197 - is best,


timing should be DQ, i think its better than online offset …… if you still think its should +12ms, i need evidence or more opinion. the song not 100% by computer so i cant use software check it, i just believe FrostXe because he have many fans
I get +7/+8 ms but it is indeed early
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Raiden wrote:

I get +7/+8 ms but it is indeed early


ah …… i cant find cute girl DQ it, its a bit hard for me …… as shiro say player will click early, maybe keep it is best, a right timing make people lose SS lol, i tired consider, let online offest come

but if anyone has suggestions feel free to post it ……

and my english very bad. if you cant understand, let me know Orz
Huh... I think you can just fix offset with an online offset shift... It will be just the same as if you dq'ed and changed the offset yourself. The online offset will automatically update all maps so players won't even need to update/redownload your map to see the offset shift.

Holy God Narcissu, stop being my favorite mapper wwwwww

Gratz! Hope the offset problem will be fixed soon
someone's hitsound really ruin the map omg gg.
rhythm need to step by step,hitsound also.hitsound structure not equal to your dq level
So beautiful <3
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