49k rank and still can't stream?

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I've been playing streaming maps and a combination of stream/jump maps for the past 3 months now to increase my streaming speed/accuracy. No luck still failing at 4.9 star maps when I can do 5.4 star jumping maps way easier. I focused on jumping maps at the start of my playing style till 70k then eventually started playing 4.8 star maps which had a bit of everything. I've tried only focusing on the streaming maps, I've tried listening to the beat, I messed around with the beat offset etc. Nothing seems to work strangely enough, I've searched through the forums and nothing seems to work :/

Edit: I can only comfortably do 170 BPM
I'm rank 7k and still can't stream either tbh.
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I've been playing for 3 years :/

EliteTyrael wrote:

I've been playing for 3 years :/
I had been playing for 1 year yet i had more play count and play time than you
That doesn't change the fact that I am 17k rank and still can't stream though
kids these days
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