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I've seen that other people will help with making maps, like they will either be thanked for it in the beat map description or their name might be in the difficulty etc. and I was wondering as to how that works to have multiple people create difficulties for a map but then it all gets submitted by one person. Are there tricks with /np ing it or something else?
If I were to make a map for someone else, I'd do this
> Open his map in the editor
> Save as new difficulty
> Call it "Bara's ..."
> Map it
> Save it
> Open .osu in Notepad
> Send the other mapper the contents of the .osu file

Then what he'll do
> Open his map in tye editor
> Save as new difficulty
> Call it "Bara's ..."
> Open .osu in notepad
> Remove all contents
> Paste in all the text I've sent him
> Save

And it's done
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