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Hello I would love to get into mania but after every game i feel sick and light headed and it's because the notes fall from the top of the screen is their anyway I can make them go from right to left like in K-ON! Ho-kago Live!!

The only way to make the scroll horizontal would be rotating the screen (if your GPU drivers allow it). Or playing taiko
give up on VSRGs (vertical scrolling rhythm games)
I felt like that when I started playing Guitar Hero a few years ago. It just got better with time. D:
It's just a matter of time to get used to another scroll, so I would recommend you to play a month or something like that to see your progression. You can also try DDR style (I mean, upscroll) instead of downscroll (default osu!mania). If you don't feel comfortable, you can just go to Taiko like Full Tablet mentioned before.
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