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If you want a mod/GD from me, this is the place to ask.

I don't accept NM requests unless on very special occasions, sorry!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT post your mod on my map before I list the maps I've accepted on my queue. That way you won't be disappointed when I decide not to mod your map back.

Willing to mod all diffs (cap of 5-6) or specific diffs.

I focus more on object placement / rhythm / flow on my mods, but I can focus on hitsounds if you want me to.

Will likely be unable to mod maps that are about to be bubbled/ranked, as they likely have been already modded a lot so I won't be able to spot many things.

I prefer doing Insanes/Extras, 5+ SR, I am willing to do lower diffs on short songs though. (TV Sizes and what not)

I'm willing to map a wide variety of songs, I do prefer mapping songs that call for tricky rhythm and SV usage a lot, though.

I will reply to your forum post if I accept your request!

Always check the last post for the most updated information about queue.
GD or M4M:
Beatmap Link:
Artist and song name:
Song Length:
Difficulty you want me to mod:
Star Priority:
You made a queue just to have it closed?
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