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Hi! I'm an old o2jam & stepmania player and started to like osu!mania but I have problems with timing. It seems very different.

I have a decent timing at o2jam (e.g. — 1410cool, 101good, 0bad, 3miss) and with other VSRGs such as stepmania(keyboard) and even on DDR, ITG and PumpItUp (on pad).

But when I play osu!mania, zero offset, and testing my accuracy on 3star charts, I always get like this:
(o2jam-DJmax mixed skin: 201 max200%[Rainbow color], 371 max100% [White], 50 max75%[Green], 3 miss)

I normally play 4k or 7k charts. I could play and read 5star charts and I think I could barely pass 6-7star but I'd rather fix this timing issue before I start playing harder charts.

I have adjusted the offset to -3 and it improved a little. Positive offset made my score(based on nn.nnms I've seen on other threads) worse and so is more than -3 offset.

O2jam players of osu!mania, did you really adjust your timing for osu or did you change anything other than the offset to use your normal timing on o2jam?
Stepmania players, I could play on 5 or 6 timing difficulty on SM or OpenITG with only single digit greats most of the time. But still have problems on my timing here on osu!mania.

I use a normal keyboard and had no problems playing o2jam and stepmania with this. So I wonder how do I fix this.
Besides osu!mania I only play o2jam and I never change anything, though my accuracy isn't very good to begin with. lol
I have no timing issues with LR2 and StepMania, but I've never been able to time well in osu!mania until I disabled hitsounds and changed the global offset to compensate for audio latency. For some reason I end up with an offset of approximately -60ms, so that explains why I had such difficulty timing. Now timing my hits in osu!mania is just like in StepMania; you sync your hits to the music, no hitsounds involved. You could try something similar and see if that works for you.

For some reason I don't have much trouble with LR2, even though it's a fully keysounded game.
First you should go to options and go to General section. Disable the "scale osu!mania scroll speed with BPM". This will help you get fixed scroll speed so that you can choose a specific scroll speed number and stick to it instead of switching for every song you play (choose a speed you can read but at the same time makes you look in the middle of the screen when playing)

Second in the General section also change "Score meter type" to Hit error. This is so that when you are playing a song, at the bottom of the screen it will help you know if you are hitting too early or late (left side is early and right is late). Play multiple maps that you can FC and see if you are constantly hitting late or early in the maps and change you "hitposition" in the "skin.ini" file in you skin folder (default is 402, lower is early and higher is late).

Last would be to keep universal at 0 because this is only change if you think you have hearing problems, like if you think most songs are delayed or early for you.
Play this song at the same time of using the offset wizard https://osu.ppy.sh/b/24854
The instructions on how to use it are in the beatmaps description.
change you "hitposition" in the "skin.ini" file in you skin folder (default is 402, lower is early and higher is late

Thats what helped me for me arround 390 feels like o2 :)
I have tried every value of HitPosition from 390 to 412.
I also tried playing with different offsets from +50 to -80.
The setting with most accurate key presses is with HitPosition 392 and offset of -50.
I used 7k songs to test with O2jam/DJmaxTrilogy skin.

On 4k, my result seems to be different. As I got earlier keypresses(2nd best timing) on 7k, it improved my 4k timing.
If I change the settings to get better 7k results, it affects my 4k results.
I also noticed that I got my most accurate keypresses on 4k is by using a stepmania(arrows; 4k exclusive) skin.
But using my 4k best HitPosition and offset when playing 7k doesn't really work for me.

I'm satisfied with my current 4k settings after some tweaks since my performance on osu 4k is now comparable to my stepmania play.

But I still can't find the right setting for 7k.
I even downloaded o2jam converted beatmaps and played the same song on both osu and o2jam
I tried played the same song with similar notes and difficulty on o2jam then osu and vice versa several times.
My o2jam scores and accuracy is consistent. My osu mania results are decent but not the result I wanted comparable to my "perfect" result on o2jam.
On o2jam, I can get (1650 cool, 101 good, 0 bad, 3 miss).
On osu, I got (651 Max200%[Rainbow], 1001 Max100%[White], 98 Max75%[Blue], 4 miss[Red] — O2xDJmax skin)
----- ^ osu result with HitPosition of 390 and offset 0
If I play with offset -50, [Rainbow], the best key press, and [White] ratio is 50:50. Sometimes one is a bit more higher than the other depending on my play performance. I've tried even setting it to -160 but it even got worse so I think this can't be fixed with offset alone.
It's normal to get less Rainbows in osu!mania than Cools in o2jam (Rainbows are usually significantly more strict than Cools, depending on BPM on o2jam). The [Rainbow]/[300(White)]/Bad ratio suggests you tend to either press late or early in average (unless you were testing with a map with OD0 or close to it, in that case those ratios are more probable if you play inaccurately despite not pressing early or late in average). After you play a map, hover the cursor over the performance graph to get more detailed results about your timing.

Both 4k and 7k have the same timing, so there shouldn't be a big difference in accuracy between both. Try using a similar skin and settings for both keymodes.

For adjusting the offset, test with a map you can play with your eyes closed, and change the offset until you can get plays where:
- You feel that either the hitsounds or your keyboard taps match the music (your preference). You can record the audio and analyze the soundwaves in Audacity if you aren't sure if they match while playing (using OBS or similar software if syncing to the hitsounds, using a mic if syncing to the keyboard taps).
- AND you get a high score/accuracy on the map.

If, after adjusting the offset, you still get bad accuracy in maps you play using your eyes, then it is better to further adjust the hitposition instead of the offset.
2 quick tips:

1: Do not use o2jam converts for judging offset. There are a lot of offset problems with o2jam converts.
2: Do not expect to get anywhere near the same level of accuracy in osu!mania as you get in o2jam. The timing windows in o2jam are very large compared to osu!mania.

Bobbias wrote:

2 quick tips:

1: Do not use o2jam converts for judging offset. There are a lot of offset problems with o2jam converts.
2: Do not expect to get anywhere near the same level of accuracy in osu!mania as you get in o2jam. The timing windows in o2jam are very large compared to osu!mania.
Yes I noticed it myself. The converts' timing were mostly messed up.

I put the offset back to 0. Then changed the HitPosition to 410. Got most of my recent high scores on that setting. :)

I also noticed that 200%[Rainbow] / 100%[White] timing is even stricter than stepmania's(or DDRs) Marvelous / Perfect timing.

Thanks for all your help and making me understand this. I still had a lot of [Whites] on every song I played but most of the time I got more [Rainbows] with this most recent setting — Offset 0, HitPosition: 410. If not, rainbows and whites, had 50:50 ratio and the rest are on goods[blue] and misses.

I guess I'll just work my skills up from this point. :D
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