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VeilStar wrote:

You can't report multiple scores for the same user, so it's likely that you reported a score from that same user sometime before.
I'm aware of that and that's often been happening but this started not long ago... perhaps my browser is somehow submitting the report twice or something? I can't think of another explanation on my end...

It's happened with the profile report too once.
Confirming this. I just tried reporting a user for the first time and I've seen the "You have already reported this score!" message.
The score I reported is a noticeable foul play and most likely there are already multiple reports being sent at its leaderboards.
Same here, with the post as mentioned in a certain thread
I guess it happens when someone else reports it. On the other hand, there is no need for a single user to get 100 reports from different users, right? A report is a report, and in most cases, they are pretty obvious
i guess it gives priority if it has more reports, not sure tho
there are a lot reports everyday thats why i said that
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pkhg wrote:

i guess it gives priority if it has more reports, not sure tho
there are a lot reports everyday thats why i said that
I believe the message when your report is successful actually says that scores that are reported more will get more attention, or something along those lines.
Scarlet Evans
So, do we know what exactly happens here?

I was receiving this message, while reporting players or scores on maps I never ever reported before and it happens quite often. I think that all my last reports were like that and I rarely see the report being "successful".
This is also why I gave an idea, that maybe being reported once (by whoever, not only by you) is enough and every other person that reports gets a message like this? So, if there is a cheater, then one person can report that person and the rest will receive "You have already reported this score!" message. Or maybe it's not how it works and something else happens? Or at least it shouldn't work like that?

However, if it works this way and it's intended to work like this, is there something like report counter, so the reports from other people still counts and the cheater can receive a "higher priority"?
Issue(s) in this thread have been addressed by the following changes:
  1. Fix "You having already reported this score!" appearing when it shouldn't. (peppy)

The changes will be applied to builds newer than b20160821.1.

Please follow up in this thread if you believe more work needs to be done to fix the mentioned issues. If they have not yet been resolved, please provide any new details that may have arisen after this build.
Please check whether this is fixed now.

All reports *were* being correctly submitted, for what it's worth.
Not fixed. Still says the same message.
Thanks for reporting back. Please give it one more try.
Fixed, I guess.
Thanks for your report. Please not that action is not taken immediately, but cases with higher report counts will get faster attention.
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