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Soo.... I dunno whether this topic is appropriate to be here or not... (Maybe Outaku section... but too lazy to move topic)

Whatever, are there any good animes lately??

I've watched a few decent animes such as Re:Zero and A tale of the worst knight (2 best animes out there lately)

And I enjoyed them!

However, I'm running pretty low on animes lately, just wondering if there are some decent animes out there lately

Some of my Criteria for animes
  1. I prefer action animes such as Sword art online or Accel World
  2. I enjoy Shoujo animes
  3. I don't like manga
  4. I don't really mind if the anime is harem or something
  5. I don't mind if the anime is still updating or on going
  6. I want animes that are created after 2014 (animes before are kinda a piece of fossil) :x

My bottom line is the anime has to have Romance in it.... Full action animes are kinda dull

Shoujo animes.... sure why not :)

I know I'm asking alot and looking at some high value... I just want to watch some animes to entertain myself :)


this should be on otaku culture sub forum, ask a moderator to move it

ot : kabaneri of the iron fortress seems pretty good so far, would rate 9.5/10
Moved to the correct forums, as for suggestions, you should ask in this thread instead creating a new one: t/90118

If it helps you, Dimension W, Parasyte, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kamisama Hajimemashita are some of the most memorable for me. But I also suggest you to dig into the fossils, you may find some cool stuff (like Ghost in the Shell, Bokura ga Ita, Steins;Gate, etc).

Ahhh, I was supposed to just lock the thread... teehee.
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