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A 65k player introducing himself? What's wrong with this guy?! :?:
Well let me tell you:
As you can probably tell by now I'm not that new to this game but I haven't used the forum at all so I thought it's time to finally start talking to you guys and girls. There is no better way then doing this by introducing myself right?

So here I am. My name is Jan or Rvnxsoul - Soul for short. I'm an average 18 y/o guy from Germany who likes anime, riding his motorcycle into the sunset (lol) and clicking circles..obviously :)
I hope for all of is to become friends - sounds kinda boring and cliché-like but I can't think of anything better (it's 5am please forgive me^^).
Y'all have a nice day :)
Jan | Rvnxsoul
Welcome to forums ;D

Ahaha, I was around my current rank (25k) when I introduced myself :p
No worries, we don't all use the forums when we first start ^^
Awh, sunset is nice!
And don't worry, better late than never :P
Welcome to the forums and enjoy osu!~
An 8k player responding to a 65k player's introduction? What is wrong with this guy?
Well let me tell you:
Nice to meet you RvNxSoul. It's nice to see you're enjoying the game. You're here forever.
Can I ride with you towards the sunset? (lol)
On a serious note, I'm glad you made a quality intro here. These are hard to find but so good to read!
See ya later Jan! Have fun! Fund peppy's jet

And remember, don't chase skill, let skill come to you!
Ah, willkommen :P
Viel Spaß mit dem Forums ^_^
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