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Well, some of you guys missed the rule for this round ;-;


While it may seem like an ordinary (stream) map to some, I can't say it really is since the patterns used there don't belong to the typical stream or jumo maps really. It includes a lot of 1/4 rhythms, which are spaced out by a ton (at least the higher diffs) and it may require some precise aim to hit them. This definitely is not ine of the usual (and normal) technical maps but I will say it is different from the rest and requires more aim, which is why I am posting here :D
Why I think it's ready? Well, tbh the Insane is being nerfed a bit currently, but I'd say that it is in a rankable and enjoyable state and I want to increase the quality of it as much as possible, which is why an icon here isn't exactly too important to me


Some cyber-ish theme map with storyboard and keysounding. I tried to make some interesting patterns that would express the song. I think you may like it!


in this map, i strived to created innovative and tricky rhythms/patterns; especially in the Another difficulty. i want to bring uniqueness back into the osu! mapping meta, so i try my best to create maps that are well structured yet creative. i believe my map could use a few more mods before being considered for nomination, but i would really like an experienced modder's perspective on it.

thank you!


i was going to post my all star map, but i figured this would be a better option to put up, since it's actually technical. i mapped this almost two years ago, and i had gotten around 10 pages of mods with no luck of reaching a bn. the map features (what i believe to be) tasteful overlaps, technical streams, and "sexy" sliders. i've mapped most of the diffs and it's under 2 minutes long.

yes it's in graveyard, but i'd rather not take it out of grave unless someone is able to check it out.



Marathon | 5:26 | 170 BPM | 5.11 SR | 32 SP

On first glance this might be a not so quirky map, however the kiai changes that. The drumstep parts take a major shift from the DnB mapping before, with low SV and technical 5bursts. This is also where reading gets a tad harder, seeing as overlaps staret to appear en masse and jumpsliders get more common.

What sets this map apart? For once, a take on DnB-mapping i havent seen anywhere else yet. Instead of taking Drum and bass as a wildcard for 1/2 spam, i decided to actually map DnB, that meaning, the drums. contains some "doubles" and a kinda gimmicky buildup.for each kiai section.

Now, do I believe this map is ready for approval? I gotta be honest, I dont know. I know fully well that I as the creator cannot judge the quality of my creation fully objectively. However tons of modders and testplayers told me to go for it, so I'll gladly trust in their opinions!

Hope the map fits your vision of a technical map, as well as that youll enjoy the song!

Thanks in advance

Map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/500722

So, I have this nice and bubbled marathon; that might say something about its rankability already. Now it may not be the most technical if that's the only trait you're looking for, but I do still think it can be called somewhat technical for its difficulty since it does utilize 1/3 rhythms. And even if the map isn't exactly what you were looking for, I hope you'll fall in love with the song! Since it's the sweetest!

Hope this can be seen as a sort of backup now that the packet hero set didn't quite work out. Hope you like it ^^

we mapped this in 1 day ;)
I'm recently getting better at mapping, and my partner (because this is a collab) improved a lot on this lasts months, take a look
and i think its not a bad map, give it an opportunity

Details: This map is ready for rank because I mapped it.
I actually found a BN queue that's open... I'm so happy...



DQ map, need more quality now
hey there :)


nm req pls, thanks
technical maps owo

ugh why i think the map is ready for rank, tbh i don't know if it is or isn't it's hard to judge since i never ranked one :p, but i do know one thing that people have been telling me is that although it may not be perfect, but it has nothing in it that would stop it from getting ranked, good shapes, flow blah blah. Hey i mean at the end of the day it's your choice to pick it or not, I'm just gonna be honest and not go full lie mode and go "o yea this is perfect, please mod and bubble". Mostly I'm asking for a mod to see where I'm standing atm, like yeno if i should try and push this set further or just keep practising idk, I don't consider myself good but maybe after I succeed in something i will idk.

Thanks for reading here's my map

Thanks in advance!
OMFG - Stardust

This is my first beatmap that I am going for rank and I hope I would achieve ranking it.
I think its already ready for ranking since the mapset is done and the mods might be enough?
If not then I would appreciate a mod for someone that has more experience.
If it gets an icon or a mod then I would be really thankful and I hope I can improve my skills in
mapping with this map. I don't want to get my effort of this map go to waste but I can be patient
in ranking it.

hello ;w;
my map is here > https://osu.ppy.sh/s/439731
Thanks~ ;)
All Expert Difficulties and the "Another" difficulty are very technical and are made by very experienced technical mappers . it has enough mods already (Might get two or three till u move to this map if u accept) . Anyway .. All the modders have been giving me nice feedbacks and they say map is ready to go

Thanks in advance!

https://osu.ppy.sh/s/516997 Here's my map

mod pls, I'm not an experienced mapper though, any feedback would be great

NM request.
Would be fascinating to see your mod on https://osu.ppy.sh/s/528826
Thanks so much! :)
NM request for this, please: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/422136
Thanks in advance :D

as for the explanation of why its a technical map. the reading skill and skill to play technical patterns and such in general is shown throughout all the diffs, in one way or another. a lot of complex patterning and gimmicky style is apparant in the entire mapset, which really fits Sota Fujimori's song.in my opinion
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