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This is my song!
I hope you'll like rem!
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End Round 2 (RD)
Next Round: November 1st.
Summary: Not nearly as many marathons as I was hoping, but still some good contenders and a few good songs. I don't plan on telling you who I will or won't pick, but every map I choose will be done before the beginning of the next round. If you did not follow all the rules, your mapset will likely be ignored (unless the song is actually amazing). (Forgot to close this last night, thanks exam-studying.)
Please do not post in this queue until it reopens.
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Round 2's Modding Summary
Similarly to last round, I accepted quite a few requests. I ended up getting to a few, but overall most weren't really up to par in song choice or mapping technique. I do plan on getting to Karia's mapset at a bit later date, as I found the map fun at least, it'll just take a bit of time. Overall, the queue seems to be really hit or miss, as the first round had some pretty great submissions and the second weren't as good. This is probably due to the nature of the themes, so I'll keep tweaking with this over time.

Round 3 (RD)
Duration: November 1st to November 10th.
Restrictions: This round I'll be modding "technical" maps. Maps that require good reading skills or in-depth technical skills are required, that means no generic jump/stream maps.
Details: When requesting your mapset, please include why you think it is ready for rank and what set its apart from all the other mapsets I could be checking. You don't need to write too much, just a sentence or two.
Reminder: I'm not necessarily modding the maps during these 10 days, I'm reviewing them. Most maps I accept from this round will be modded by the next round, opening on the 1st of December.
Please read the first post if you do not want to be blacklisted.
Billain & NickBee - Extrasensory.

It's an example of an easier, more consistent style of mapping Billain that is applicable to more players than the crazy, berserker style seen in Amber's Love or Boogie. This track has more simple rhythms than those two, but still displays the unusual rhythms Billain is known for. I mapped it to be extremely playable even for players normally unable to keep up with bluetick rhythms by encouraging polarity swaps and focusing more on flow and immersing the player in the weird rhythm, making the patterns and individual spacing secondary.

So far, the concepts have been proven extremely effective, and I want to rank it for it to be an example of proving that unusual rhythms don't need to be difficult to play.

That, and I like the creepiness of the track. ┐(°﹃°)┌
Camellia - overcomplexification

As the title says, this set is pretty overcomplex. Been pending for nearlly a year and I believe its been ready for quite some time now. Guess I could say Camellia is weird to map and offers a lot of variation and I believe we've captured that fairly well.


Turns out you modded this way earlier this year :p

I think my mapset is ready for rank because I have gotten feedback from multiple BNs, and have improved the mapset accordingly based on their responses. I believe that osu needs more "videogame music" (in terms of modern mapping). There have only been a handful of videogame genre maps that have gotten through this year (the majority of them have been undertale obviously) but I think my mapset will be a unique addition to osu. The song is fast paced (and somewhat repetitive) but requires the player to have exceptional reading skills in order to achieve high accuracy.

Thanks Cryptic! :)
my mapset which is
I think it is worth a BN check because I improved it a lot these past 2 months and some people (modder and BN) think the map is good.
I can say this is my 2016 style map.
The map has great spread for almost everyone.
I think that is all I can say, any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!

I've actually worked really hard on my parts of the difficulties to make it look really nice while adding my own style of mapping. I believe every guest mapper has done their best also so I don't want to let them down. I think this may be one of the best maps I've ever made.
I believe the current set will be able to get to ranked with just a couple of mods, maybe 2 or 3 good mods after (with yours included of course).
This mapset is mostly guest difficulties but that means people can enjoy a variety of mapping styles all with one download :)
and who wouldn't enjoy another tatoe xdxdxdx

Osu Tatakae Ouendan
Hopefully mine will be something worth your time.

The map's been on pending for 3 years (by December it'll be 4th year), so it doesn't really follow much of the things we have on maps today. It's a little more straightforward with few twists and no confusing movement (except perhaps the last portion on the hardest difficulty.) Even then, I don't think its something too similar to something from its time period (2012/2013). The spread was aimed to increase difficulties playable by lower rankers instead of having a lot of extras, but the last difficulty is something pretty memorable for a lot of people.
I think it's ready for ranking since I've already had a ton of feedback (a few mods, ingame suggestions, plus testplays) on it, and there are a lot of people saying its a good map, although that's up to you to decide. It would be great to see this ranked soon.

Thanks for the reply to my pm btw.

Just some confusing cursor movement playing with anti jumps, linear flow and structured overlaps to reflect how I interpret the song, and I've explained nearly everything in the map so might be ready for rank

Tristam - I remember

I think it's ready for rank, cause a lot of people don't find so much to mod in it. Also, good mappers did excellents diffs in the set, and some diffs uses technicam patterns (like FCL's diff).

Thanks a lot !

A map with generally slow slider velocity, which I was thinking fits the theme and song genre quite well. This means the map is perfect for people who have great snapping abilites otherwise they just fail miserably.


I think it's ready for rank because I've already find quite a number of mods right now. :p
GRAVITY in this map is a diff which requires extraordinarily good aim to play since small circle is used while large variation of stream spacing & stream pattern has been applied in the map (Including the widely spaced one). I guess this is the skill that current maps rarely test on (usually they will test for aims for jump instead of stream) which makes this map special. RLC's INF and my EXH diff(CS 5.6 ftw <3) also test on player's aim since small circles is used, yet the pattern used is easier to play.


Overall my best map since my 4 months of mapping.
Am planning to get this ranked in this month nonetheless.
Will appreciate if you do help out, thanks! 8-)

sliderart is bae
ayo, just passing by[url][/url] <--- Mod if you have time
Hope you enjoy it, spent a lot of time on this one. Thank you.
I did my best when I map this.
"technical" maps... The concepts that usually goes for this are mainly being applied in recent times by eletronic/Camellia mapping. However you did mention that "require good reading skills or in-depth technical skills are required, that means no generic jump/stream maps."
Since you have a mapset of your own I believe you're on of the best who can give the feedback on this set;


I believe that 240 bpm is the borderline from the fast bpm mapping to the usual mapping. The difficulites of this mapset explores that limit. From the NORMAL difficulty to the final EXTRA, most of my GDs and myself tried to deliver a rankable yet different mapping. I gave them total freedom to explore whatever mapping they wanted to explore instead of going with a continuous spread idea. The result is different styles and ideas in a NNHIIEE spread. Each difficulty has some sort of gameplay aspect (skill required) instead of just escalate difficulty by just spacing things more or creating more density in the rhythm.

I'm not looking for bubble modding, but mostly an improvement mod, since regular modders simply can't help anymore on this mapset (they told myself they couldn't find anything to mod considering all the 11 pages of discussion).

Thanks for the attention and opportunity.
Hello :)
Link :
Ok so I'll be honest , so far as of writing , this map has only 1 mod. But I think you should try to look at it because of a few reasons .
1) This is actually my first map after a long hiatus of mapping due to being overly bad at it so I hope it can get some good feedback...
2) What makes it stand out...I'm not sure . If anything , the drain time is about 4 minutes plus , and I could have easily played with the break time somewhere so it can exceed 5 mins and I only need to make 1 difficulty , but I decided not to because its a song I like and I want to make more difficulties to cater to all levels of mappers...Not making an Insane though cos, yeah bad at it lol
If it makes your list I'll be happy but if it doesn't , thanks anyways :)

Considering how long it will take to get to my map, I might be able to actually get it ready, so here I am just to placehold for the future.
Idk what do you mean exactly with "technical map" but I'm pretty sure my map is not the usual 2016 mapping (at least I have a logic behind it).
Well, I'm not good with words so just take a look and see if you like the song yourself :3~

Ah, Its hard for me explain something in english... This is remapped version of great Aleks719's marathon of songs created in 2013. That map playing nice, almost all modders like it and I am sure it worth to check. I think its ready for rank, because my map have pretty simple patterns and nice flow without big issues, but still with different rhythm and BSD (sometime 1/4 combain with 1/3) thats map requires good read skill, because of that map is pretty intersting to play.
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