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might as well

tbh im not sure what kinda marathon qualifies as generic since most of em tend to differ a lot from each other from my experience but, this one is aimed at a less experienced player audience (2.88* = roughly a hard). It's a collaboration with some experienced and some not so experienced mappers so feel free to take a look if you have time.

Thanks in advance~
Hey Cryptic o/
gonna try requesting for this set

I believe my set is almost ready as it has had its main issues already pointed out by the previous BNs. The main issues that caused the pop have all either been fixed or has been heavily discussed already. The set itself contains quite a wide variety of mapping styles so you won't find a bunch of diffs that look the same, I hope that proves to be interesting enough. Thanks, I hope you like it!
hi Cryptic
although my map isn't a marathon, it does have some interesting concepts in it that are abnormal. all diffs have been modded a fair amount and two bn's have modded it.
i hope you have a good day to whoever is reading this! :D
Hey Cryptic
While this isnt a marathon or technical, it is a generic tv size anime opening.
Why should you mod this? Well honestly you probably shouldnt, there are some other great maps out there that most likely need mods and bubbles more than this ever will but i still hope you will decide to look at it.
Hello Cryptic :3
My map is a marathon (6 min), it's a calm vocaloid song going in crescendo with a "climax" at the end. (moreover there's a lot of feeling in the voice)
Although there's just one mod on it, I think it is ready for rank because I really worked on the patterns and movements (and it's been a while since I started mapping so most of the mods I could receive would be pattern suggestions).
Since the song goes crescendo, there's a constant increase of the S.V, which makes patterns diversified while still following a general theme/structure of the mapping. I think it makes my map differents from others, plus some slider shapes following the voice changes, and the combo colours which follow the video's theme.

Thank you :3
might as well try, ;p

Alright so what I think sets this map apart is that while the 1st part of the song is pretty generic 1/2 rhythms the 2nd part of the song has some pretty cool rhythms to map and I believe that I mapped it well according to the song. The song transitions to more and more rhythmically dense from the calmer 1/2 section with some doubles in a buildup section that add triples in as a constant rhythm later on. The song then has a calm before the storm that instantly transitions into a rhythm hell section with constant doubles and a few 5 note streams and a couple stream jumps. This is where the song finally comes to it's climax with the constant doubles leading into stream jumps mapped according to the song.

In conclusion, I hope that doesn't sound too generic although it sounds like every other technical map ever.
A r M i N
Hello There Cryptic! :D

Alright, I figured that i could also try requesting here and maybe get lucky :D Why not

I have a map that is waiting to be qualified, its super late since its a Russian New Years song so yee.. It has been bubbled by Garden
GDs are all made by very competent mappers who know what they are doing and also my difficulty, even tho the rhythm is not that complicated, is of good quality. I am sure especially the russian osu! community will enjoy this map a lot wich doesnt mean that others wont enjoy it of course (Its also kind of a meme lmao). Its most fun with DT (+HD) cause the map flows perfectly imo). Drain time is 1:43, with 4 Diffs by Bakari, TheMefisto, Shmiklak and me, SP +25. Why so many GDs? Because i was afraid that the diffs wouldnt have such good quality since i am not too experienced with them. So my main point that i want to get this ranked asap is because a New Years map ranked in like.. march would be super dumb and not really fitting. I already had a BN for Nomination... (sieg <3) but he recently lost his BN status and well.. that was pretty depressing lol. Since i cant snipe queues cause i have a life i hope you can help me out with that one, it would be super nice of you really

Have a nice day and happy mapping :D

Hi there o/

Im gonna try my luck here

So, my map is pending since over a month and I got many mods. I actually think this map is rankable since many modders couldnt figure out many problems. I just need someone more proffessional to check it out and I would appreciate every mod. The thing is that Ive been making maps since 2 years and my mapping styles changed like all the time. I can still remember my first maps which I already deleted because they were just shit. But after 2 years I think its time to rank a map of mine. I have asked someone called Sharkie to make a nice Extra diff and he did it. The Drain time is 1:09 and it has 5 difficulties.

Well I think thats all I can say.
Im looking forward to hearing from you :)

Have a nice day

Quite technical as it's originally a BMS song, what I hope sets it apart is the emphasis on flow and rhythm.
Has been polished and bubbled a few times since its submission one year ago, but circonstances prevented me from getting it finally qualified.

Thank you

It's an anime song... so it might or might not be of your preference.
No need to map all difficulties. (Do if you have time tho)
Also, Even if it's in the WIP forum, I'm really close to moving it to Ready for Ranking, need to kill some possible mistakes.
Not a marathon...

I wanna see you destroy my map from the many mistakes you find! After all, It's the best way to make a better map.
Marathon map.
Fully hitsounded, lots of wacky Sharkie™ Sliders.
Unlike most of Foreground Eclipse's songs, its more Alternative Rock rather than their usual Metalcore style.

Thanks you fucking furfag

Marathon map, I put a lot of effort on it, is currently bubbled uwu
I can found only one word to the song, beautiful <3
Hope you can take my req uwu Thanks in advance
Hey there!

RD request, can you take a look at this map? I think osu! could use a lot more short EN mapsets for beginner players, and a lot of people love the song :3

I think it's ready for ranking because lets be honest, it's a pretty short song and i've gotten a couple experienced modders and they all couldn't find very big problems, I also customized the background (I drew it) which is cool. (not very good drawing but oh well I tried)

I shall add my fancy text to this link

Been working way too long on this, mostly due to my laziness and people not wanting to finish Insane diffs (I asked like 6 people ;A;) and just gonna skip that and push it. Ill also ask Milan and apple to reduce the spread a bit, even tho some QATs I asked were fine with the spread (is it though? :v)

You know where to write me if something's up, Thanks.
Greetings fellow nominationer, it is the following that afflicts my poor heart:

This mapset may be called quite unique as it provides a rather uncommon experience. Firstly, the song is made by an Austrian-born artist and would be the first austrian song in the ranked section, if only it weren't for the glorious Conchita Wurst. It is a low-BPM-song, which is therefore mapped in a most technical manner including plenty of the 1/4-divisor's notes - Allegedly, even 1/8-notes are not unheard of! Furthermore, the aesthetic presentation of this map is rather extraordinary, using a lot of symmetry without even having had that in mind when mapping it! Finally, the composer of this wonderful tune has taken it on himself to create the most glorious music video that my eyes have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, which is also accounted for in the way that the map's objects are placed at certain spots.

Alas, the host (yours truly) hath already found a nominationer willing to designate a bubble upon this mapset (as it has undergone quite sufficient revision), but an evildoer going by the name Priti is fiercly refraining from applying his whopping two mod-points to this day still! But fear not, I will do everything in my power to make him honour his debts! Not falling for the evildoer's evil-doing plans, I try my best to resist his force of aggressive idleness and thus woo for your heart, for it being mine is my true desire!
Greetings and salutations whose nickname goes by Cryptic,

I would like to introduce a fairly easy mapset to your attention if you please. The map is quite simple and doesn't have any fancy rhythm techniques or somewhat extraordinaire bpm measurements. As I already stated on the beginning sentence of this paragraph, this is a straightforward and uncomplicated map. The reason I chose to make this song playable thence map it, is because that I'm only a mere beginner to mapping community in the video-game called osu!. Therefore, everyone has to start their unique and marvelous mapping journey somewhere.

Ergo, I believe that this mapset contains an abundance of mistakes and blunders because of me being nothing more than an amateur in this game of mapping and modding. Even though I start with a perfect hand, I wouldn't manage to win a game against professional constestants. That's why I am seeking for a Normal mod on my beloved mapset. If I have requested a Mod4Mod, I truly believe I couldn't effectively mod your map, as I am only a casual participant in this game of modding and thus I would be unsuccessful in completing my promise. Hence, I believe your modding skills supremely exceed mine. Consequently, I believe in you that you will not disregard my dear solicitation and make an abecedarian in this field absolutely content.

May you have high kudosu and yours truly,


P.S: The difficulty which goes by the name "Insane" is being continued to be formed. Please don't misuse your precious time on that difficulty.
hello my name is maz da ziv,and in this days ''sell your map to bn'' show i will presentate you the small mapset of a fairly unknown mapper ''Mazziv''

Mazziv mapped a very calm track made by one of the best videogame music artist ever Yoko Shimomura.Yoko Shimomura worked on several Videogame OST'S! FE. Super Mario,Final Fantasy or my personal favourite,the Kingdom Hearts series!The song Mazziv mapped is a really short 30seconds set jumping in with two difficulties and and one of those is an amazing guest difficulty by the famous mapper ''HighTec''. Rumors say that Mazziv had to pay him 10,000€ to make the guest difficulty since he got super famous after he ranked the very known map ''Gabe Power'' HighTecs manager refused to accept his offer but at the end he agreed on the deal and after a few weeks the guest difficulty was made.According to stats,Mazziv got alot of mods for his little set and most of them were mod4mods. ----What? Can you repeat that? WE JUST GOT BREAKING NEWS! ACCORDING TO A STUDY FROM THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY,MAZZIV ALREADY GOT 3 BEATMAP NOMINATOR MODS ON HIS MAPSET BUT NONE OF THEM CARED ENOUGH TO HELP HIM MOVE THAT MAPSET TO THE RANKED SECTION!! ISNT THAT INSANE? IF THAT WONT YOU MAKE YOU MOD THIS MAPSET,NOTHING CAN DO IT!


(1,50€/per Minute)
You told me to post here >w>;

Kroytz wrote:

You told me to post here >w>;
shame on your small post! shame!
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End Round 5 (RD)
Next Round: March 1st.
Summary: Tons of responses! I'm also super pleased with the quality this round, a lot of maps have caught my eye. I don't plan on telling you who I will or won't pick, but most maps I choose will be done before the beginning of the next round. If you did not follow all the rules, your mapset will likely be ignored (unless the song is actually amazing).
Update (03/01/17): Due to a severe school load, my participation in the mentorship program, and recent health complications, I am under a severe delay. I will open this queue in March but I'll do a M4M round (with prerequisites) instead. Until then, I'll try to get to modding your maps in the meantime due to how many good ones were submitted last round. Stay tuned.
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