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Cryptic's STD Modding Queue [RD Closed / M4M Closed]

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End Round 1 (RD)
Next Round: October 1st.
Summary: A lot of good maps this Round, glad to see people are trying out the queue. I don't plan on telling you who I will or won't pick, but every map I choose will be done before the beginning of the next round. If you did not follow all the rules, your mapset will likely be ignored (unless the song is actually amazing).
Please do not post in this queue until it reopens.
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Round 1's Modding Summary
I accepted quite a few maps but sadly due to school I wasn't able to get to nearly as many as I had intended. To Janpai, fieryrage and Shmiklak, I intend to get to your maps (at least a diff or two, if not the whole set) sometime this month because they were all great songs. Noffy and EphemeralFetish will also be receiving mods, as they are currently in progress. Finally, I also accepted Left and Handsome's requests but both were qualifed before I could get to them. Overall October should be less busy than my latter half of September was, so hopefully I can get more done!

Round 2 (RD)
Duration: October 1st to October 10th.
Restrictions: This round I will only be checking marathon maps, so please only link approval maps with 5:00+ drain time.
Details: When requesting your mapset, please include why you think it is ready for rank and what set its apart from all the other mapsets I could be checking. You don't need to write too much, just a sentence or two.
Reminder: I'm not necessarily modding the maps during these 10 days, I'm reviewing them. All maps I accept from this round will be modded by the next round, opening on the 1st of November.
Please read the first post if you do not want to be blacklisted.
Hi Cryptic, NM request

Title: Kokuhaku
Artist: Supercell

Many experienced mappers have modded and/or left opinions on the map. Some were harsh, others were positive, but with each mod I've done a lot of restructuring, and I am very happy with how the map look so far, and hopefully you will be too xD Nely left an star icon, but she seem to be too busy to recheck anytime soon ;( (and Monstrata says he'll recheck once I get a bubble). I'd love to get your mod, and maybe an icon too :3


NM (RD) Request

Title: Genryuu Kaiko
Artist: Halozy
Is It That Genryuu Kaiko Mapset: Yes

Standard has been modded to death (of course since it's my first real attempt at rank) as well as checks by Ayyri (who is waiting for others to bubble so she can qualify because shes COOL LIKE THAT) as well as Bara- who starred the set. Taiko has been checked for quality, and CTB and Mania have been modded several times (mostly CTB).

oh yeah i might also mod Traumatic later when im not busy regardless of whether or not you decide to check this :p

Yes! marathon round!
I hope I can get the chance this time.

I think it's ready because the map is pretty basic overall. Only a few mods but good ones. I'm fine with its current state but there might be something lurking deep in it and I couldn't see it, like hitsound lol. Unfortunately I believe there isn't anything special in my map :(

Thanks >w<
Yay marathon round >//<

I really love the song i think it can be rdy because im putting lot of effort because i love the song i think anyone who watched the movie will feel the same, also i think osu need more chill songs and my map perfect for that x)
i would apreaciate any kind of help even a normal mod from you anything that help push forward or improve it thank you.
What about 2 diff approval (Insane+Extra)

It's graved cause I was busy ranking other maps, but it should be in a fine state. It got mods from some experienced modders and I did lots of reworking/polishing/self-modding some weeks ago.
Also, while there are some maps for this song ranked already, it's the first below extra map for it.
This, and having more than 1 diff sets I apart enough from others I think :d
Also a very simple storyboard with some effects, adjusted for both diffs (first time using sgl) and fully colorhaxed.
Hello, I think this map can be ranked because a lot of people loving it and tell me to rank it.. and in my opinion this map is not perfectly mapped but it's clean and very pleasant to play.

This map is a dragon force (yes once again) but I think the game need a Through the fire and flames whithout AR8 and CS5.

thanks !
Marathon Round o.o

I mapped it simply but intensively. So I'm sure its quality for app. The rhythms are quite simple cuz it's 10 mins map. But I tried to put difference of rhythm by following music. You would agree with it if you check this map xP

Thanks :3
hi there~
here is my map :

i think it's ready for rank cuz it got decent quality (ofc or why im searching bns xdd, and this is my unique style, which was mapped based on aesthetic
Hiya o/

Collab Marathon:

If I'm perfectly honest, I don't think the map is quite ready for rank yet. I just need a good modder to address the maps biggest issues lol.
The mapset does contain Collabers that have experience in ranking beatmaps, but some people are quite new to it.

Thanks for your time~
Cheri Marathon <3

I always wanted to this song ranked. I had constantly been working on this song and with the help of mods I feel that it is ready for ranking.

Thanks in advance if you decide to do even just a quick check :)

NM (RD) Request (I can do m4m)


I think its ready for ranking because It has more than 20 mods, and basically all I hear from ppl is that this map is clear and ready for ranking.
Genre: neurofunk, hardbass, hardstyle.
Duration: 5:05

see you next time!
um hi cryptic
this is my map

in all honesty, i dont know if the map is ready, or even near ranking quality. It has a few mods on it, and a few ppl have told that its really fun, that they love the song, rank this, a few times now, so i guess it isnt completely terrible.

i dont know if this counts as something that sets it apart, but a some ppl have told me that my mapping style is quite unique i guess, and that it brings out the songs potential.. but that is from ppl who arent really that experienced either so idk if it counts ehehe... i certainly tried to anyway.
anyway, thankyou for considering my map ^^
Hello there! o/
Heres my Map:

So, yeah. This Map is been pending for quite some time now (4 years) so I thought that maybe it was time to push it a bit further. The Map is kinda different though. I decided to map the first part (with the 1st kiai included) calm, its not really hard and just there to be played, however after that I decided to map the 2 remaining kiais differently. The 2 remaining kiais have increased slidervelocity and a different mappingstyle to bring variation into such a long map, so the player wont feel bored. Overall its a relaxing but still at some point challenging map to play~ I think I wrote too much, sry for that lol.
Thanks if you do check it though!~ (:
Yow, might aswell try

Pretty long map but its mostly a simple/older style with a bit build around visual spacing, song has some clear different segments so tried change up the style/do some stuff to represent it also its a western metal map if that could help. Map already has a lot of mods and sits at 100+ sp atm and has been in the works for almost a year now, kinda feel its finally ready for a bn check to get some more opinions on it. ty if you check!
hi Cryptic! here's my map:

it's a bit crazy in the slider section, hopefully not too bad anyway. thanks for your time c:
-N a n a k o-
Hello Cryptic
Here is my map : (Actually the drain time is 5:00)

It is a stream map and I think it has enough quality for rank because most of the modders can't mod so much thing so I think it is ready

Hope you can check my map, thank you!
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