Cryptic's STD Modding Queue [RD Closed / M4M Closed]

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Welcome to my modding queue. The point of this queue is to further improve my modding skills, streamline your BN requests and to get more involved with the mapping/modding community. If you want a Guest Difficulty you can find me in-game - this queue is meant for modding only. Please make sure to read the information below so that we'll all be on the same page. (Special thanks to Smoothie World for the banner.)

  1. Respect me and I will respect you.
    ---a polite request and patience will make you more likely to receive a mod
  2. Never post more than one map per round in this queue.
    ---you only get one shot per request to make this fair to everyone
  3. I'll only mod songs/maps I like and enjoy listening to.
    ---if I spend 2 or more hours modding that song, I better like it
  4. Never, ever, forum pm me.
    ---private messages are not meant for mod requests
  5. Failure to adhere to this simple rules gets you blacklisted.
    ---these are quite simple, no one should end up here
Modding Round (RD)
  • The point of a Modding Round is to help everyone get a chance in these queues. I'm not a large fan of snipe queues so this is my solution. On the first day of every month a round will open up. This round will stay open for 10 days! During these 10 days, a user may request one standard beatmap that was either made by himself or made by a friend. If the map is made by a friend, the user requesting the map cannot be on the set. If you post more than one request during this 10 day time spam, you will be put on the blacklist. Using this queue will not guarantee you an icon nor will it guarantee you a full BN mod. If I think the map is close to being ready, I will give it a BN check and then icon it when appropriate. If I feel the map is not close to being ready, I will only mod what I feel like from your mapset. Additionally, I will only be modding songs/maps I enjoy, so be wise with your one choice! Please check my last post in this thread for any additional details before posting! (To clarify, this is my version of a NM queue.)
Mod for Mod (M4M)
  1. Check my last post in the thread to see if M4M is open.
  2. I'll open x amount of slots at a time for M4M.
  3. M4M guarantees you a full mod.
  4. Placeholders are allowed.
  5. You mod first.
  6. My maps: None Currently
Already Bubbled? (RQ)

  • For those of you with an already bubbled map (1 or more), this is for you. If you have been actively searching for a BN and have yet to find one that will qualify your map, and if your map is of rankable quality, I may check your map. In order to contact me about this, message me in-game and we'll discuss whether or not I like the song enough to devote my time to it. I'm a normal person just like you and I'd rather not mod songs or maps I find displeasing. You are most likely to succeed if your map is a marathon map of an Insane or higher difficulty. To clarify, please do not come to me before other BNs. This is meant as a last resort and you will be put on the blacklist if you use it otherwise. As a general reference, this feature is intended for bubbles that have been pending for a month or more. (Additionally, if your map has been bubble popped and the BN who popped it is not returning to re-bubble, you can also try this feature as well.)
Hello, NM request.
Thank you very much, have a nice day! :)
Ultima Fox
Hello :)
NM Request


NM request please!

Thanks, have a nice day! :3
NM, please.
Thanks! :)
mr tribble
NM request:
Thanks! \w/
Hi there :>

Here's my NM request!

Thank you!
heyy NM please,
(don't mod advanced)
Hi ~ NM please

thx :3

nm pls

thank you!!!!!
nm req
thanks u
NM req,

NM plz~

Thank you! :):):)
,N mmmmmm mkijsibns

NM plzzzzzzzzzzz

Map >

NM please~
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