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I kinda noticed those too.
When they get fixed will the medals be "restarted"?
Assuming further discussions are to be posted here (sorry if I'm wrong), here are some more observations related to FC achievements.

I installed osuplus on my Chrome a couple of days ago, and it showed some interesting statistics:


Perfect = Max combo. Just fine here. (Btw, the FC mark added by osuplus is the Perfect mark in-game)


Max combo is null even though no miss = max possible combo in this mode.
Also, Perfect mark is not available on many maps (for now).


As in Standard, Perfect = Max combo, but this mode also has No miss = Perfect.
(Btw I have no idea what happened to Magi)


Max combo is null as expected, since different no-bad/miss plays can result in different total combos.


So I guess the current implementation of gold (FC) medals is using the max-combo stat, which simply does not exist in Taiko and Mania.
The fix for Taiko should be straightforward (simply take the total number of circles as max-combo), but the problem is more serious for Mania.

IMO, one intuitive solution would be to count the "number of breaks" in each play so that any zero-break play gives the FC medal. A break can be defined as any event that resets combo to zero. I guess this is more intuitive to both Std and Mania players (and of course Taiko and Catch), considering how they think what FC is, and less stressful to them (the medals become a bit easier, but still very challenging in higher star levels). It shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Of course, making LNs to always produce the same number of combos (as in Mania's ScoreV2) is also an option, but this brings another problem of how to treat the scores that were recorded before the new system is applied.


Ankanogradiel wrote:

When they get fixed will the medals be "restarted"?
Fixing "No medal with some mods enabled" -> No problem with the players who already got the medals
Fixing "No FC medals" -> No problem since no players got them anyway
Fixing the star ratings -> It is likely that the Mania medals will be wiped, because "incorrect star rating" = "incorrect medals awarded"
yeah that's what I meant. personally I don't think they'll be wiped though since the difference between star rating in-game and on the web is small.
also I noticed that the error didn't involve people getting an achievement from a lower star map (ex 6* pass from a 5.9* in game). I believe it will be limited to the client being updated to have the same difficulty calculation method as the one on the web. even if it's done the other way arround I dont see much of a reason for the pass medals to be reset.
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