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I was thinking of a simple idea where you can have certain skins used when playing with certain mods so you don't have to keep changing skins when you want to play with that mod I don't think it's that useful but I think it's just really nice to have... This was first post =P
You mean mode? If not, it will get too tedious/messy to manage the skins with every mod combination possible.
Sandy Hoey

Adder wrote:

Why? It doesn't seem like that awful of an idea to me. But then again, I like never mix mods. I just use hidden cause i'm trash
Adder, can you please stop saying "No" without any explanation? If you can say why you don't want it, it'll help the thread more

OT: Is Ctrl O really that much of a hassle?
For mods? Why? Doesn't seem necessary. Use ctrl + o to change skins.

If you were referring to each mode, see this: Seperate Skins for osu!/Taiko/CtB/mania modes
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