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Most Japanese Songs and artist I know comes from a lot of anime I watched, but I would like to request some Japanese Songs that doesn't come from anime, sense I don't know much.

Songs that I would like are songs like Acoustic version calm slow and nice, some love songs, rock, pop(I heard some really nice J-Pop songs on twitch, but sadly idk the title of them, the person didn't reply :| ), well if you think a song is good feel free to share it with me I may like it myself, pls no vocaloids :/ unless you think its good, theirs few vocaloids song that I like, I like Gears of Love by Gumi for ex. it'll be great if you can provide a youtube link, or just the artist and song name is fine and I'll look it up myself :D

Some artist/covers that I know of that didn't come from watching anime
Cliff Edge
Maiko Nakamura
Kana Nishino
Flaming June

Pls pls share some good songs with me :D, k thx.

heres a few songs that I enjoy
Wouldn't it just be easier to sort by pop/Japanese and listen to the previews of the song to see what you like?


Off the top of my head Ok One Rock, Stella, Reol, Nano are some places to start I guess.

A Medic wrote:

Wouldn't it just be easier to sort by pop/Japanese and listen to the previews of the song to see what you like?
omg, idk why I didn't think of that, lmao, and spent about an hour just digging through my recommend videos on Youtube haha. but still, just in case theirs other good songs out there that aren't on OSU :D
I really like these guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj-k_-qx0uA

Not sure if they are anime related or not, but a few videos I made on youtube I used them as background music :)
I can recommend nano , nano.RIPE , scandal , yun chi , yui horie

All of those make great music rock,pop and some slower music. Hope it help you :)
don't request stuff. just map it yourself!
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