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can you suggest me sum shit with really good twist what make me feel mindfucked?
If you haven't read Sharin no Kuni - Himawari no Shoujo, it's got one or two really, really, really good twist(s), but otherwise it's a bit plain

Root Double is basically Ever17 except more modern and with a less psuedo-science bullshit theme (In that it's a lot more obvious that it's psuedo-science bullshit and doesn't try to pretend it's realistic like ever17 does) and has a pretty twist-filled plot (Although you start to expect the twists)

Steins;Gate doesn't really have many major twists, at least, they're more "holy shit it got worse" moments rather than "how did i not notice all this foreshadowing" twisting

And of course you can't forget Umineko, which is basically twist town. but you don't go into multi-million word stories just because you want "sum good shit", umineko takes some dedication to get through.

Little Busters! has a couple major twists but they're somewhat spoiled by the fact that they're basically the "It was His Sled" type of spoilers - if you see any sort of discussion about the story at all, you'll run into a spoiler. And also from KEY, Rewrite has some good ones. I literally almost threw up during Kotori's route because that shit was just disturbing.

There are a few more i'm sure but that's most of the good ones off the top of my head.

And to keep shit on topic, I've gone over the slow bits near the beginning and added/fixed up some hitsounding and aesthetic oversights. Real tiny shit.
thanks dud
first time seeing vn advice in a beatmap topic
hit me up if u want any vn advice fam
03:35:326 - 03:50:518 - I don't want to say this but; am I the only one who thinks that this part sounds like Lugia's Song on Pokemon?

BlueberrySansy wrote:

03:35:326 - 03:50:518 - I don't want to say this but; am I the only one who thinks that this part sounds like Lugia's Song on Pokemon?
its because it is
neat map :P

just kidding lol. storyboard is nice, map looks like my dead grandma
Took me quicker than expected (one hour weeeeee)

Original --> http://puu.sh/qWgTp/225cd230ca.txt

With Hitbursts removed, ambient colors fixed (matching combo colours) --> http://puu.sh/qWhnv/cfc2f6eb33.txt

^ with 0.66 transparency --> http://puu.sh/qWhlg/24aaab47d6.txt

^ with 0.33 transparency --> http://puu.sh/qWhoC/bc0ebea7c0.txt

If there's a different level of transparency you would like, be sure to message me :P

01:31 Rizen: hmmm... tell me exactly what you want deleted/modified and i'll try my best to do it
01:31 Shiirn: like
01:31 Rizen: but don't expect anything great ;-;
01:32 Shiirn: from 01:13:980 - to 02:02:826 - i want to get rid of the hitbursts entirely as they're really amateur and look like ass incomplete
01:32 Shiirn: 01:27:057 - i want to change the colors of these from red back to the blue-ish to fit the combos
01:33 Shiirn: other than that nothing really
01:33 Rizen: [http://puu.sh/qWdGN/6811d71688.jpg the red, the blue or both?]
01:33 Rizen: (to remove)
01:33 Shiirn: maybe make the floating glow.pngs during the 01:13:980 - to01:32:633 - section to be less "defined" (put some transparency on them?)
01:33 Shiirn: both
01:34 Rizen: ok, i'll try my best to do that
01:34 Shiirn: ;w;
01:34 *Shiirn runs
01:36 Rizen: there's no easy way for me to do this since I don't know the structure of this .osb file
01:36 Shiirn: yeah, i know....
01:36 Rizen: may take me like half a day to find and delete each individual glow.png
01:36 Shiirn: i'm sorry.... nephroid just abandoned the game
01:36 Shiirn: ._.
01:40 Rizen: did you say from a reddish colour to a blueish one?
01:40 Shiirn: like
01:40 Shiirn: in that section
01:40 Shiirn: see how the color fits the combo color?
01:40 Shiirn: 01:27:057 (3) - used to have a new combo and was red but that was obviously inconsistent with the rest so it was changed like forever ago
01:41 Shiirn: but nephroid was gone so i couldnt change the sb
01:41 Rizen: ok
01:41 Rizen: do you want the exact shade of blue as the combo colours?
01:41 Shiirn: rgb? hex?
01:42 Rizen: I can take the rgb from the .osu file
01:42 Shiirn: 116,165,216
01:42 Shiirn: i think
01:42 Shiirn: is what it uses
01:42 Rizen: 118,165,216
01:42 Rizen: close :L
01:43 Rizen: oh, before I change it
01:44 Rizen: I noticed that 01:26:287 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - the combo is 6 objects long
01:44 Rizen: while others are 3
01:44 Shiirn: so?
01:44 Rizen: is the correct? (before I attempt changes
01:44 Shiirn: that's normal
01:44 Rizen: kk
01:44 Rizen: just checking
01:44 Shiirn: the other two dont have notes after them
01:44 Shiirn: xP
01:45 Shiirn: another person i asked for helped just asked me if i wanted to just get rid of all of the ambient lighting as well, "it'd be faster"
01:45 Shiirn: and i was like
01:45 Shiirn: "if i wanted to get rid of glow.png entirely, i could do that myself"
01:45 Shiirn: e_e
01:46 Rizen: ayy
01:50 Rizen: oh, about the ambient lighting
01:51 Shiirn: yaa
01:51 Rizen: did you recently remove combos at 01:20:903 (3) - as well?
01:51 Rizen: along with 01:27:057 (3) -
01:51 Shiirn: maybe
01:51 Shiirn: purple->pink yah
01:51 Shiirn: i thinkso
01:51 Rizen: kk
01:52 Rizen: I'm slightly colourblind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
01:52 Shiirn: lo
Thanks a ton, Rizen!

thanks for your valued input
buzzes have been removed

Shiirn wrote:

buzzes have been removed
THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋
lets try this again

if you still have the old version could you add a download link so people can get it?
i have backups for the explicit purpose of restoring them if told by acting QAT (and no I won't eat that line of utter horse shit that it's "reactive not active" because I know this would be active'd the fuck out by certain QAT/BNs) that they will not DQ over said sliders as i don't want to be lead by the fucking nose, get this qualified, only for a QAT to "regretably" have to DQ days into it. This way there's no reason to DQ except actual issues.
alright, seems that there are no unrankable sliders anymore
also sliderend 03:27:890 (1) moved

tbh fuck rules :(
tbh fuck people who let personal grudges taint their actions towards people's maps
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