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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 at 6:04:45 PM

Artist: sakuraburst
Title: cherry blossoms explode across the dying horizon
Tags: 「faust nephroid grumd liiraye chaos」 deconstructing nature
BPM: 156
Filesize: 18671kb
Play Time: 07:23
Difficulties Available:
  1. lamentations of the past (4.71 stars, 1037 notes)

Download: sakuraburst - cherry blossoms explode across the dying horizon
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

A hardened heart, o'er once a year,
opens up, with a trace of fear.
A life lived full, of love at long last,
now only a memory, a curse from the past.

Xilver's mapset

Creative assistance provided by Liiraye, grumd, and Chaos.

Storyboard created in collaboration by Faust and Nephroid.
The sliders are Firetrucking amazing
oh baby get hype
Welcome to art of sliders.

Oh my...worked with grumd?! Yes!

grumd is my another favorite mapper.
doing more than ive done in the last year with this map

Reminder to enable widescreen SB, and delete "STROBE" & "BLACK STROBE" pngs off the SB.
Forced mod send help.

02:16 The Fetish: Change HP
02:16 The Fetish: KDS pls
02:16 The Fetish: Mod over
02:16 Shiirn: yeah well uhhhh
02:16 Shiirn: what connection can this track POSSIBLY have with anything
02:17 The Fetish: Something about cherry blossoms idk
02:17 Shiirn: the poem is about the yearly cherry blossom flowering
02:17 The Fetish: Unless I go into detail btw Im just asking questions
02:17 The Fetish: 00:08:980 (1) - Like why is this overlapped
02:17 The Fetish: Im hurtin
02:17 Shiirn: ok
02:17 Shiirn: beause im lazy
02:17 Shiirn: moved 2
02:18 The Fetish: Actually its fun pointing out stuff like that
02:18 The Fetish: Then bad modders cant find anything :^)
02:18 The Fetish: 00:22:826 (1,2,1) - Im not feeling the emphasis here
02:19 The Fetish: Like that 1 is very strong but its so close to the 2
02:19 Shiirn: moved 2 to be shorter, it's 1/1 but honestly whatever fuck it
02:19 Shiirn: moved 1 and 2
02:19 Shiirn: lel
02:19 The Fetish: We crusin'
02:19 The Fetish: 00:29:364 (1) - Similar here, higher pitch needs a tad more spacing dont you think?
02:19 The Fetish: Helps spice it up
02:20 Shiirn: done
02:20 Shiirn: 00:32:441 (1) - i might make this spinner 5% volume to 25% over its duration
02:20 Shiirn: if i stop being lazy
02:20 The Fetish: 00:46:480 (1) - K we actually need to discuss here
02:21 The Fetish: For the record this is fine as is
02:21 The Fetish: I feel we can improve though
02:21 Shiirn: mmm
02:21 Shiirn: what do you want to discuss about it
02:21 The Fetish: Fist suggestion is to actually move all the sliders over 2 ticks
02:21 The Fetish: And start with a circle
02:22 Shiirn: i feel like the offbeat slider patterning is extremely good
02:22 Shiirn: no
02:22 Shiirn: not happening
02:22 The Fetish: That way the slider heads are on the stronger notes
02:22 Shiirn: offbeat is the entire point of them
02:22 Shiirn: it fits the ringing VERY well
02:22 The Fetish: Fair
02:22 The Fetish: Other would be to swap out every other slider for 2 circles
02:22 Shiirn: the whole concept of "clicks need to be on strong beats" is amateur
02:22 Shiirn: the sensation of playing an offbeat slider is extremely different from onbeat
02:22 The Fetish: It just felt off to me while I played it
02:22 The Fetish: Like I said its fine
02:22 Shiirn: and the whole "ringing of the bell" noise
02:23 The Fetish: What about the 2 circles idea
02:23 Shiirn: fits the offbeat 'vaguely weird' feel of offbeat playing
02:23 The Fetish: Or is it just the same
02:23 Shiirn: two circles would be too dense
02:23 The Fetish: aight
02:23 The Fetish: Fair
02:23 Shiirn: like i hope i'm making sense here but
02:23 The Fetish: I wouldnt have said its fine if I couldnt understand both sides
02:23 Shiirn: i'm mapping for a specific feeling for the player, not necessarily following the beats exactly because that's booooring as fuck
02:24 Shiirn: and that's the case for the offbeat sliders for the entirety of the map btw
02:24 The Fetish: D00d
02:24 The Fetish: Its fine
02:24 The Fetish: Chill =w=
02:24 Shiirn: i'm just
02:24 Shiirn: explaining myself in entirety
02:24 Shiirn: im done tho
02:24 The Fetish: 00:54:749 (3) - Pls spacing
02:24 Shiirn: more?
02:24 Shiirn: ok
02:25 The Fetish: 01:01:672 (1,1) - Didnt these used to be spaced?
02:25 The Fetish: I think that was better
02:25 Shiirn: they did but
02:25 Shiirn: it feels so weird no matter how i space them
02:25 The Fetish: If anything I always thought it was too little
02:25 The Fetish: May as well just leave it for now
02:26 Shiirn: ye
02:26 The Fetish: 01:13:980 (1,2) - Circles here but sliders 01:20:133 (1,2) - Here?
02:26 The Fetish: Im assuming because lower pitch
02:26 The Fetish: Or just variety
02:27 Shiirn: a little of column B, plus the fact that having the 3/4 sliders to begin with would read VERY weird
02:27 Shiirn: but when you see the first combo you know the next pair are 1/1 apart
02:27 The Fetish: 01:32:057 (1,2,3) - Now this is a little too nbig for my taste
02:27 Shiirn: o.o
02:27 The Fetish: 01:38:787 (2) - Offbeat Kreygasm
02:28 Shiirn: ye
02:28 Shiirn: offbeat mofokas
02:28 Shiirn: onbeat is boring as shit and doesn't fit this track at all
02:28 The Fetish: 01:40:903 (1,2,3) - Space equally
02:28 The Fetish: Just for tidyness
02:28 Shiirn: aye yo
02:28 The Fetish: So they form a triangle, you know
02:28 Shiirn: gone
02:28 Shiirn: done
02:28 Shiirn: what ew no
02:28 Shiirn: fuck triangles
02:29 The Fetish: Nah you know what I mean
02:29 Shiirn: its more even now
02:29 The Fetish: Its down a tiny little bit
02:29 The Fetish: On the 3
02:30 The Fetish: 01:57:057 (1) - For the love of all that is holy
02:30 The Fetish: http://puu.sh/pkKDZ/03f4515ed7.jpg
02:30 The Fetish: Can you just
02:30 The Fetish: Tidy pls
02:31 Shiirn: i am
02:31 The Fetish: 02:08:980 (7) - I think you should split this up
02:31 Shiirn: like
02:31 Shiirn: i said
02:31 Shiirn: i did
02:31 The Fetish: Into pairs
02:31 The Fetish: Like stack this on the slider head
02:31 Shiirn: you mean move 7 up?
02:31 The Fetish: Yeah
02:31 Shiirn: i get u
02:31 Shiirn: k
02:31 The Fetish: Cause thats where the kick is
02:31 The Fetish: Or the jump in sound I should say
02:32 The Fetish: Or maybe a little above the head
02:32 The Fetish: So you get a downward motion into the slider
02:32 The Fetish: Might be kewl
02:32 Shiirn: i got
02:32 Shiirn: u
02:32 Shiirn: its
02:32 Shiirn: dont
02:32 Shiirn: done
02:32 The Fetish: Dont
02:32 The Fetish: 02:14:172 (1,2,3,1) - I had issues with this the first couple runs
02:33 Shiirn: not my problem
02:33 The Fetish: Theres no 1/6th anywhere else and its very similar to the previous 1/4 triple so as an introduction its slightly missleading
02:33 Shiirn: there is
02:33 Shiirn: actually
02:33 The Fetish: o am I blind
02:33 Shiirn: 02:26:480 (3,4,5,1) -
02:33 Shiirn: 02:27:249 (3,1,2) -
02:33 Shiirn: well that ones a slider
02:33 The Fetish: I meant there isnt any before
02:34 The Fetish: Those are fine because you expect them after the first
02:34 Shiirn: there's always gotta b e a first time
02:34 The Fetish: Yeah but Id usually use a repeat for a first
02:34 The Fetish: Or obvious spacing
02:34 The Fetish: Cause the way you repeat the pattern as well makes you assume you're gonna be playing the same thing multiple times
02:35 The Fetish: It catches you off guard
02:35 Shiirn: combo color change and ar should be enough
02:35 The Fetish: Yeah that you can get away with
02:35 The Fetish: 02:15:326 (6) - Ehh not sure about this being a slider
02:36 The Fetish: More spciy doubles into a jump would be nice
02:36 The Fetish: Then again leading out the slider might make that difficult
02:36 The Fetish: w/e you wanna do
02:36 Shiirn: having a triple there
02:37 The Fetish: 02:17:730 (3) - Surprised you didnt do more with this
02:37 Shiirn: destroyed a lot of playtests
02:37 Shiirn: it felt REALLY weird
02:37 The Fetish: Fair
02:37 The Fetish: Why skipping the sounds here tho
02:37 Shiirn: oh
02:37 Shiirn: ok ill make it a 1/8 wibbly wobbly slider
02:37 The Fetish: Spicy
02:37 The Fetish: Sounds like its just 2 1/4 sliders
02:38 The Fetish: 02:23:883 (3) - Isnt this like
02:38 The Fetish: Wait
02:38 The Fetish: Shouldnt it be a circle on the blue then a weird 1/8th repeat or something
02:38 The Fetish: 1/12 1/16 w/e it is
02:38 Shiirn: plays like ass
02:39 The Fetish: ur ass
02:39 Shiirn: dude
02:39 Shiirn: i dont want this map
02:39 Shiirn: to be stpid hard from gimmicks
02:39 Shiirn: :(
02:39 The Fetish: Well you couldve kept it as 1/4
02:39 The Fetish: I just think it needs something on the blue
02:39 The Fetish: Anyways moving on
02:40 Shiirn: its following the same pattern
02:40 Shiirn: as the other parts do
02:40 The Fetish: 02:28:307 (2) - Why ingnoring the white tick on the tail?
02:40 Shiirn: i find the wub is more fun to emphasize than the white tick on the tail.
02:40 The Fetish: Fair
02:40 Shiirn: It's not like anyone is actually paying attention to the kicks in this section
02:40 Shiirn: It's all in the wuuu-wu-WUUUUUUB
02:41 The Fetish: 02:29:749 (2) - Probably same reason as before but Id have circle into slider
02:41 Shiirn: same reason 02:29:845 - is ignored
02:41 Shiirn: people care too much
02:41 Shiirn: about kicks
02:41 Shiirn: its sad
02:41 The Fetish: Nah this is just my personal opinions
02:41 The Fetish: Dont bully me
02:41 Shiirn: btw
02:42 Shiirn: while you're going over all this
02:42 Shiirn: im going over and fixing all my hitsounds and smoothing them out
02:42 Shiirn: lol
02:42 The Fetish: Modding hitsounds zzz
02:42 The Fetish: 02:40:133 (1,2) - Holy blanket
02:42 The Fetish: My eyes
02:42 Shiirn: im doing it to myself
02:42 Shiirn: SHUT UP
02:42 The Fetish: F U N
02:42 The Fetish: 02:42:874 (1) - Holy shit is this right?
02:43 The Fetish: Wow it is
02:43 The Fetish: Thats cancer on the songs part
02:43 Shiirn: IT'S 100% RIGHT
02:43 The Fetish: Yeah thats dumb
02:43 The Fetish: No wonder I kept getting 100's there
02:43 Shiirn: i cant really do anything about it other than end a slider there and that's what i like to call PUSSYING THE FUCK OUT
02:44 The Fetish: Yeah
02:44 The Fetish: Hey guess what
02:44 The Fetish: 02:49:364 (1) - Overlap :^)
02:44 Shiirn: with what
02:44 Shiirn: dont care
02:44 The Fetish: 02:55:710 (2,1) - I may struggle to explain why this plays weird for me
02:45 Shiirn: i know why
02:45 Shiirn: fixed
02:45 The Fetish: But uhh, you snap back to the 1 then carry on in the same direction but obviously you chanve to change speed
02:45 The Fetish: Yeah was just gonna say you need a different angle for the 2 to the 1, and the 1 to the 2
02:46 The Fetish: 02:57:826 (1,2,3) - Is this new?
02:46 The Fetish: I dont remember it
02:46 Shiirn: that's been there since ym first draft
02:46 Shiirn: LOL
02:46 The Fetish: zzz
02:46 The Fetish: Im forgetful
02:46 *Shiirn shrugs
02:46 Shiirn: it's a forgettable section
02:46 The Fetish: Well, now you have backup if anyone says its hard to read or whatever
02:46 The Fetish: So easy I forgot it :^)
02:47 Shiirn: that feel when
02:47 Shiirn: a friend who only occasionalyl comes online
02:47 Shiirn: comes online and immediatly starts playing cherry blossoms
02:47 The Fetish: 02:58:595 (1) - Space imo
02:47 The Fetish: Wow stalker
02:48 Shiirn: ehhhhhh
02:48 Shiirn: i think spacing is fine
02:48 The Fetish: 03:01:864 (1) - Offbeat Kreygasm
02:48 The Fetish: 03:07:441 (1,2,3) - I normally dont care about stuff like this but the spacing is annoyingly uneven
02:50 The Fetish: 03:07:441 (1,2,3) - Have it so these are evenly spaced?
02:50 The Fetish: And any other if there are some
02:50 Shiirn: its good tho shut up
02:51 Shiirn: i will cure this community of its "click the circles to the 1/1 or 1/2 beat" addiction if it fucking kills me
02:52 The Fetish: 04:52:441 (1,2) - Im disappointed these dont have the same upwards spike as the previous combo
02:52 The Fetish: Feels a little off
02:53 *Shiirn shrugs
02:53 Shiirn: moved a bit
02:53 The Fetish: Doubt Ill find anything else
02:53 The Fetish: I like this last part
02:53 The Fetish: Other than me thinking its ugly but thats standard for me =w=
02:54 *Shiirn kicks
02:54 Shiirn: :c
02:54 The Fetish: 06:03:210 (1,1,1,1) - Fucking windows mouse click
02:54 The Fetish: Cant unhear
02:55 The Fetish: 06:17:633 (3) - Wheres my spicy shiirn slider for this weird sound
02:55 The Fetish: 06:18:595 (1) - Uhh here you end on slider but next one is circle
02:56 The Fetish: Enlighten me
02:57 The Fetish: 06:35:518 (1) - With the way this last combo went this spacing might be a little too much
02:57 The Fetish: Sudden pause but not much distance for it
02:57 The Fetish: 06:38:210 (4,1) - This one is much better
02:57 The Fetish: 06:44:749 (1) - Wow this one is actually pretty clever
02:57 The Fetish: gg
02:58 Shiirn: im confused
02:58 Shiirn: ok
02:58 Shiirn: fine
02:58 The Fetish: Just more spacing on the one I complained about
02:58 The Fetish: k done
02:58 The Fetish: Noice map
02:59 Shiirn: haaaah
02:59 Shiirn: post for kmd
02:59 The Fetish: Jesus this took 40 minutes
02:59 The Fetish: I usually write 3 mods in 30
Formatting not even pink D:
Pink is for the gays.

Shiirn wrote:

Pink is for the gays.
Says the guy with a pink haired avatar.

Shiirn wrote:

Pink is for the gays.
I knew it
i'm in love with sb tbh


  1. need eplilepsy warngin LOLz mostly cuz of 05:56:287 -
  2. y not add letterbox lo
  3. ur "compressd" slidr thigns mite ba bit 2 compresd but who knoz loel
  4. sb lookz kinda finishd cuz its mostly just a black background evrywhere lo and inconsisties fo flashes such as lik 05:32:441 - and 05:35:518 - e.t.c. but yhjea


  1. 01:54:364 (1,1) - can u spac the curv slider a bit mor 2 the left plz its trigring mea bit holy lik u cud blanket 01:55:133 (1,1) - or smth lo
  2. 02:03:595 (1,2) - holy thes 2 sliders so clos titls me cuz it looks rlly weird in editor and in game :L
  3. 02:26:480 (3,4,5) - id make this intoa s ldier instead cuz this 1 is just weird 2 play as circles/uncalled for i guess
  4. 03:01:287 (2) - A ES THET TI C S
  5. 03:13:979 (3,1) - this comboing is the equivalent to a blu tik nc wher its jsut for design purposes lo i misread this as 1/1 and it looks lik its 1/1 cuz of the comboing d the circl sud hav the new combo tbh..
  6. 04:30:518 (1) - wud make it a 1/8 sldier cuz edge Xd
  7. 05:40:903 (2,3) - looks weird wen 1 has the curv adnd the other is parallel toit but is compeltely straight lo id jsut make oboth of them straight
  8. 06:01:864 (3,4) - it looks lik it was suposd 2 hav the small slider's sliderend blanketed but it got fukd or smth lo.. eithr way wot ur tryna sho/do here isnt rlly coming 2 me d
  9. 06:21:287 (3,4,1) - id def make the 1 spaced way farther away (aka make the space between 4 -1 much largr than the space between 3-4) tht way itd giv muchc more emphasis on the 1 along with a sudden ddecrease in play energy right aftrer wich i feel wud complement the song rlly well tb h
  10. 06:27:441 (1,2,3,4,1) - id make this a slider but keep 06:33:595 (1,2,3,4,1) - as it is cuz of how slow/calm the part is but yhjea w/e
  11. 07:04:364 (7,8,9,10,1) - is there nothing ther or am i deaf o ther is something ther but its barely audible so it jsut looks rlyl weird as it is idk

EvilElvis wrote:

i'm in love with sb tbh
there's more to come baby

Why don't you turn on the warning?
haen't gotten to vinxis' mod yet?
u dont kno tht -________ -

EvilElvis wrote:

i'm in love with sb tbh
very same
i feel that the description shouldn't rhyme
doesnt fit the song or the song title or the difficulty name, in my opinion
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