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Could be an alternate solution to "Resnap Storyboard" ?

I use the SBE in tandem with osq2osb and osbe.

Lately I notice that when I use something like osq2osb to script a loop, the timeframes of the succeeding loops suddenly go off by 1ms, and if the loop goes on too long, I sometimes encounter a 3ms discrepancy. And I also alter some of the basic functions later in the SBE after no more measuring is needed, and it becomes really troublesome to find that the Keyframe Controls couldn't remove a Keyframe just because it's 1ms off, leading me to having to skim through the .osb again and fix almost all the timing there.

Then I suddenly thought, why can't the SBE just manipulate the keyframe that's closest to where it's currently pointing? (for the '-' keyframe control)
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