Cascada - Why You Had To Leave (Nightcore Mix)

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about a month ago
This is going to be about the Normal difficulty.
00:37:854 (1) - Upon this point of the map, at the kiai time, as to follow up with the 4 circles right before, perhaps trying to get a larger combo count would be better, as to "fill up" the colours ; this would as well be a break through considering the
00:26:918 (1) - part where it starts with a much lower number of objects on a combo. It would mean each colour of combo is equally represented and it could really look nice, I guess.
01:29:215 (6) - Does this circle follow the beat? I have the feel it fills up some void in the rhythm, and perhaps some kind of placement like this : could introduce to the variation with reverse arrow, and it seems to add emphasis over this vibration part, right before a kiai time so an important part of the song, where the rhythm fondamentally changes. Even more, the previous beating-in-echo circle is now a reverse arrow on weak sound, which is exactly in the consistency of 01:34:097 (1,2) -

As I'm a casual player, I can only give feedback over the two first difficulties, though I kind of know some basics of standard mapping, therefore you certainly have more experience than me, I just wanted to give a little feedback from casual players ;) don't be shy to answer me, btw that map was the FIRE! So pleasant to see, nightcore + electronic :o please rank it so I can favorite it.

After hearing a couple of opinions and rechecking myself, I've concluded that this set needs an advanced diff (between Normal and Hard). I still like the set though. Feel free to poke me again for rebub once that's done; sorry for the inconvenience.
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ok done

didnt do 2nd point in lolsebca's post bnecause its fine as it is currently
wow it's alive
you should've gotten a check in the new diff before calling me back but whatevssss

  1. 00:10:904 (4,5,1) - that alignment can be improved
  2. 00:13:638 (2) - perhaps extend this slider to the blue tick? the beat is pretty strong there and you shouldn't ignore it at this level imo
  3. 01:24:528 (1,2,1) - alignment
  4. 01:31:949 - I think you're missing a circle here since you put one at 01:35:074 (3) - 00:29:457 (3) - & 00:32:581 (3) -

  1. 00:02:507 - 00:05:631 - 00:08:756 - 00:15:005 - 00:18:130 - 00:21:254 - 01:11:249 - 01:17:498 - 01:20:622 - 01:26:481 - I suggest to add a circle in the places I've mentioned here, not only because the music/vocals supports it, but also because the sections around these spots are spamming a lot of 1/1 rhythm consecutively, which makes the map boring. Adding circles here would add more variation to the map and won't make the diff too challenging for a normal. You could just place the current patterns around those sections to any map of the same bpm and they would fit, at least adding circles to those spots could make an acceptable difference imo. Not to mention that this would improve the spread a bit.

Call me back~
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oh Tru do u still want me to Lol

CCCCcccchanged everything Lol
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  1. 00:08:170 (1) - Why did you decide to perfectly stack from here onwards despite not doing so earlier, it makes reading a bit z
  2. 00:28:675 (1) - imho it would be much better to delete this NC as this is the same SV as 00:26:918 (1,2,3) . This would make the whole pattern make a lot more sense as then the only NC in the pattern would be the SV change at 00:29:261 (1) making it a lot easier to recognise.
  3. 00:31:800 (1) , 01:31:168 (1) , 01:34:293 (1) - ^

I feel the hitsounding pattern is a too simple and comes off a bit poor as a result. There are only claps on the 2nd, 4th drum beats and whistles spaced sparsely; the rhythms within the map are much denser than the hitsound pattern would suggest.
Reason for pop

The volume of the objects is really low, for kaifin's it's 30% overall and the rest of the diffs are the same but with 40% for kiais. I can barely hear the objects and don't deem it a satisfactory level of feedback. I won't accept "you can turn up effects volume in game" as a counter argument because the song is fairly quiet in the beginning and the objects are somewhat audible there, just altering the effects volume in game would skew this further.

I believe having the volume increase to 70/80% for the louder parts of the song to be a suffice solution for the issue. Also take note if you do this make sure that the objects placed on the end of the kiais still have the same volume as the kiai , for example 01:04:413 (1)
omar plz fix all for me owo
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i dont think simple hitsounding is poor just beacuse its simple and the rhythm isnt especially considering the most Complex the patterning gets is like quint 1/4s Lol its nto really That above in rhythm

not like adding a kick hitsound is gunna help either Lol, whistles r prety Kute,

did everything else except the first point in kaifin diff cuz offfffffff
my reason for the pop has been addressed. You're free to get this bubbled again ~
aha yeah you make me feel so free

too lazy to post the log as i don't need kudosus
Fycho ... -nightcore

shouldn't the title be "Why You Had To Leave (Nightcore)" instead? Or you have actually reference by the creator that is Why You Had To Leave (Nightcore Mix)?
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that isnt official metadata tho + i sped up the song myself Lol

(also im pretty sure that random dude ltiaerlly took my mp3 and uploaded it to soundcloud LOL)

Mishima Yurara wrote:

(also im pretty sure that random dude ltiaerlly took my mp3 and uploaded it to soundcloud LOL)
same tbh, the upload date is after this map's upload date + there's an osu image lol
lol nice soundcloud uploaderererrr
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