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Hmm ...
1. Me
2. Myself
3. I
4. ..
5. ..

I really dont know Dx PM me and i may visit you :D
nice necro bro

this is why we can't have nice things

1. Peppy

Developer of a great game, but more importantly a good leader in gaining, keeping, and managing a large and satisfied community. His attitude is admirable as well.

2. Quaraezha

I don't think he really looks that cool, just need some confirmation. I wonder if he really has red hair and writes in red pens.

3. ztrot

Looks like a cool guy to hang out with, I like to hang out with people who can refrain from bringing petty drama with them, which isn't many. Justin definitely sounds like someone who hates it too.

4. (anonymous)

Recently talked to them, and they have a strong and open minded outlook in a business aspect. They're aspiring to go far with a project, and it's rare to see this commitment and dedication. It'd be awesome to meet this person.

5. E-Hooker

It's necessary to bitch with someone about Massachusetts sometimes, and E-Hooker is definitely someone who sees the corruption of this state. It would be nice to bitch together with someone who can be bitchy without actually being a bitch. :P
I'd like to meet

1. dkun
2. daddy dj
3. führer dkun
4. tuuba master of #filipino
5. mother
I like to meet the ff.:

1. DJPop <- because I love K-ON! (he made beatmaps for it)
2. James <- because of the BeforU maps for the James' Training, really helped me...
3. dkun <- because he was the first one I chat in #filipino.
4. Quaraezha <- did great artworks!
5. Saten-san <- did great beatmaps...
1. dkun
2. peppy
3. MoonFragrance(love his maps)
4. LunaticMara
5. Rokodo
O whoa I'm in someone's list o well,
here is my list as if anyone cares.

1. Danneh, This man has my back most of the time and if I am banned i can expect him to be banned and cheer me up.
2. Rinnosuke Morichika, Obvious reasons
3. koiishi, She is like my best friend and we pretty much talk about everything
4. Pheon, I have to met him because i am his/her TheBasementToolElecticfier
5. Bluestar101, All the old people know her as the newbies do not, this was my BFF and me and her would talk for 24 hours stright about nothing then talk about how our day went, weird.
6. Vext, So Cool :D

More People but i don't feel like making a spoiler.

1. Hika - Because loli.
2. Backfire - Because fun.
3. Beuchi-chan - Because awesome.
4. Faust - Because not an idiot.
5. Lizzehb - Because I imagine would be a fun time.

TBTE wrote:

More People but i don't feel like making a spoiler.
Changing my list, not gonna show favoritism this time except for a few people.

Vext, I want to take a moment and reflect upon how much I care about you. You're my best friend and I would do anything for you. I'm not sure why you seem to think I keep leaving you...I love you :D !

Ichigirlfriend21, also known as Jenna, I care about you so much, and each minute I spend with you is like being in heaven. I wish I could spend even more time with you ;-;

KyonkoHizara, you're one of my newest friends but I feel like I've known you for a long time...I truely hope our friendship will last a long time ;w;.

D33d, I know I can count on you to make me happy, and I know you'll always be with me as a friend and my gay lover >w>

Rakyero, you'll always be a good friend, and I really need to talk to you again >w>

(I really cant be limited to 5, so here's more)

Whymeman, I really respect you and look up to you in a way. Truely one of the most admirable users on here.

Tenshi, one of my other good friends who I need to talk to more ;-;

Emaal, a cool guy who's made me giggle alot :D~
1. Poisonchan
2. Rokodo
3. Koiishi
4. dkun
5. Danzai
ippe and mara for obvious reasons

and sevas-tra, who doesn't post on the forums at all, but is quite an interesting and amusing person

hernan too
Fixing the list.
  1. dkun
  2. Ai-nene
  3. Krzysiek
  4. Rokodo
some people

that is all
I'd have to think, but probably
Larto. For being Larto.
OzzyOzrock, how do you play taiko like that. Like, really?
James2250 for being part of the BAT without losing his sanity or kindness.
NotShinta so I could hear his beautiful singing voice live, as well as being able to actually say hi and stuff.
1. Corin
2. jjrocks
3. Danzai
4. Sander-Don
5. Danneh
Pereira006 only

1. Corin
2. Rikers
3. Doomsday
4. jjrocks
5... No idea :/
7.Rinnosuke Morichika

hmm~~ there is more but i think that all i can say now :?
Well updating my list.

1. -Sekai-
2. Filas
3. koiishi
4. nuisible
list kinda not actual..

1.) charlesccg2 - i'd like to punch this guy real hard
2.) dkun - this dude needs to attend our EB :V
3.) alkaeid - the only TNL bro i haven't met yet.
4.) MDuh - i just dont know xD
5.) mystgun - i wanna know what kind of person he is

Guys I met
- BakaloidSky
- Jockeytiyan
- blacksymbian
- [Zero_One]
- dayun10
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