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Hello fellow osu!Catchers! After the success of the first edition of the AxS CtB tournament Wesley and I have decided to host another tournament before the second edition of the AxS tournament hits this December! I hereby welcome you all to the MaS tournament!


The MaS tournament stands for Mixed as Six. It is a one of it's kind tournament and an experiment of Wesley and I. In this tournament people will sign up by themselves (more on this under the heading "How to enter"), solo, to later be assigned to random groups. A total of 96 players is allowed to join, which will lead to 16 teams being made out of 6 players each (unless there are not enough people participating ofcourse). To assure that the groups are fair and equal to eachother we will divide all the signed up players into 4 seeds (top, high, medi, low, 24 players per seed).

We will then form the groups accordingly and randomized. So the chance that you play with random players you might have never even heard of is big, which is what makes this tournament interesting!

Dates of everything

*(Selection of players into groups)

August 1st: End of registration phase.
August 6th: Group Drawings*.
August 14th: Revealment of team-captains for each team.
August 20th: Drawing of the matches and the map pool for the group stage.
August 27-28th: Group Stages
September 3-4th: Round of 8
September 10-11th: Quarter Finals
September 17-18th: Semi Finals
September 24-25th: Finals

How to Enter

First and foremost a minimum rank of #750 is required to participate in this tournament! If you do not comply with this rule you will not be considered. Registrations will close on 08.01.2016 (m/d/y)

1. Sign up here, filling in all the blank spots: ... rm?c=0&w=1
2. Wait for a pm on the osu! site from either Wesley or Sartan, confirming your entry. If no message has been sent within 3 days of your entry please contact either of us in-game or on the osu! site via pm.
3. That's about it, now just wait for the 6th of August, when the groups will be revealed!
Amount of players registered: REGISTRATIONS HAVE CLOSED

My team has been formed, now what?

1. Get to know who you are playing with, send a pm to your fellow teammates and get to know eachother. Create an original name for your team, you are in this tournament together!
2. Decide who will be the team-captain of your team and send a pm to Sartan under the name of ''Team captain of <name of team>". Please list all the players of your team, and who will be the captain of those players. If you get no reply to this message within 3 days please consider contacting Sartan either in-game or via pm on the osu! site. This message must be sent before the 14th of August, if not the team-captain will be the player with the highest amount of pp in the team.
3. Hone your skills together and have fun!


No information about prizes yet, will be given as soon as we know more.


General rules
  1. If a score player disconnects from the game, his/her score will still be accounted for in the final result; no changes will be made to his/her score.
  2. You cannot nullify a beatmap for any reason.
  3. Failing a beatmap still makes the score you got valid, unless you are dead at the end of the song. This will nullify your score.
  4. If the whole team dies in a match, the opposing team will win by default.
  5. If your team does not contain enough players to play the match (three players), the opposing team will advance to the next.
  6. If a team is 15 minutes too late for their match, they will lose that match.
  7. Please refrain from using offensive words in your team name.
  8. Commentators aren't allowed to bad-mouth players in any given scenario, if they still do he/she WILL be kicked out of the commentating team and will not be allowed back in.
  9. Always remember that this is just a game!

[*] There are 6 NoMod, 4 Hidden, 4 HardRock, 4 DoubleTime, and one Tiebreaker maps
[*] When picking either DoubleTime or hardrock maps, you are allowed to pick Hidden alongside


Useful links

Youtube: ... MMQrcVEb2w
Discord: will be linked soon, this is our main form of communication for quick messaging (not required though since everything will be posted on this forum as well).

Winning Conditions

This will be updated once we get to the stages of play!


We are still looking for: streamers, map selectors, match hosts and commentators! Intrested in helping out? Send either Sartan or Wesley a PM (ingame or on the forums)!

Art (king): dexabell
Tournament host: Sartan, Wesley, dexabell
Match hosts: Sartan, Wesley, - Yuri -, Yoomara, Nelly
Streamers: Setomi
Commentator: Sartan, Setomi, InsaneToe, Razor Sharp, KawaiiNeko
Map selectors: Setomi, DamnEasy, Razor Sharp, willia02, BoberOfDarkness, He Ang Erika

Thanks for reading, I hope you will join us on this fun trip!

Razor Sharp
I can do mapselection for finals mappool if alright.
And also commentate
Can I be the map selector?
very interesting idea, signed up !
We need new player for Me Sedap Team xD

another Tournament Hype !! >.<

Galaxi wrote:

:o :o
We need new player for Me Sedap Team xD

another Tournament Hype !! >.<
anggotanya dirandom mz

also, how about timezone problems?

Constantine wrote:

Galaxi wrote:

:o :o
We need new player for Me Sedap Team xD

another Tournament Hype !! >.<
anggotanya dirandom mz

also, how about timezone problems?
eh ? O.o ahaha, sorry2 xD I'm didn't read dat rules

oh okey,, I think again xD
team kerang ajaib pls wakkaak
Chrząszczyżewoszyce [*] ? Looks really nice :)

Hirikoshi wrote:

Chrząszczyżewoszyce [*] ? Looks really nice :)
So exciting :D Thank you Wesley/Sartan for your work on these tournaments since the last few months. I love you guys <3
Can i be map selector? :3
Bober <3 XD
Topic Starter
Just a quick note: any questions that are written here on the forum will be answered by me in pm, so don't worry about me looking very inactive on this post :)
Seems interesting, but I feel like I'm not yet good enough. When's the deadline of registration? nevermind i just saw it lol

LechuCzechu wrote:

Bober <3 XD
He Ang CTB
Is there an overdose of map selectors D: Otherwise can I fit in? XD
RIP willia02

Kazuyo wrote:

RIP willia02
Hahaha, yess
I Wanna Join The Tournament Pls Reply To Me
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