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Well I have to agree that so far, Lily's route is the one that affected me the most.
Going to try Rin's and Hanako's soon.
Do Hanako's first before Rin ;~;
I had to agree on Lily's route as well, plus her blonde + wavy hair is just too awesome
I'm on Lilly's route now.
She's really pretty, after I thought about for a bit.
They're all pretty and cute ;A;
Except Shizubitch/Mishass
You have my sympathy.

Can't stand Lilly for some reason.

Rantai wrote:

Can't stand Lilly for some reason.
Do you hate proper people? I haven't gone too far in her route yet, but I really like that sort of personality.

Pokebis wrote:

Rantai wrote:

Can't stand Lilly for some reason.
Do you hate proper people? I haven't gone too far in her route yet, but I really like that sort of personality.
What he said.
she's nice.
Oh god, this game is amazing (and making me ~100% less productive this week) ;_;
Got Hanako's good ending on my first play, wanted to do Emi's route next but ultimately ended up playing Hanako's again because leaving her alone felt horrible u.u
Not that I regret it, out of all the routes I've completed so far it's definitely the one that touched me the most - still need to do Lilly's though.
It's only the beginning of the year but I can already tell that this is going to be one of the most memorable games of 2012 for me.
finished katawa shoujo a while back

gonna drop it back to 9/10 since it was lacklustre in CERTAIN ROUTES
Well after years of waiting I can't believe it's finally over. I was planning to explain how I feel about KS in length, but I cba and nobody really cares~. Every praise for it that can be said has. It was fun while it lasted and overall good despite a few minor issues. It gets a 9/10 in my book.

Oh and of course the dreaded rankings:
Based on the girl: Lilly > Emi > Hanako > Rin > Shizune
Based on the route/plot: Rin > Lilly > Hanako > Emi > Shizune
Overall: Lilly > Rin > Hanako > Emi > Shizune (Sorry Shizune fans. What could have been.)
I certainly hope 4LS decides to make another VN. If it is anything like the ride KS has been, it would be well worth it. As for me, back to reading LB! I guess...
Finally got the time to play KS again. Sped through Lily's route, got a bad ending again.
Ok that's it, where's the page with that walkthrough

EDIT: Oh. I need to to be completely honest with her, even on the letter. Gah. It sounded so obviously dumb to talk about such an issue.
Finished Lilly's route. Wow.
Diamic Days rocks ~~~~
Finished all routes. Would give a 10, but lack of eroscenes (they felt too short imho) and voice makes me feel that the game was pretty flat. Luckily the plot is awesome enough to score me a 9.

Kyou-kun wrote:

I like visual novels because they are the kawaiiest thing ever!! and if you don't agree you aren't Kawaii

It's not Kawaii, it's Handsome and Beautiful.
i heard the writer of Hanako's route is going to continue, offering his help as a Co-writer for certain other projects.
I for one, hope he gains the means to write once more.

And a fan-made alternative Shizune Plot is going to be made, but i think it'll fall apart, or be badly written as well.
Finally done with all the endings, gonna give the game a 10/10 even though Shizune's route was kinda... well...
And the character had so much potential as well =/
My personal opinion on the different routes would be Hanako > Rin > Lilly > Emi > Shizune
[quote="":6e8b3]A community is in shock as last night local student Ryan Dunham convinced a friend to hack off his arms. The 16 year old was inspired by a video game called 'Katawa Shoujo', which translates as 'Deformed Girls'.

Dunham's friend (name withheld by request) used a large woodcutting axe to deliver the blows and intended to sever both arms but panicked and called an ambulance after nearly severing Ryan's right arm. Ryan had knocked himself out by consuming a large quantity of alcohol earlier in the night, but he left a message on his computer explaining the reasons behind his choice and telling his parents that his friend was not to blame.
Wow. This only proves people can't distinguish reality from fiction anymore.
Reading that newslink isn't any better. Research more, america
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