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Xinely wrote:

Easy :
- SR 2 please, SR 4 looks like spamming with ticks since each blue tick red tick white tick have them Due to what Shiirn said, yes, I'll change it
- 00:08:820 (3) - finish on head for cymbal
- 00:09:923 - no need hitsound for your tick, it doesnt have drum sound, instead drum sounds at 00:09:812 -
- 00:12:349 (3) - 00:15:217 - same as above
- 00:14:775 (2) - remove please, no strong beat for mapping this, also 1/2 isnt recommended still for easy altho the bpm is kinda low
- 00:15:878 (4) - 3/4 slider isnt allowed for easy diff, keep in mind this is designed for newbie, so change this into 2 circles for 00:15:878 - 00:16:320 - >_< It's low BPM, should be fine
- 00:26:504 (1) - 00:30:033 (1) - 00:40:622 (1) - ^, just change to 1/1 slider ^^
- 00:18:563 (1) - first of all, sv changes isnt allowed for easy diff, newbie will confuse with it for sure They are actually. They are discouraged, but not disallowed. And I renamed the diff to normal so it should be fine ^_^
- 00:25:622 (1) - 00:22:092 (1) - 00:29:151 (1) - 00:32:680 (1) - 00:36:210 (1) - 00:38:636 (3,1) - ^
- 00:20:989 (3) - 1/2 of 2 circles? omg please this is easy diff, remove :C
- 00:34:886 (2,3) - same as above
- 00:43:269 (1,2,1,1,2,1) - definitely kill newbies :( , try this instead Should be fine
- 00:49:445 (1) - finish on head for cymbal
- 00:51:210 (3) - ^
- 00:57:166 (2) - remove, reason same as above
- 00:59:813 (3) - rip, will give dq for sure because 1/4 slider and unreadable slider. a circle pls
- 00:58:269 (1) - no idea why 3/4 slider here, the music is 1/2 so better change to 1/2 slider repeat Ermm, music is 3/4

Normal :
- SR 2 please, SR 4 looks like spamming with ticks since each blue tick red tick white tick have them
- omg the spacing 1,6x.. honestly its called as advanced diff and you need a diff between this and easy diff :(Renamed to advanced
- 00:26:283 (1) - i would say remove this, it follows nothing after you do sv change too It keeps the flow ^_^
- 00:29:813 (2) - and similar things same with that, ^
- before late i have to say sv changes speed only can be used for Hard diff and above. cant do for easy normal and advanced diffs :CUhh you can

Hard :
- the normal spacing is seriously high comparing with your CS so strongly suggest to use 1,2x or 1,3x

Amnesia :
this is not insane but like extra diff, with cs works and extreme jump like 00:28:269 (1) - 00:28:710 (2) - etc, that would be nicer if you have a diff between hard and this
so i think if made so Easy (cs 3) - new Normal (cs 3,5) - Advanced (cs 4) - Hard (cs 4,5) - new Insane (cs 5) and Amnesia (cs 6) would be good for spread

also your Amnesia OD 9 CS 6 HP8 are SO cruel, i wonder if there is someone (who isnt pro) passed it so better you reduce OD HP setting by 1 point for all diffs ><

good luck for now ~
Thanks! Fixed all unmentioned (unless it's a same issue as before)
Renamed easy to Normal, Normal to Advanced
Lowered OD/HP in highest 2 diffs (and increased them a bit in Normal for better spread)
I can't mod this ; ;
The level is too high *gave a star*
Hello! Mod from queue.

Neat concept, I like it a lot. It's interesting to see a map with changing SV designed for newer players; I guess you could think of it as a training map in a way?


00:22:092 (1) - Don't change this I guess but yuck. This slider is just gross. Looks like the kinda slider that if it could talk it'd be a real jerk.

00:30:916 (2) - I think this slider should be moved up a bit. Looks better that way imo.


00:04:408 (3,4,1) - Flow feel felt awkward, the angle from 3->4 and then 4->1 was pretty sharp, and then you have to go back again because of the reverse. I'd move 00:05:290 (1) up a bit and to the right.

00:14:996 (3) - Another jerk slider :c

00:37:092 (1,2) - Straighten the start of 2 a bit so it blankets 1 better

00:39:739 (1) - sliderend could be angled down just a hair to blanket better


00:11:908 (4,1) - This blanket looks like it has inconsistent spacing (not DS, but the blanket itself)

00:32:680 (1) - I'm personally not a big fan of sliders like these ones, where like rotates around itself at the start. They just feel weird to play and look at.


Ayy CS 6. I love high CS maps.

No comments on this one. Blankets look great, I think some of the sliders are weird but I don't think you'd change them since it'd just be my opinion.

Good luck with the set! Sorry that the mod wasn't great, but it's a short song and I didn't think it was worth commenting on the SV change thing other that I like the concept.
Great map, though it needs a bit of work. Try remapping it?
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Hobbes, fixed all, except some sldiershapes. I changed the first jerkslider, bt kept the others, just to have some variety in slider shapes!
Thanks a lot! ^_^
I can both remove the offset by editing the audio and remove letterbox from the background, making it 16:9 without aspect ratio loss.
Hitsounds are too loud, sometimes up to the point where they become noisy.
Last, but not least, I don't like combo colours you chose.

After fixing these two, recopy hitsounds onto the rest of the set, because lower difficulties have some samples missing as well.
  1. 00:08:820 (1), and 00:37:093 (1), and 00:51:210 (1) - missing finish
  2. 00:16:651 (3) and 00:34:555 (5) - missing clap

  1. 00:44:813 (1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - having compared it to the above difficulty, I don't think both the pre-stream jump and the stream itself are suitable for Hard.

[Advanced and Normal]
  1. 00:13:342, and 00:52:203, and 00:55:732 - add a storyboarded clap sample

  1. 00:55:622 (4) - remove clap

That's all that's significant, I'll leave your sliders alone
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If you can change the BG, I'd be really happy ^_^
Reply to the mod will come in a few days, have been quite busy with irl stuff recently
:? My Mod ;)

00:18:563-00:45:916 Use One Kiai, It Will Have A Similar Effect To All Those Kiai Times
00:54:739 I Think This Slider Should Be Moved Up A Bit
00:18:563 This Slider Could Have A Curve Like This:
00:07:937 Could've Made It Have A Curve:
00:45:033 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) That Isn't Hard Material, Is It?
00:59:923 Add A Clap Please. Whoops Misread It
Make CS 5,8
00:49:445 Make This Slider Curve
00:59:592 Rotate It In 180 Degrees, Clockwise, Selection Centre (Ctrl + Shift + R)
Ahem... Where Are The Streams?
God Dammit, Bara Quit Ignoring Us,
Hello there I will be doing this as a free nm mod

Pink = aesthetics

Lets begin

I think it would look nicer if you didn't overlap 00:10:585 (1) - this and 00:11:468 (3) - this, I don't think it would effect gameplay much but jsut for aesthetic reasons
00:12:350 (1) - this reverse slider seems unnecesarry imo
00:16:320 (2,3,4) - Blanket this better
00:25:622 (1) - I think you can rework this so that it looks the same as the other sliders

Good luck!
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