Girl's Day - Ring My Bell

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Hii :3


Widescreen is not consistent , mind fixing that?


01:50:948 (2,1,2) - This pattern appeared weird to me, because they are so similar. But the song doesn't show any similarities - it's not like it's a big deal however. Another shape would be cool, tho.


01:00:797 (3,1) - This is the only time you used such a stack at this part, are you sure you wanna go for inconsistent here? Doesn't feel like one is needed, anyway. Destack it please~
01:37:615 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - LOL awesome!

Take care that the stacks are consistent where you want them to be consistent :p


01:51:706 (4,5,1) - Looks kinda crumped together. Can you give the slider more space?

Got nothing much to say, really cool beatmaps you got there! Ring my bell once you're done.
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done all, but the one in easy, it's just for design
in irc, we fix 1 spacing part on easy, fix lot hitsound missing all diff's.
everthing look good, let's try !

15:28 Natsu: Portugal!, are you taking nominator request? I have some map already checked by a QAT :o
15:29 Pereira006: nominatyor ?= u mean qualify after rre bubble
15:29 Pereira006: ?
15:29 Natsu: yeah, or bubble
16:05 Pereira006: on easy
16:05 Pereira006: 00:50:342 (2,1) - no fix spacing ?
16:06 Pereira006: i mean is possible out more place if down more on 00:49:130 (1,2) -
16:06 Pereira006: then fix flow, or whatever
16:07 Natsu: fixed
16:10 Pereira006: 02:38:221 (1) - on begin
16:10 Pereira006: where your friend finish and lap :(
16:11 Pereira006: 02:42:463 (3) - on end missing add clap and whistle
16:12 Pereira006: 02:55:191 (1) - ^ same
16:14 Natsu: fixed all
16:14 Pereira006: on normal
16:14 Pereira006: 01:13:373 (1) - begin, missing whistle
16:15 Natsu: added in all
16:16 Pereira006: 00:59:585 (2) - on begin, that clap isn't should be remove ?
16:16 Pereira006: i see other parts don't have it
16:16 Pereira006: if you care consistency
16:17 Natsu: done at every diff
16:17 Pereira006: ho ok
16:17 Pereira006: all diff got consistency ?
16:17 Natsu: hitnormals aren't
16:18 Natsu: because when no streams I just use the soft one
16:19 Pereira006: poke me if all hitsound done
16:19 Pereira006: because i mtired update lol
16:19 Natsu: already
16:19 Natsu: im fast hahaha
16:20 Natsu: you can post this for kudo too! :D
16:21 Pereira006: all diff's
16:21 Pereira006: 02:32:161 (3,4,5) - wrong place hitsound clap
16:22 Pereira006: 02:34:585 (1) - on end, missing clap (all diff's)
16:23 Natsu: what do u mean?
16:23 Natsu: with first one
16:23 Pereira006: i mean on normal
16:23 Pereira006: 02:32:160 (3,4,5) - on (3) of end don't have clap
16:23 Pereira006: in 5 have clap on begin and end
16:24 Pereira006: that thing part of hitsound should be same part as 02:41:858 (3,4,5) -
16:24 Pereira006: if you do that, all diff's have same
16:25 Natsu: fixed and updated
16:25 Pereira006: other thing on nroaml, 02:34:585 (3) - missing clap on end
16:25 Pereira006: (all diff's same
16:25 Natsu: ya already done with that roo
16:25 Natsu: too
16:26 Pereira006: alright, all hitsound should be consistency for (checking my self many time lol)
16:27 Natsu: yeah ;D
16:31 Pereira006: 02:32:766 (3) - (easy) you sure wanna star clap as auto in sampleset ?
16:31 Pereira006: no soft like other parts ? if you did, all diff's same
16:33 Natsu: yeah
16:35 Pereira006: alright
16:35 Pereira006: look good
16:35 Pereira006: ready ?
16:36 Natsu: sec
16:37 Natsu: done
16:38 Pereira006: ok

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We need mooooooooooore kpop!


already qualified smth

shouldn't the heart go after qualifying it? xD

링♥링♥링 링마벨 머리가 핑♥핑♥핑 도는게
Yeah, we need more kpop, sadly no video cuz quality uwu Gratz anyways
grats Natsu! sry im so slow nowadays lmao. 10 mods a day to 1 mod every 10 days :P.
grats, the map is awesome :D
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thanks everyone ><
you two's avatars are lewd omg
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IamKwaN wrote:

you two's avatars are lewd omg
omg lol :?
lool KwaN xD
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