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I will reply later, btw OD was a mistake that I made when click AR looooooooooooool and I did some manual stacks on hard, because I need stack leniency 3 for my stacked sliders at hard or they become :x
Oh but the W.S is turned off on Extra diff so you'd better make it consistent anyway hahahaha

@Insane: Then at least make some variations on the 02:18:827 (1,2,3,4) - pattern, because right now that 'consistent' pattern just feels nothing but like following the basic 1/1 'consistent' drums and it kinda 'failed' because of that one stronger drum. Something like 1/2 reverse slider + circle on (1,2) could work as well.

@Hard: Reading is a skill but the target players (not you) lacks skill of reading too many objects on the screen. AR7 is common for Hard diffs, but on like 130bpm maps. This one is 198bpm, which is DT speed of those AR7 Hards.

@Extra: But I showed you the 'exactly same' vocal part where you used a slider. Why are they different?
Also you could have used a different flow for that one triplet from the beginning then D: Also I think mapping different sounds differently isn't inconsistent, it follows the song correctly.
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Doyak wrote:

Oh but the W.S is turned off on Extra diff so you'd better make it consistent anyway hahahaha It still doesn't matter xD

@Insane: Then at least make some variations on the 02:18:827 (1,2,3,4) - pattern, because right now that 'consistent' pattern just feels nothing but like following the basic 1/1 'consistent' drums and it kinda 'failed' because of that one stronger drum. Something like 1/2 reverse slider + circle on (1,2) could work as well. nah is fine they are sliders at a relax part in the song, mapping all the pitchs would break that, you don't need to blind map each pitch different, that would end in different spacings all over the place, sometimes design win over pitchs, specially at parts like this, where I intended to have relax symmetry

@Hard: Reading is a skill but the target players (not you) lacks skill of reading too many objects on the screen. yeah you aren't a target player either, but the target audience come from easy and normals were the AR is super low, so they dont have much problems, in fact fast ar would make then fail, also my hard don't use jumps and is mostle slider with alot of 1/1 breaks

@Extra: But I showed you the 'exactly same' vocal part where you used a slider. Why are they different? I made the second one circles too, for you :p
follow the song also can hurt design and playability, there was some dragon force map with a super slow slider as example, also not only the pitchs, but also you can represent the full section peace and in this case the part feels more relax, so consistent spacing makes alot of sense


[*]00:11:251 (1,2,3,4,5) - imo here should be a 1/8 reverse kickslider instead of a 1/4 streams, fit more to the music [color=#0080FF]it's fine to make the snap simples, also 1/4 circles are funny to play 1/8 repeats break combos QQ[/color]
[*]00:11:554 (5) - the sound end at 00:12:085 - , so this note should be delete [color=#0080FF]but both have vocals or instrument[/color]
[*]00:12:463 - yap same here [color=#0080FF]^[/color]
[*]00:50:039 (3,4) - same here, should be 1/8 reverse kickslider
[*]01:00:494 (1) - same as 00:59:282 (1) - [color=#0080FF]same as before[/color]
[*]01:48:221 - yap same here [color=#0080FF]^[/color]
[*]02:16:403 - make the break end at here maybe? [color=#0080FF]I prefer my current way[/color][/list]

[*]why don make HP increased to 6 and make extra diff to 7 :o? [color=#0080FF]cause I love to be friendly with the hp[/color]
[*]00:11:251 (5) - change to 1/8 to fit more to the music [color=#0080FF]same as expert[/color]
[*]00:11:857 (1,2) - the sound end at 00:12:085 - , so 00:12:160 (2) - should be deleted since there is no music to support it [color=#0080FF]there are vocals[/color]
[*]00:16:100 - umm missing a vocal sound, same here 00:18:524 - , is quite important to express these vocal sound since is an extra diff [color=#0080FF]I reduce the rhythm since is my logic behind this spread making rhythms less dense in each one[/color]
[*]01:03:221 (4) - 02:01:403 (4) - 02:40:191 (2) - NC here to emhpasized the vocal, just like 00:53:221 (3,1) - 01:51:403 (3,1) - 02:30:191 (3,1) - , although what you have dod in extra diff was NC at 01:03:069 - 02:01:251 - 02:40:039 (1) - 02:40:039 (1) - , but some of these part are sliderend so yea XD
[*]01:30:494 (2,3) - imo the flow is better if you ctrl + g here [color=#0080FF]previous slider already build it :l[/color]
[*]01:59:281 (5,1) - you should swap the place to fit more to the flow [color=#0080FF]I gonna keep mine for now[/color] [/list]

[*]00:37:009 (5,1) - maybe NC on 5 is better at this diff, same as other similar part [color=#0080FF]vocals :c[/color]
[*]00:45:948 (2,3) - [url=]imo this fit more to the music[/url] [color=#0080FF]I think my current rhythm fit the vocals better[/color]
[*]02:09:130 (3) - NC here, you did it at insane extra expert diff so why not here :D [color=#0080FF]I didn't at lower diffs :l[/color][/list]

GL~ :)[/quote]

Maakkeli wrote:


  1. 00:08:524 (3,4) - you could have made these differ from 00:07:918 (1,2) - in some way cause you made 00:09:130 (1,2) - different. Also 00:08:524 (3) - could have an NC if you want because combo and vocals are different
  2. 00:22:463 (1) - lel these streamjumps are barely noticeable :c
  3. 00:23:979 (2) - i don't really like that you decided to hitsound this as a kick D: sounds cuti no?
  4. 00:24:585 (1,2) - i would swap nc to give better emphasis to that cool sound lol I grouped them like that in all my diff tho
  5. 00:59:282 (1,2) - this would be a good place to actually make the jumps 6* since the song gets super hype with those 1/2 kicks. yea I would remove the sliders and make jumps kinda want to keep my vocal mapping
  6. 01:46:554 - forgot to mention this earlier but i really would like to see a circle on this red tick since there is that kick I ignore them on 'purpose, want to follow only the main sounds with the vocals there, is like break :D
  7. 02:26:706 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - this whole pattern feels a bit too cramped gonna do something about this, if I find a way to
    well i don't really agree with mapping vocals since it leaves out some cool stuff like 02:25:039 (2) - this powerful sound, 00:30:948 (1) - these clap sounds, 00:39:888 (1) - this clap sound. Those are just a few examples but you know what i mean. Otherwise this is solid I know, I was like 2 hours thinking what to do there, but the vocals allow me to have that gimmick, so I did go with vocals because that allow me to add something unique to the map

  1. od8.5 pls ah if I do that then I'll add 9,5 to the hardest one huhahahahaa, gonna keep mine for now
  2. hp5.7 felt way too low i'm lenient with hp tho
  3. 00:08:524 (3) - wanna nc? no:c
  4. 00:13:524 (4) - lol i don't like these skipped kick either DDDD: it's for reducing the note density from the hardest diff
  5. 00:25:191 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - this is REALLY cramped. Spacing these out more shouldn't really hurt since this is an extra after all man actually Idk how without killing my visuals, if I think in something I'll
  6. 00:42:918 (3,1) - stacking these is kinda awkward imo. Since you map the vocals wouldn't it make sense to space (1) out further to give emphasis to the rising vocals or somthgn explained in a previous mod
  7. 00:50:342 (1,2) - same thing as extra fixed in extra, but I think is fine to keep it here
  8. 00:58:827 (1) - imo this part feels way more powerful than 01:00:039 (1) - so making jumps at 00:58:827 (1) - would make more sense tbh omg I agree, but idk how to fix without destroying blankets and things, will think more about this
  9. 01:33:373 (3,1) - your mapping style doesn't leave much room for fixing this kind of overlaps D: I know, but we can't see it in game anyways
  10. 02:25:948 - would like to see a circle for this kick right here I think the pause bring more power to the next object
    i love the consistency

  1. 00:08:524 (3,4) - placing these two somewhere else would make more sense imo its fine to group them like that i think
  2. 00:42:918 (3,1) - the stacking emphasis thing i mentioned in the previous diff. Since you map vocals I think you should emphasize them "correctly" same as extra

  1. 00:14:736 (5) - this felt/sounded cooler being just a circle. Same for 00:17:160 (5) - and 00:19:585 (5) - but polarity :l
  2. 00:58:827 (1,2,3) - this rythm sounded extremely awkward. Sorry I didn't come up with an alternative i don't know how to map normalsI'll do something else, if more people complain

why not use video?
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arnoldusj wrote:

why not use video?
because low quality

i did my best for encode video with megui. but was all FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. because of those black and white effects ruin pixels. if someone can nice encoding help him.
the MV is really difficult for the encoder, so it's really hard to get something of decent quality while maintaining the <30MB guideline

if a QAT can confirm an exception for the file size in this case, then you can actually have a decent video.
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Yeah this time is better to don't add video, also it's really confused to play.
Hii :3


Widescreen is not consistent , mind fixing that?


01:50:948 (2,1,2) - This pattern appeared weird to me, because they are so similar. But the song doesn't show any similarities - it's not like it's a big deal however. Another shape would be cool, tho.


01:00:797 (3,1) - This is the only time you used such a stack at this part, are you sure you wanna go for inconsistent here? Doesn't feel like one is needed, anyway. Destack it please~
01:37:615 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - LOL awesome!

Take care that the stacks are consistent where you want them to be consistent :p


01:51:706 (4,5,1) - Looks kinda crumped together. Can you give the slider more space?

Got nothing much to say, really cool beatmaps you got there! Ring my bell once you're done.
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done all, but the one in easy, it's just for design
in irc, we fix 1 spacing part on easy, fix lot hitsound missing all diff's.
everthing look good, let's try !

15:28 Natsu: Portugal!, are you taking nominator request? I have some map already checked by a QAT :o
15:29 Pereira006: nominatyor ?= u mean qualify after rre bubble
15:29 Pereira006: ?
15:29 Natsu: yeah, or bubble
16:05 Pereira006: on easy
16:05 Pereira006: 00:50:342 (2,1) - no fix spacing ?
16:06 Pereira006: i mean is possible out more place if down more on 00:49:130 (1,2) -
16:06 Pereira006: then fix flow, or whatever
16:07 Natsu: fixed
16:10 Pereira006: 02:38:221 (1) - on begin
16:10 Pereira006: where your friend finish and lap :(
16:11 Pereira006: 02:42:463 (3) - on end missing add clap and whistle
16:12 Pereira006: 02:55:191 (1) - ^ same
16:14 Natsu: fixed all
16:14 Pereira006: on normal
16:14 Pereira006: 01:13:373 (1) - begin, missing whistle
16:15 Natsu: added in all
16:16 Pereira006: 00:59:585 (2) - on begin, that clap isn't should be remove ?
16:16 Pereira006: i see other parts don't have it
16:16 Pereira006: if you care consistency
16:17 Natsu: done at every diff
16:17 Pereira006: ho ok
16:17 Pereira006: all diff got consistency ?
16:17 Natsu: hitnormals aren't
16:18 Natsu: because when no streams I just use the soft one
16:19 Pereira006: poke me if all hitsound done
16:19 Pereira006: because i mtired update lol
16:19 Natsu: already
16:19 Natsu: im fast hahaha
16:20 Natsu: you can post this for kudo too! :D
16:21 Pereira006: all diff's
16:21 Pereira006: 02:32:161 (3,4,5) - wrong place hitsound clap
16:22 Pereira006: 02:34:585 (1) - on end, missing clap (all diff's)
16:23 Natsu: what do u mean?
16:23 Natsu: with first one
16:23 Pereira006: i mean on normal
16:23 Pereira006: 02:32:160 (3,4,5) - on (3) of end don't have clap
16:23 Pereira006: in 5 have clap on begin and end
16:24 Pereira006: that thing part of hitsound should be same part as 02:41:858 (3,4,5) -
16:24 Pereira006: if you do that, all diff's have same
16:25 Natsu: fixed and updated
16:25 Pereira006: other thing on nroaml, 02:34:585 (3) - missing clap on end
16:25 Pereira006: (all diff's same
16:25 Natsu: ya already done with that roo
16:25 Natsu: too
16:26 Pereira006: alright, all hitsound should be consistency for (checking my self many time lol)
16:27 Natsu: yeah ;D
16:31 Pereira006: 02:32:766 (3) - (easy) you sure wanna star clap as auto in sampleset ?
16:31 Pereira006: no soft like other parts ? if you did, all diff's same
16:33 Natsu: yeah
16:35 Pereira006: alright
16:35 Pereira006: look good
16:35 Pereira006: ready ?
16:36 Natsu: sec
16:37 Natsu: done
16:38 Pereira006: ok

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We need mooooooooooore kpop!


already qualified smth

shouldn't the heart go after qualifying it? xD

링♥링♥링 링마벨 머리가 핑♥핑♥핑 도는게
Yeah, we need more kpop, sadly no video cuz quality uwu Gratz anyways
grats Natsu! sry im so slow nowadays lmao. 10 mods a day to 1 mod every 10 days :P.
grats, the map is awesome :D
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thanks everyone ><
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