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Only modding noob (new) mapper's maps


Must not have a ranked / qualified map

Maximum total duration is 7 minutes or one difficulty.

As you are a new mapper if you have made multiple difficulties it is likely that the difficulties you have made are consistent in their mistakes so I will only mod the hardest difficulty.

I wont reject any maps so don't be afraid to post them.

Only doing NM (for your sanity as well as mine).

I reserve the right to decide that your map is a good map and as such does not need modding designed for new mappers

Just post your map down below.

And as always, always read last post.

As it wasn't clear initially, if you consider your map to be actually good/perfect/almost fit for ranking and just in need a few more mods then this isn't the queue for you

I focus on modding the maps of those whose maps are potentially as far from ranked as they can get: basically I focus on the basics of mapping such as making your sliders look good, note placement and flow, difficulty spread, stream forming and overall over/ undermapping as well as note placement on the timeline (white tick's and stuff) like that as well as other stuff that I can't be bothered to write down because I write it enough in mods anyway

If many of the things I have mentioned directly above are not something you consider a problem with your map then you can not realistically consider yourself a "Noob" mapper and this is Not the queue for you
First!! :P

just one diff so far, thanks in advance :3
Hello, im a new mapper , especially in low diffs
can you take a look at my map ?
thx a lot)
Hello! I would like a mod on one of the guest difficulties of my map. Please, do not mod the "Sharp" difficulty, as that is in the process of being remapped.

Song: Razor Sharp (Click here for beatmap link.)
Genre: Glitch Hop
Difficulty to mod: Carrot113's Insane or PJ's Extra.

Thank you in advance.
First map I'm going to try for rank so probs noob
Have a nice day :)
I'm really really really noob

[ Drop ]
I'm super noob
Plz mod my map
Hello hello!

I've got 4 maps I've been (sorta) working on/off for a while now. I have a full mapset that I want prioritized if possible. The sooner I can get it Modded and Ranked, the sooner I can complete my most important project. I've also got a map with 2 GD's and I need some help with MY actually difficulty. You can check out the other maps too if you'd like.

Full Mapset -
GD Mapset thing -

Thank you in advance!
With modding only noobs' mapsets you will never improve. Anyway good luck, hope to see you soon as pro modder :D
NM request.
Thanks in advance!
Lince Cosmico
Fuck.. 7:07 xD

anyway here's the map :

Thanks :p
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Closed for now while I work through these, you can post your maps as a place holder but I'll be doing all the ones before this post (my post) first.

Also @

Shmiklak wrote:

With modding only noobs' mapsets you will never improve. Anyway good luck, hope to see you soon as pro modder :D
I have no interest in modding mapsets that are 90-99% perfect just to post a mod 5 lines long giving my opinion on a part of a map that I can't play, it's easier to teach than it is to suggest
Lets try) :?

Thx and Good Luck!
Iron Maiden - Wasting Love
I haven't ranked any maps yet. Maybe it'll interest you.
DeRandom Otaku
Hi Nm Request on

Thanks in advance
NM Request!!


Anything would help!

Alex Kaulfild
Trying my luck here.
NM request. My 2nd map, but i don't have any ranked maps.
Thanks in advance and good luck!
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