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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

To start of your map you have used lots of ones with big spacing which is ok but it is not fun to play, imagine a map that has a long pause that you're forced to stay in at the start and this map becomes unfun. I'd recommend just doing some simple things but not going over the top in order to flesh it out, or add content to it.

You've chosen to style your sliders which is ok but the form you've used on them ( 00:24:951 (1) - 00:32:192 (1) - 00:27:710 (1,1,1) - ) feels gimmicky and makes them unnecessarily difficult to play. I'd recommend simply changing these to normal sliders and just moving the notes around them as the current sliders are rather misleading.

As a rule of thumb your map also should try to include hard beats, so beats such as the white tick here 00:23:744 (2) - straight after this 2 really need to have a note on it otherwise the song can feel slightly empty

You should also avoid placing notes that are close together on top of each other such as here 00:37:365 (1,3) - and here 00:34:606 (1,3) - as it can make the map feel cluttered

as a final point, you have varied your spacing very well however parts like this 00:42:192 (3,4) - really require an increase in spacing to account for the large gap and jumps like this 00:26:330 (1,2) - aren't supported by the music which is a vital part to mapping, if something does not go with the music then you should avoid mapping it that way.

I encourage you to look through the rest of the map to see where these problems persist as it happens quite a lot in your map but apart from that

Seems alright
THX For Sugesstion
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