Reol - Jitter Doll

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on den 10 augusti 2016 at 00:10:38

Artist: Reol
Title: Jitter Doll
Source: vocaloid
Tags: giga lily hyouri
BPM: 180
Filesize: 9160kb
Play Time: 03:45
Difficulties Available:
  1. Tragic Love Meme (6,08 stars, 910 notes)

Download: Reol - Jitter Doll
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
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I'm not hyouri.
mod as requested for waifu reol


  1. 00:17:311 (2) - raise hitsound volume, this note shouldn't be silent like the slider note because the cymbal crash comes in here and requires tactile feedback
  2. 00:18:311 (3,4) - if you're gonna do this pattern with 00:17:644 (1,2), why arent these two parallel as well? if you wanted to make these different, you need to make the angle more pronounced on 3 as well bc right now it just looks messy rather than different
  3. 00:17:644 - actually, it just feels like there's not a lot of design/conceptual effort put into this segment, it's neither consistent nor varied because you use the same straight slider the whole time, but don't have a clear design that makes it make sense, i'd recommend looking at the placements in this section and trying to find something more consistent
  4. 00:37:478 - theres actually a guitar hit here as well, i'd use this rhythm instead for what you're going for
  5. 00:38:311 (4,5,6) - this will feel way less cramped if you make sure it doesn't overlap with 00:37:978 (3) - when you make the new rhythm
  6. 00:40:978 (5,1) - the angle of this jump is super awkward, plus its the most spaced and emphasized object in the whole section, i'd move it up so that the angle is better and potentially nerf the spacing a bit as well
  7. 00:48:644 (1,3) - parallel
  8. 00:57:561 (4,5) - this stream is fine until we get to here, but this transition to the new shape ruins the whole design of the stream and makes it look super off, either make this smooth or make the change in direction more defined
  9. 01:06:811 (2,3,4,5,6) - if you're gonna do this you want the angle to be up, not down
  10. 01:11:644 (4,5) - me too
  11. 01:12:310 (1,4) - this kind of stuff feels really claustrophobic when its this close, though the idea is good, try and put them a bit farther apart (around here is g)
  12. 01:13:977 (3) - this angle is really not daijoubu, you could just use the same angle as 01:13:644 (2) ? maybe, the design of these straight long sliders is kinda ehhhhhhhh
  13. 01:14:810 (2,5) - this kind of stuff FUCKS your structure, you never want barely overlaps on notes this close together just makes your map feel messy to watch, and to play, structure is something you feel when you're playing the map even if you cant see it
  14. 01:20:644 (4,5,6) - i understand that you're trying to do a buildup here, but i think this linear flow is kinda weird for that purpose, feels very stunted while playing
  15. 01:30:143 (4,5) - this segment is a lot better than the rest of the map by far, but watch your flow here, this flow is awks and doesn't match the rest of the segment
  16. 01:31:810 (2,4) - you see these? 01:26:477 (8,2) - those are g, make 01:31:810 (2,4) - like those
  17. 01:34:477 (2,3,4,5,6) - just make it straight or curve the other way, this angle isn't doing you any favours
  18. 01:48:643 to 01:53:643 - just wanted to say that this is MUCH better, good job on this part
  19. 01:59:811 (1,5) - lol stack them honestly
  20. 02:01:478 (2,3,4,5,6) - same as last time this pattern came up
  21. 02:06:477 (5,1,4) - o no your structure :? i think this would just flow better like this, 4's slider end is stacked on 02:08:644 (7)'s in this pic
  22. 02:08:644 (7) - same as before but this angle isn't as offensive as last time so ehhhhh
  23. 02:14:477 (1,2) - this spacing is so close that it looks like 1/4 lol i'd space it out, it'll look nicer too
  24. 02:16:810 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - this is fuckd tbh, not only is the line not straight but the transition at 5/6/1 is just not good flow wise + looks bad, i'd just make it a consistently spaced stream
  25. 02:17:810 to 02:27:643 - so spinner and break over the intense instrumentation, and then the map comes back when it slows down and gets quiet????
  26. 02:29:476 (5,7) - i mean you could make these the same slider
  27. 02:34:809 (7,1) - HOLY
  28. 02:39:143 (3,1) -
  29. 02:58:477 (1) - unsnapped
  30. 03:02:477 (5,1,4) - triangle my asshol please
  31. 03:05:477 (2,5) - make even with 03:04:977 (4,3) - spacing for structure ?!
  32. 03:09:977 (3,1) - . this blanket is tight af anyways even if it wasn't off it'd be weird, i'd give the note a bit more space to breath
  33. 03:24:977 (4,5,6) - this is good, but the triangle is off (move the 6 to fix)
  34. 03:26:311 (4,5,6) - going to assume this is a mistake :p
  35. 03:30:144 (3,4,5) - this flow is very unimpactful, i'd go for something like this
  36. 03:32:310 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - okay so i haven't gone over any of the spacing until now really difficulty wise, but can u not skystar meme thanks it's not good when he does it either this relative difficulty bs is so bad tbh its a bad habit to pick up, yes this segment is more intense but theres a better way to do it than line jumps

it's not too bad for newish mapper, just have to keep at it! try and get more mods, at least your rhythm is pretty good, just have to work on your design/aesthetics/flow

good luck! :)
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