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Let's face it,somebody's going to make something like this sooner or later,so I might as well be the one.
Also mostly because of the name pun.

Standard only for now,I don't think I'll be skinning the other modes (somehow I couldn't think of anything for frickin taiko,
the one mode I've skinned for the most.What gives?)
CTB maybe,once I figured out how to draw Chibita properly.

Anyways just the usual:
Cursors are from here
Custom hit sounds are from Kamui skin.


NOTE: these extra assets are found in the "extras" folder!

Some of the graphics and custom sounds in this skin are based on Osomatsu because,y'know,his namesake and all that.

But for those who liked the other Matsus more,there are different sets based on
each Matsu all bundled up in their own folders.

Also,the default hit circles are designed with the Matsus' trademark hoodies in mind,
therefore the Matsu symbol will stay green no matter what.

However I've included a monochrome version,in case the default looks odd with other colours.


Also Choromatsu is best Matsu
I fucking love you.

Inori wrote:

I fucking love you.
Heh thanks m8.

I have to admit,I was a little surprised that nobody bothered making one given how popular Osomatsu-san is and how recognizable
the symbols and all that are.
Oh well,at least I did the thing eh.
I started the anime a few days ago and now I see this, not bad at all.

Also I cannot unsee.


Flanster wrote:

I started the anime a few days ago and now I see this, not bad at all.

Also I cannot unsee.

Wait uh

U-unsee what now?
Oh what the hell.

I honestly couldn't think of what to do with the hitbursts so I left them as default.
Not really my best work with skinning taiko mode,but eh.

I've thought of making a custom Don-chan to go with it,but I'll have to make 6 sets
of them which is quite the workload...I dunno,maybe I'll end up doing it anyways who knows

Same link as the OP,as usual.



The alternative scorebar-bg graphics are in the wrong resolutions!
Oso's should be fine,but the rest I've got the SD versions saved as the HDs!

And I managed to save the PSD I used to make them in the SD resolution too.Good job me.

I'll update the osk with the right files once I've recreated the HD graphics in the right resolution,
but in the meantime please delete the existing SD versions in the extras folder and rename the HD versions,alright?

Alright it's fixed.
Goddammit why am I such an idiot.
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