MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt.4

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 11:10:01 PM

Artist: MitiS
Title: Life Of Sin Pt.4
Tags: instrumental dance electronic series progressive house trance chill lovestep chillstep drums and bass dnb CaffeAmericano Caffe Hokichi HydroCannon13
BPM: 130
Filesize: 28760kb
Play Time: 04:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. Caffe's Memories (4.3 stars, 868 notes)
  2. Collab Hard (2.77 stars, 462 notes)
  3. Easy (1.39 stars, 205 notes)
  4. Hoki's Hyper (3.5 stars, 640 notes)
  5. Normal (2.12 stars, 356 notes)

Download: MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt.4
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Spoiler Alert!

SB contains heavy spoilers!
DO NOT enable SB if you haven't finished Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso!

Status: All diffs ready for modding
Astarte: start - 59%
HydroCannon: 59% - end


Collab Hard with HC
Hoki's Hyper
Caffe's Memories

SB: done, smaller stuff soon

ReDownload: Nov 29 for new SB stuff


"Keep looking up... That's the secret of life..."
We had a little IRC

22:04 TurtleStuffs: Hey there o/
22:04 Astarte: hello~
22:04 TurtleStuffs: So, have you gotten my PM mod for the new easy?
22:05 Astarte: yup tks for the brutal mod
22:05 TurtleStuffs: Wasn't so brutal imo, BNs usually flood the forum with like a half a page long mod xD
22:07 Astarte: well i've never talked with a bn before
22:07 TurtleStuffs: Just look at the bubbled maps
22:07 TurtleStuffs: The BN mods are so big...
22:07 Astarte: hey can i use 1/4 beats in norm?
22:10 TurtleStuffs: Hmm
22:10 TurtleStuffs: I wouldn't say so
22:10 TurtleStuffs: Even if it's 90 BPM
22:10 Astarte: well most parts like the kiai are mapped at 180bpm
22:11 TurtleStuffs: Yes but I wouldn't say that the song has many 180 1/2 beats
22:11 TurtleStuffs: Or even none
22:11 TurtleStuffs: Tbh I also would have used 1/4 but the song barely even suggested it
22:13 Astarte: i'll update in a bit to see if it fits your taste
22:19 TurtleStuffs: Ok thanks :)
22:22 TurtleStuffs: So, do you want me to map a part of your light?
22:24 Astarte: i've already finished it. but if you can fix some parts then that'd be great
22:29 Astarte: alright updated it. redownload and see o/
22:29 TurtleStuffs: Ok, I'll check
22:32 TurtleStuffs: Everything looks fine
22:32 TurtleStuffs: Btw, did you make the BG and SB yourself?
22:33 Astarte: yea
22:33 TurtleStuffs: Really GJ, especially that end :D
22:33 Astarte: i learned basic storyboard coding 2 months after starting this map lol
22:34 TurtleStuffs: Lol
22:34 TurtleStuffs: But srsly, GJ :D
22:34 Astarte: thanks *w*
22:34 Astarte: basic coding can't do much, that's pretty much all my skill
22:34 TurtleStuffs: But art can :)
22:35 Astarte: i don't know higher level storyboarding languages ;<
22:35 TurtleStuffs: I mean, not everybody has to code something like Asymmetry
22:35 TurtleStuffs: To make a good SB
22:36 Astarte: i guess lol
22:36 Astarte: hey btw
22:37 Astarte: if you're free can you check and test my other map?
22:37 TurtleStuffs: Sure
22:37 *Astarte is listening to [ MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt.4]
22:37 TurtleStuffs: Do you still need help on mapping part of 'Light'?
22:37 Astarte: thanks :>
22:38 Astarte: well if there're parts you don't think it's good you can remap it
22:38 TurtleStuffs: Ok, the start looked promising though :)
22:39 TurtleStuffs: But now to your other map
22:39 Astarte: `03:42:951 (5) - sb starts at this lol. it's nowhere near finish
22:40 TurtleStuffs: Oh there is an SB :O
22:40 Astarte: i'll wait until i watched this series to make the sb lol
22:41 TurtleStuffs: Ok, here 00:17:104 (4,5) - ´Could you curve these more for flow?
22:41 TurtleStuffs: And :o
22:41 TurtleStuffs: There is a series for this?
22:41 Astarte: sure
22:42 Astarte: yup
22:42 Astarte: 5 parts lol
22:43 TurtleStuffs: Ooh nice
22:43 Astarte: 4 is best obviously :P
22:43 TurtleStuffs: lol xD
22:44 TurtleStuffs: 01:00:951 (4) - This a bit lower?
22:45 TurtleStuffs: And I forgot: 00:57:489 (1,1) - As a normal a spinner recovery time of 4 beats is necessary
22:46 Astarte: ok no spinners then :<
22:46 TurtleStuffs: It should have spinners
22:48 Astarte: well i'll see how to replace it :/
22:49 TurtleStuffs: I just skipped a bit forwards: 03:20:220 (5,6) - Short sliders not recommended in normal
22:50 TurtleStuffs: I think a 1 beat slider from 03:20:335 is fine
22:50 Astarte: sure i'll change those
22:50 TurtleStuffs: 03:23:912 (6) - Here too
22:51 TurtleStuffs: Just in general, try avoid using 1/4 beats in normal
22:51 Astarte: yea only have 3 of them
22:51 TurtleStuffs: I saw 4 Dx
22:52 TurtleStuffs: Oh and btw I have a trick for making blankets, wanna know?
22:52 Astarte: i don't remember the 4th D:
22:52 Astarte: using the aproching circle?
22:52 TurtleStuffs: Yup
22:53 TurtleStuffs: But try curving them completely with the Approach Circle cause sometimes they get a bit "flat"
22:53 Astarte: aye
22:54 TurtleStuffs: And never mind, mind playing tricks on me with 4th short slider
22:54 Astarte: lol
22:57 TurtleStuffs: Ok, lets go back to the front: 01:10:181 (1) - There's different ways making waved sliders symmetrical
22:57 TurtleStuffs:
22:57 TurtleStuffs: A guide
22:58 TurtleStuffs: I personally use 2. but it's up to you
22:58 Astarte: cool lol
22:58 Astarte: i usually use 1 and 6 tho
22:59 TurtleStuffs: It just feels easier for me to use 2 cause of grid snap xd
23:01 Astarte: well if it curves well then it doesn't matter XD
23:01 TurtleStuffs: Ok, how you like it, just looks symmetrical :)
23:02 Astarte: nice guide instead
23:03 TurtleStuffs: Yeah
23:03 TurtleStuffs: Only started to make good wave sliders after reading it
23:04 Astarte: nice lol
23:04 TurtleStuffs: 04:01:412 (6,1) - Nazi mod; Blanket error
23:05 Astarte: lol fixed
23:06 TurtleStuffs: 04:03:720 (3) - Seems a bit too curved around the slider end. Move to 268, 171
23:06 TurtleStuffs: Lol just one grid down
23:07 Astarte: lol just a tiny change
23:08 TurtleStuffs: Plays well
23:09 Astarte: :>
23:09 TurtleStuffs: Will you still hitsound it?
23:09 Astarte: after i learn how to hitsound first lol XD
23:09 TurtleStuffs: Jumping back and forth: 04:27:258 (2) - Replace with two hitcircles
23:09 TurtleStuffs: Lol xD
23:10 Astarte: gotcha
23:10 TurtleStuffs: Btw, how to copy IRC mod into a forum post? Dx
23:10 Astarte: i dunno anything about hitsounds tho
23:10 Astarte: use a command
23:11 TurtleStuffs: Like...? :>
23:11 Astarte: i forgot :< lemme look
23:12 Astarte: "/savelog"
23:12 Astarte:
23:12 TurtleStuffs: Ok, thanks :D
23:14 TurtleStuffs: I think that's it for normal next to curving the sliders a bit more
23:15 Astarte: ok cool
23:15 TurtleStuffs: Easy is very clean, I think the only thing there is maybe unfitting gameplay, aesthetics are great :D
23:16 TurtleStuffs: I'll playtest it
23:17 TurtleStuffs: Ok, 00:29:566 (5) - NC for emphasis
23:17 TurtleStuffs: Spinner as mentioned earlier 00:57:258 (1)
23:18 Astarte: yeah i always have problems with spinners
23:18 Astarte: :/
23:18 TurtleStuffs: I usually only put them at the end of a song or the start
23:19 Astarte: nazusan already modded and i changed those spinners
23:19 Astarte: i just haven't updated it :P
23:19 TurtleStuffs: 01:02:797 (3,1) - Remove NC on (1) and put it on (3)
23:19 TurtleStuffs: Ah ok
23:19 TurtleStuffs: 01:06:951 (3) - And then maybe add NC here
23:20 Astarte: gotcha
23:23 TurtleStuffs: 01:26:797 (1) - Just wanted to point out spinner again
23:24 Astarte: aye lol
23:25 TurtleStuffs: And since the rest isn't mapped, that's it :)
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