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[Archived] Missing your country flag? Have the wrong one?

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Please give me a German flag ^-^
RoIada z Miesem
I was in i live in Germany

Please change to Germany
Yuki-o Tabemasu
Could I have Japanese flag, please?

Ps. I know I have Polish IP, because I live there, but it doesn't mean I'm from Poland, I am Japanese.
Chinese flag please
Chinese flag please. I come from China, I only now study in Europe at the moment. Thanks.
Change to Canada please. Don't know why it says I'm American, maybe it's my ISP?
Japan flag Plase
France Please ! :)
Can you tell me how to change my flag and please answer me the question I'm doing I say "Missing your country flag? Have the wrong one?"
How did you change your flag?
Hallä , Denmark flag please, my city is Copenhagen ; /
In-game my location is listed as: @ Unknown >.< Why i am unknown in the world? I already have the Mexican flag on the forums >_< Help me ;_;
thailand flag please my flag is missing :(

[Nyu-Mariko] wrote:

How did you change your flag?
Tripple post ftw?

Read the OP dude >.<

mm201 wrote:

If your profile's country flag isn't the one for the country you live in, please post about it in this topic. One of our admins will fix it for you.

echoedit: If you just signed up, wait a day before posting. The system doesn't set your flag immediately.

echoedit2: Any unrelated posts will be deleted.

dvorak edit: You can request the flag for the country you live in .
         Please write something even if the flag is the one for the country you live in.
         Request post with proxy could be ignored.

mmedit: Please allow us up to a week (Millhiore edit: nope) to get your flag changed. It saves quite a bit of time and energy when we change flags in bulk, so please be patient until one of us makes the rounds. You do not need to re-request your flag unless one of us posts an update and your flag isn't changed.

Millhiore edit: Go ahead and post here if your flag is incorrect, but don't expect it to be changed any time soon. An admin will most likely change your flag eventually, but be patient, and don't post again if your request seems to be ignored.
France s'il vous plaît! :)
honduran please :)
[Blue Wolf]
Please my brazil D:
i would want japan flag please. sorry for bad english.
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