what is a necro post?

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Vuelo Eluko
can someone define it, i see threads with last post 1-3 weeks ago getting locked because someone posts in it for necroposting? that's ridiculous?

seems to just be an arbitrary and subjective length of time and some people seem to believe that no one would ever look past the first 10 threads without just closing the page just because they wouldn't or that threads run their course and die within a few days when there's too many examples of that not being the case to even cite

so my question is why not just make this like an image board, and have threads disappear/lock after falling off page 1 since anything that isn't on page 1 is 'obviously dead' anyway and will be locked if posted in 70% of the time

im done

Ephemeral wrote:

in all seriousness though, please stop necroposting in threads older than a year with no responses. it isn't funny. let sleeping dogs lie and produce your own content you unoriginal fucks
best definition yet, but mods wont adhere to it because HUR DUR PEOPLE WILL JSUT BE SMARTASSES AND POST IN 11 MONTH OLD THREADS no that does not give you liberty to interpret necroposting aas posting in a god daman thread with last reply that still god damn shows up as 'days ago' fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck




i was going to keep this post civil and neutral but then i realized i dont care about changing the system because sensible posts bounce off this staff like fucking rubber. reason & fairness is like holy water to a vampire in this god damn forum and also i don't really care enough

Rilene wrote:

True Mythical
it bringing back something from the ded.
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Vuelo Eluko
as if i didnt already consider NZ a joke don't bring my opinion of it down to Philippines/USA levels
do you really want to be as bad as them
worst fl player
your looking right at the necromancer

and bumping a 3 week post isn't necroposting. no, far from it
yeah idk why those threads get locked

they shouldnt be geting locked necorposting is bringing back a dead post that is 1 year or older
Shohei Ohtani
More like a

Brian OA
To be fair, Ephemeral was trying to lay a rule down after practically saying anything was fair game barring NSFW content. Personally I didn't give it much importance. The main thing you have to understand is that moderation is a very disjointed effort, more so in a place that supposedly has no rules. But if you're willing to get a conversation started, I'm more than happy to work this out. So here's my take on this:

I see a necropost as a post with little to add that brings back a thread thought of as dead. That makes things pretty subjective, since it could be as little as two or three weeks for me to think of a thread as dead. Maybe even less for a thread I'd expect to be active all the time. To be completely honest, I tend to lose my better judgement just because the relevant necropost or thread was awful and just lock/delete it at the earliest opportunity.

Regarding the imageboard thing: We don't have the activity or UI to make this run like an imageboard since page 1 is pretty darn huge and old threads aren't locked or stashed away forever like 4chan would. If that's what you want to shoot for, it's beyond moderation's help.

Why there's a million locks everywhere: I'm not a fan of having a dozen locked threads lined up myself; one or two a week for a specific case would be enough and the rest can go to AW for all I care. Still, it's painful just how tempting it is to lock everything down with such rampant shitposting, so I'm practically forced to play my hand until I can find a direction to strive for here. Also Stefan's kind of learning the ropes. Anyway, I'm not exactly having a good time here and I see a lot of people feeling the same way. Now, I can influence change to my favor thanks to my position, but OT belongs to its userbase in the end.

So what exactly do you want out of OT's moderation?

You cared enough to post, at least.
Brian OA
I'll make a reassessment about the imageboard thing: we have the activity. I guess it could work if we made threads quickly enough instead of redirecting things to itt. What do you think?

ree wrote:

So what exactly do you want out of OT's moderation?
Clear, transparent and personable moderation is all I really want. The reason I like you and Stefan as moderators is you post in the threads before locking them, and your posts aren't the standard PR bullshit. It makes you more personable and likable, in that even if I disagree with your lock, I can see the face behind it and try to understand your reasoning. If a thread gets silently locked, I'm going to be irritated regardless of the reasoning behind it because it's a cunt thing to do and closes any chance to an appeal.

If I were to get one of my threads locked by you or Stefan, for example, I'd at least be able to ask about the reasoning, or make valid points. Anywhere else would likely be a stonewall and I'd never even really understand >why< the topic was locked in the first place. Basically, the way I see it is that OT mods are basically regulars who make sure the shitshow doesn't get out of hand - you contribute your own stuff and interact with the community yourself - while other moderators are the sort of people who only go onto the forum to lock stuff.

If I messaged you asking why my topic was locked, I would expect a human response with legitimate reasons as to why you felt it was worth locking. If I were to message any other mods, I'd expect to get stonewalled with something like "Them's the rules" or "Don't do that again".

I'm going to use this locked thread as an example. Yes, the topic was locked for legitimate reasons - Many people are complaining about not receiving the orders they've placed, and there's a lot of speculation as to the legitimacy of the post. However, the reasons actually given in the locked post are, frankly, bullshit.

Even if the idea behind is great for players, I'd like to avoid the promotion of 'money transactions' on osu! forums.
Then how do you explain this topic? It isn't locked, despite doing the exact same thing. If the issue is due to people not getting their orders and complaints about the legitimacy, at least fucking say that. If you're going to ban advertising and transactions, make it a fucking rule and close the other topic too. (not that I want that to happen at all, though, thnikk is cool)

It's blatantly obvious the closure was due to widespread dissatisfaction, at least have the integrity and transparency to mention that, and leave more consideration for the OP to appeal his case. Something along the lines of "Due to apparent dissatisfaction and ordering problems, I'm closing this thread until the situation is resolved, and I have proof this shop is operating legitimately. OP, feel free to PM me and we can work through this" or something like that. THAT would be reasonable moderation.

There's also not to mention the whole power-trippiness of "I'd like to avoid". Was anyone consulted on this? Your only reason for locking the topic is because YOU don't like it? Quite frankly, stuff like this is the perfect example of what I hate about the moderation on these forums, and why OT is the only worthwhile place to post.


In conclusion, I think you dudes moderate this place pretty well, IMO. I'm happy with the stance you guys take in regards to the community and how the forum is run, and agree with most of your views on stuff. The only time things get really shaken up here is when an outsider mod comes in to lock stuff. You're doing a fine job as-is, keep it up.
Brian OA
I'm glad to hear that, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.

Simply put I'm more concerned over what policies and rules to put down and for what sake. Where do we draw the line and how do we deal with shortcomings? As it stands, shitposting is rampant and locked threads clutter the board. I'm leaving at one point or another, but I'd like to set ground rules that aren't retarded.

I'd rather delete shit threads (fanclubs, spam, something really stupid, etc), allow uninteresting/funny stuff to have its own threads (discussions, screencaps, videos, news, etc.), and have ITT just continue being whatever the hell it is.

But yeah I'd need a dialogue going along, you know
Well in that case, I think the freedom allowed here in such ways is the only real thing that makes this place what it is.

Sure, this subforum has the highest concentration of utter shit on this website. But it also has the only quality posts too.

It's kinda difficult to come up with ideas for a place that isn't supposed to have rules, but I'll give it a shot.

Circlejerking is fun but it has its limits. I'd propose a policy along the manner of "Spam/Fanclubs/Other circlejerking is given X amount of time to attract Y amount of attention. If it does not do so, it gets deleted/locked. Multiple circlejerk topics created by the same person will be locked/removed without a grace period"

In theory this is supposed to encourage more quality circlejerking and cut down on the amount of spam since most of the time the locked threads that clutter the board come from a single person going on a spree. If the circlejerk is unsuccessful then it gets removed, preventing the sort of necroposting stuff, while allowing actual entertaining stuff that blows up (eg stefan thread) to continue. I'd say this because I've noticed sometimes a singleperson will necro multiple old circlejerk threads at once, which again creates the whole "wall of locked threads" and shittly floods of bullshit and such.

Uninteresting/funny stuff can stay as you've suggested. I don't see a need to change any of those. ITT will stay ITT.

...yeah, it is pretty difficult to come up with changes to this. Sure, the whole place will go to hell when osu!next and the awful new website comes in anyway.
mahogany going full railey
wall of text is such a wall of text it needs a tl;dr for it's tl;dr
please, don't post here for an year so I can post here in 2017 writing "it's this"

SkullFull wrote:

please, don't post here for an year so I can post here in 2017 writing "it's this"
why the fuck would you say this

ree wrote:

I'll make a reassessment about the imageboard thing: we have the activity. I guess it could work if we made threads quickly enough instead of redirecting things to itt. What do you think?
I dont know, then we'd end up with tonnes of threads with like 1 or two replies. Or you just straight up multiply the shitposting around here to spam levels and peppy deletes OT for reals this time.

Personally i want neither of this.
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