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Avatar: Monstercat [An EDM Label]

Signature: Monstercat [Yeah, you know]
I haven't posted here in forever but this time's special!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be slurping my udon.

shijou takane // idolm@ster

EDIT: oh one thing I forgot, it's apng, so it may be the case that you are using an inferior browser and cannot see the animation... Unfortunately it's rather inconvenient to get a .gif version, so that's just too bad I guess.
I got inactive for a few months and this thread completely dies? :(

rip in kill post
Profile pic:Sakuya Izayoi Paper Mario style.
Signature:Just a little introduction...
Profile pic: Anubis
Egyptian gods are awesome ><

My fav character from my fav anime

Me and Veilstar were testing for a bug which graphically broke osu!. I asked him what lead to the event of finding it
VeilStar: *what if I abuse the crap out of this and see what happens?*


VeilStar: I feel like we just abused an innocent person (osu!)
abraker: Is it bad I don't feel that way?
VeilStar: Maybe :p
Some grill I found on Instagram. Super cute and a e s t h e t i c c:
Used software Anime Character Generator software (character.exe) to generate, well, a character, then i saved it and transfered to photoshop. There i rounded it and added text
my avi is Honey from Hamatora. took a screenshot from some episode through mobile (because better quality), transfered to pc, cropped and added my name on it.
and my sig.. uhh.... lots of rin...
Avatar: Noel from Sora no method
Signature: It means 'KuranteMelody' when translated, and the girl is matcha from megane shoujo (no, it's not an anime)

necroposting once again, but this time for a good cause: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Avatar: Self-explanatory. One of my random edit.

Signature: Kind a mapper who wants to promote their maps. lel.
Pleinair. Love her overall style, and she's one of my favorite team members in Disgaea (also love other designs her artist made.) And hey, I'm often compared to a bunny, so with her being a char that uses bunnies, we kinda go hand-in-hand.

My siggy is the same char. xD But my own quote I randomly requested.
Avatar : Kaworu Nagisa, from neon genesis evangelion. As a fan of the series, i have a special feeling for each character, but nagisa really impressed me. He was a source of happiness and a great companion to the protagonist, when he needed most. An amgel ( i mean,literally xD) for a few moments of his life. And i really appreciate his personality at all.

P.s. I didn't watch the ova's (yet).
Avatar: Bomi of A-Pink :)
Avatar: Shirayuki of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime plan to stay in this avatar for awhile
Signature: Shirayuki and Zen of the same anime they are cute XD

I made my avatar and sig so they are not quite pretth but i love them anyway XD
avi is Reficul from The Gray Garden
sig is Fukami from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and added text saying takoyaki?
Holy shit.

It took me forever, but I finally did it.


This is the original.
What started as a complete blank slate where I had no idea what to do turned into this huge mess of glows and colour dodge filters. Gah. It's a damn pretty mess though (or at least I think so).

Maybe I'll list down some of the things that are going on in this one avatar to make myself feel better.
I didn't do any colour correction.
The border is textured and uses colour dodge mode. (the texture took me way longer than it should've)
I blurred the edges of the image like I typically do.
There's a colour dodge overlay on top of the whole border of the avatar.
Just when I thought I was done, I decided to painstakingly mask out Ranko and gave her this weird glow using some Fireworks blending mode called "Reflect".

That glow though. THAT GLOW.

My eyes...!

I should stop putting so much effort into my avatars.
For the signature, you can just look below, to the left is my avatar.

My avatar is Noel the flying saucer from Sora no Method, or Celestial Method.
All I did was resize it to fit the Osu! avatar size limits.
ava = csgo's flashbang icon.

sig = silhoutte of a t from css
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