Best CTB performances 4 (Need replays)

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The most obvious score kappa :
Dat DT oldnoob :^) !
Kurtsi Majiyabakune's pass in [deppy's ex] Majiyabakune's pass in [freedom] Exgon's Hr pass in [2015 reborn] Motion's nomod S rank pass in [Death Dance] ArMa79 Hr Fc in [Technonationalism] Sousaki's hr 1 miss in [Quantum] Exgon ss in [kawabunga!] -itsy_v2-'s fc in [HW's EX] Exgon's dt Fc in [Impossible] Amlink's dt 1 miss in [Bashquash!] Sousaki's Hr pass in [Evolution] B-a-d-s123 Hd SS in [MEGA LOSERS COLLAB]
Fl4ndre Scarlet [toybot's Overdose] Habin's HD FL FC [Tenyo's Devastating CTB Terror] ExGon's SS FC [INFINITE] ExGon's HD HR FC [Impossibly Intense] ExGon's SS [Unconnected] My DT clear Replay: [TECHNOBREAK] My End Time bad score Replay: [Overdrive!!] My old nickname DT score Replay: [Chapter FINAL. EVIL, THE "EPILOGUS" (Count down 321)] ExGon's 2 miss [Chapter III. Satan, The "Ira" (Blastix Riotz)] [224]Hyperw7's FC and S rank
Aryssiel exgon's [Hell Extra!!] HDHR (x1 miss)
nO limit 5th try DT 1 miss >.< ~:d ♥♥♥
Sub Class
Sub Class
1. HR played by ExGon
2. NM played by ArMa79
3. NM played by ArMa79
4. NM played by Dusk
5. HD played by b-a-d-s123
6. HR played by ExGon
7. NM played by ExGon
8. HD played by b-a-d-s123
9. NM played by Deceitful
10. NM played by Deceitful

hmm,, i feel like want to add another 10 best gameplay in my opinion

1. Camellia - d:for the DELTA [Contamination] Dusk NM FC (~900 combo)
2. MomoKuro-tei Ichimon - Nippon Egao Hyakkei (TV Size) [Egao] jongwon12 / Vernas DT FC CS6 AR8
3. REOL - ChiruChiru [Scatter] Abstract- HDDT FC (weird patterns)
4. Nightcore - Jump Jump [Hard] ukl5000 HDDT FC in 2012
5. Various Artists - AKABEi SOFT2 Nonstop Remix [Remix] alienflybot / F i A HD FC AR8 (slow patterns with large jumps)
6. Asumi Kana & Fujita Saki & Kitamura Eri - COOLISH WALK (TV Size) [Ex] alienflybot / CLSW HD FC AR8 (tightly-packed notes)
7. bibuko - Sorairo Gahou [0108-Insane] Clara HD FC
8. HTT - Girls in Wonderland [Sumisola's Hard] Abstract- HDDTHR FC AR6 (one of the hardest AR6 map to HRDT with)
9. Amatsuki - Higurashi Moratorium [10nya's Insane] Motion / Ttobas DT FC (cancerous jumps)
10. DJ Sharpnel - StrangeProgram [HappyMiX] alienflybot HD (~700 combo, ~1000 combo)
11. DECO*27 - Streaming Heart feat. Hatsune Miku [0108's Extra] alienflybot HD SS (cancerous jumps)
12. Junk - Yellow Smile(bms edit) [wring's Another] CheungB DT FC
13. Kalafina - Kimi no Gin no Niwa [Insane] Abstract- HDDT FC
14. SHK - Death Moon II [SHD] b-a-d-s123 HD FC AR8 (~650 combo)
15. N-Trance - Destiny (Nightcore Mix) [MADNESS VER3!!!] ExGon HDDT SS (200-320 combo, crazy jumping)
16. Sakakibara Yui - Koi no Honoo [ignore's Slider Madness ExGon HDDT AR7 (with difficult patterns)
17. Hatsune Miku - Nico Nico Messe no Uta [Hard] alienflybot HDDTHR FC (340 combo)
18. sakuzyo - Imprinting [Impress] Ttobas / alienflybot HD SS (cancerous jumps)
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